Saturday, June 25, 2011

True Blood: 10 Fangbangin' Facts About Season 4

What's in store for Sookie, Bill and Eric this summer? Why witches, fairies, panthers and politics of course.

  Spoiler Alert, True Bloodievers! If you don't want to know any hints about all the "something wickeds" that this way come for Season 4, it's time to back browser.
This Sunday, Season 4 of HBO's True Blood kicks off and IGN's here to give you a primer on the summer's new episodes. Now, let's face it: this show is divisive. You're kind of either "in," or "out." And with two disappointing season finales in a row, the Bon Temp ball's pretty much in Sookie's court to try and win back some of the support this show's lost over the past year.

But for book fans, this season, based loosely on Charlaine Harris' fourth Southern Vampire Mystery book Dead to the World, is what legions of ladies have been waiting for. So we're always ready to give a show a second chance. And a third. I mean, despite Season 3's lack of payoff, it did set up a few interesting things for this year; the big one being Sookie and Bill being over and done with. So let's take a look at 10 "fangtastic" (can I even use that word in this context?) things to look for this season. Yes, 10 reasons to check out all the undead hunks, southern spitfires, Cajun wolves, meth-addict panthers and magical fairies of Season 4!

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How Are You Preparing for the Return of “True Blood”?

We are very happy that Brian and Andy will be returning for another fantastic season of Talk Blood Radio ...starts next week!

It’s pretty hard to miss the fact that this Sunday marks the return of HBO’s guiltiest of pleasures, the supernatural sex party True Blood.
Yes, this weekend we will cap off Gay Pride Week here in New York City by plunking down in front of our TVs to see what Sookie, Bill, Eric, Lafayette, Sam, Tara, Jessica, Hoyt, Arlene, Terry, Pam, and yes, even Teen Queen Sophie Ann have been doing since we last saw them. The return of the gayest show on television really is the ideal capper for a week celebrating individual freedoms, isn’t it?
Oh – except maybe the right to get married. That might work, too.
I’m excited about the return of True Blood and have been quietly working up to the premiere. How will you be welcoming the show’s return – a party? Wigs? Booze? I’d love

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True Blood Returns tomorrow ! ha! #waitingsucks

Faerie Tales: An Advance Review of Season Four of True Blood

Televisionary Review of first 3 eps

We're heading back to Bon Temps at long last, as Season Four of HBO's libidinous and deliciously addictive vampire drama True Blood kicks off this weekend.

When we last caught up with Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) and the other denizens of the sleepy Louisiana town turned supernatural hot spot, she had vanished into the light with her faerie godmother after learning that her vampire paramour, Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) had perhaps not been quite so honest about the circumstances surrounding their first meeting.

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“True Blood” is bringing actress Katherine Helmond on board to play Caroline Bellefleur,

“True Blood” is bringing actress Katherine Helmond on board, New York Magazine’s Vulture blog reported.

Katherine will play Caroline Bellefleur, grandmother of detective Andy Bellefleur (Chris Bauer) and his sister, lawyer Portia Bellefleur (Courtney Ford).

In author Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse novels, Bill Compton (played in the series by Stephen Moyer) is a distant relative of the Bellefleur clan, however, a connection has not yet been established on the HBO series.

Obsessions: 10 reasons we're excited for 'True Blood's' return

(CNN) -- The fourth season of HBO's "True Blood" premieres Sunday night, and there's no better time to take a look at some of the reasons why we love the show.

10. Yup, they went there.

"True Blood" kills it (sometimes literally) when it comes to the "Oh hell no!" moment. For you newbies, I'll be blunt. This show isn't for the squeamish, the easily offended, small children or those who don't like their shows bloody with a deep fried side of sadistic.

"WTF?!" gems from seasons past include Bill and Lorena's twisted tryst in Mississippi and Lafayette's bone-crushing escape from Fangtasia's dungeon. Only one scene can rule them all, however, and that honor goes to Russell's television takeover last season in which he removed a newscaster's spine with his bare hands.

That's hard core.

9. Haters gonna hate

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'True Blood' stars dish season 4 spoilers - See videos

Although many of the "True Blood" stars tried to stay tight-lipped at the season 4 premiere screening in Los Angeles on June 21, some of the actors did dish some spoilers about the new season of the HBO hit series.

Warning: Potential spoilers ahead!
At the end of season three, Sookie Stackhouse discovered the truth about vampire Bill Compton's interest in her fairy heritage and was later transported to fairy world. Meanwhile her best friend Tara ditched Bon Temps after dealing with one too many supernatural beings.
"We've got a lot of elements, we've got a lot of things in the air this year," series star Stephen Moyer, who plays vampire Bill Compton, told reporters at the premiere. "I had very little to do with the witches, I do work with them a little bit and that been really fun. It's very new, something completely different. They have a power that we've never explored before. "
"I think that the tough thing for any writer that's doing a vampire show is to work out what is catnip and what is Kryptonite for the lead baddie, or the goodie - vampires," he added, "What is going to be something that can overpower them or something that is going to be attractive to them. So the witches are part of that element."
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