Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sookie reads Charlaine Harris : Grave Secret

That was a fun moment -- do you remember when Gran was reading a Charlaine Harris books in Season 1 ?

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'True Blood': Alan Ball and Charlaine Harris discuss Sunday's shocking death of [SPOILER]

Hmmm interesting comment on the Jason hotshot rape scene ..even though reviewers have not thought all the young women were waiting their turn ( I thought that ) at Jason that Ball seems to have intended that. Listen to the podcast from Sunday night !

 Entertainment Weekly’s EW.com has spoken exclusively to True Blood executive producer Alan Ball and author Charlaine Harris about the death of Claudine in this past Sunday’s episode. Many fans of Harris’ original novels were surprised by the death scene, which doesn’t occur until much later in the book series. But there’s more left to see in Sookie’s fairy world: "After everything that was going on with the fairies in the first episode, I think we wanted to sort of put a pin in that, but obviously it’s not over," says Ball. "I felt it would have more impact if it was someone we knew as opposed to just a random fairy."

And Harris is okay with the change. "If [Ball] can be gracious to me, I can certainly be gracious enough to wait and see where he’s going."

Full story on EW.com: http://insidetv.ew.com/2011/07/12/true-blood-alan-ball-claudine-death/

Babyvamp Jessica blog: The Ethics of Glamouring

True Blood Season 4 (Ep. 39 )– Inside the Episode"

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Charlaine Harris, the author of the Sookie Stackhouse novels, is about to squeeze the last drop of “True Blood” - but she's not about to slink quietly into the shadows.

Charlaine Harris, the author of the Sookie Stackhouse novels, is about to squeeze the last drop of “True Blood” - but she's not about to slink quietly into the shadows.

“On the page, I have two more [Sookie] books,” Harris tells PopcornBiz of her plans to conclude the vampire saga that served as the source material for the hot HBO series. “I'm writing Book Twelve and then there will be Book Thirteen. And then I'll think of something else new and wonderful to do."

And while fans of fang-banging in Bon Temps won’t want to hear it, the novelist expects to bring the entire franchise to a definitive end. “I think it'll be total closure,” she says. “I don't go back to things once I've finished them. That's kind of what I do. I don't want to write Sookie after I get stale. Yeah, I'll miss them, I'm sure, because I have lived with them for quite a long time - 12 years now. And it did take two years to sell the first book. But I think writers like to do different things. At least this writer does.”

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Alexander Skarsgard Shows Off A 'New Side' On 'True Blood'

'It's a very different Eric from what we're used to,' Skarsgård tells MTV News of his complicated vampire.

After three seasons of ups and downs, crazy characters, deaths and drama, fans of HBO's Southern vampire soap "True Blood" are used to the series' many plot twists and turns. The fourth season is no different, as the story line of favorite cocky, no-nonsense Louisiana vampire sheriff Eric Northman has changed dramatically, thanks to a coven of witches causing him to lose his memory and, from the looks of things, his entire sense of self along with it.

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Exclusive: The Men of True Blood Revealed!

Love the photo !

In case you haven't noticed, the men of True Blood don't mind taking off their clothes. During wardrobe changes for this cover shoot at the Good Luck Bar in Los Angeles, they casually stripped down to their skivvies in a supersize RV, parked curbside, that doubled as a dressing room. One visitor wasn't exactly sure how to keep from staring. As executive producer Alan Ball puts it, "They're all insanely beautiful."

But it's not just those hot bodies that draw more than five million fans to HBO's unholy trinity of hunkdom each week. Their characters have a lot going on under the skin, too, and in Season 4, they're grappling with some major emotional shake-ups.

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True Blood Recap - BloodLust S:4 Ep:2 Recap/Review

Our friends Alex and Antonio are back at recapping ! Fun abounds !

Ep. 404: “I’m Alive And On Fire” episode description and casting call ! SPOILERS !

Ep. 404: “I’m Alive And On Fire”
AIR DATE: July 17, 2011
WRITER: Nancy Oliver
DIRECTOR: Michael Lehmann
SYNOPSIS: Alcide helps Sookie hunt for Eric; Marnie searches for guidance to break a spell; Bill discovers a common bond with the Bellefleurs; Jason begs for liberation from Hotshot; Sam penetrates Luna’s inner circle; Arlene sees the writing on the wall; Tommy returns to his roots. (Written by Nancy Oliver; directed by Michael Lehmann.) July 17, 19, 20 and 23.) July 17, 19, 20

Casting Calls:[CAROLINE BELLEFLEUR] In her 70s, Caucasian, formidable, refined, and beautifully dressed, she is Portia’s (Courtney Ford) grandmother who dislikes vampires but warms to Bill’s charm. Guest Star.
[EMMA] Native American / Hispanic, 6 years old to play 5 years old, happy, playful and talkative, she is the daughter of a shifter and a werewolf. Strong Recurring.
[HEAD PRIEST] Male, Hispanic, 40s to 70s, seen in a flashback to 1610, he instigates the burning of a witch at a medieval church, and he clearly takes pleasure in describing the procedure. 3 lines, 1 scene. Actor must speak Spanish.

Ass-kicking, Rape & Fairy Godmother Murder from Jezebel

We Sookie Bookies know well about " rape" controversies
I'm not surprised this has surfaced, I will say I'm a little relieved most folks think the the " young" women seen in the back are not waiting their turn with Jason they are just all dressed up to observe. I sure hope everyone is right ...

But the scene in which Jason got raped by Crystal is probably the most controversial. The residents of Hotshot told a creepy legend about Ghost Daddy and how werepanthers came to be, and Crystal informed Jason — who's been tied up and gnawed on for a day or so — that his purpose in life is to help these panther people, by being the new Ghost Daddy. In other words, they want him to turn into a werepanther and spawn some "cubs." To accomplish her mission, Crystal force-fed Jason "Mexican Viagra" and raped him while her cousinsisters looked on.

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Charlaine Harris wishes she could be in "True Blood" audience at Comic-Con

When does Charlaine Harris have time to write?
She’s jammed. Harris has been on a national tour for “Dead Reckoning,” book No. 11 in her Southern Vampire series about telepathic waitress Sookie Stackhouse. She was recently in Los Angeles for the kickoff of season four of the HBO hit “True Blood,” based on her Sookie books, and she’s doing seemingly endless interviews.

Harris said recently that her life “has changed for the better (I have more money) and it’s more complicated, since the books and the television show have become more successful. My time just gets eaten up by extra stuff that has nothing to do with the writing. These are great problems to have! But problems, nonetheless.”

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'True Blood' recap: Sookie, Snooki, lost memories and one dead fairy

Wow. Where to even begin?
So, Jason Stackhouse is still tied to that bed frame up in Hotshot, and now, thanks to some certainly illegal Mexican Viagra, that old, stained mattress is the site of -- yes, I'll just go ahead and call it -- the most unsettling sex scene in the history of the show this side of Bill's head-turning romp with Lorena last year. Midway through his migration from human to werepanther, Sookie's brother is called on to begin his child-fathering duties by a desperate Crystal, who's excited to replenish the ranks of her pack with some outsider blood. But really, did the young 'uns have to stand in the background and watch the procreatin' take place? That's just not anything you want to see.
Better to think about our newly amnesiac Eric Northman, who agrees not to bite Sookie -- or touch her without her permission -- after she offers to help him recover his sense of himself. She takes Eric back to her home (which, of course, he doesn't recollect having purchased) and invites him in -- admonishing him not to track mud on the rug. She offers to find him something of Jason's to wear, which, of course, seems silly as there's no possible way Eric and Jason are the same size, but I digress.

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“True Blood” 4.3 Clips and This Week’s Cocktail: The Mind Eraser

Another great drink from Andy and Brian

\This week’s True Blood cocktail is of course a tribute to everyone’s favorite blood-sucking viking, Eric Northman. Since the statuesque Swede has had his noodle scrambled by Marnie and her merry band of weeotches, I thought we should all join him with a Mind Eraser!
You know, so he won’t feel lonely.
Here’s the recipe:

The Mind Eraser
2 oz vodka
2 oz Kahlua
Tonic water
Combine vodka and Kahlua over ice in a rocks glass. Top with tonic, and prepare to be unprepared!

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How many sex panthers does it take to screw a Jason Stackhouse? by Meredith Woerner io9.com

Meredith was wonderful on " Talk Blood " Sunday night

! Listen to podcast if you missed it!

Meredith Woerner — Oh my dears, last night was all about Pammy-Pam-Pam the vampire who can-can. HBO should just give actress Kristin Bauer sacks of money because if it wasn't for her, this show would go straight to the sex panthers.

And now, your True Blood recap, in Pro/Con style.

How many sex panthers does it take to screw a Jason Stackhouse?Pro: Eric is still adorably dazed and confused. Walking around with no socks and no shirt. Again, as I said last week, at what point in the mind-erasing magic was it imperative for him to take off his shirt and socks? At what point did Eric think, "This shirt, no thanks! And these socks, take a hike Hanes Classics." [Editor Note: I don't actually know what kind of socks Eric wears. This is a good question really. What kind of socks does Viking Vampire Eric wear? Does he even wear socks? Is he more of a TOMS hipster loafer slide? What kind of socks do we all wear? It's really a giant morality question, something the great Alan Ball probably wants us all to entertain. Where are our socks? Collectively. Where are they really? Jesus didn't wear socks. Think about it... What?.... Ball's crammed every other moral issue under the sun into these episodes that are really only about about vampires having sex. So, I wouldn't put it past him. God Hates Tevas! Or Fangs! Or the Bible I don't know, just hold me.]

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