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Crimes by Moonlight, edited by Charlaine Harris now in e-book

From Women of Mystery Blog

You may recall that I am fortunate enough to have a short story published in the MWA anthology, Crimes by Moonlight, edited by Charlaine Harris. The hard cover edition was released by Berkley Prime Crime last April. I bragged about it here.

A few people have asked me if Crimes by Moonlight is available as an e-book. I always say, “I don’t know. Haven’t seen it as such.” Well, now I do know. Both Amazon and Barnes and Noble are now carrying e-book editions. So, if you are inclined to e-readers, now’s the time.

Of course, if you want the paperback edition to carry on the subway or to the beach, you still have to wait until next spring.


'True' love: NY Post pick this season’s steamiest sex scenes

Sunday night is for lovers. It’s a night for resting from the weekend that was and preparing for the week ahead. Sometimes that means Chinese takeout followed by an episode of “Drop Dead Diva.” Other times, it’s something kinkier. Less nightie, more naked. If you haven’t guessed, I’m talking about “True Blood.”
It airs, appropriately, on Sunday nights, and on this show, the philosophy is the more certainly the merrier — especially when it
comes to sex. Luckily for me (and other single 30-somethings), we had Bill, Eric, Sam and Sookie (not to mention lesbian lady lover Pam and feisty Latin fangbanger Talbot) to spice up our summer Sundays.
“True Blood” was my summer fling. And a good one at that.
With the addition of werewolves and more shifters, there was a hell of a lot more skin exposure. Plus, from revenge sex to makeup-sex and everything in between, it was just an overall blush-worthy season.
Here, in no particular order, are The Post’s picks for the six sexiest scenes. Turn down the lights.
Episode 1
Eric in the basement of Fangtasia
The season started with a bang when Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) walked in on Eric Northam (Alexander Skarsgard) having torrid sex. “He’s indisposed at the moment,” Pam (Kristin Bauer) says to Sookie, who ignores her to find the Nordic blondie copulating with one of his new dancers, who’s standing upright, naked and bound at the wrists. “See anything you like?” asks Eric, teasing Sookie with his ripped, sweat-soaked body. “Is Bill’s stamina not up to snuff?”
The sexual tension between the two of them is palpable. Just do it already, will you?

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True Blood panel at Dragon is introduced

here's how the TB folk were received by Dragoncon

True Blood Crossword " Dead to the World " Bk /Season 4

A little something to do by the pool today .....thanks Kristie

Dead to the World                                                            

Anne Rice asks: “True Blood fans: Do you think the ancient immortals really demonstrate enough wisdom to be credible?

I think Ms Rice and the blogger are forgetting how Godric was portrayed in True Blood or maybe even The Ancient Pythoness ?? What do you guys think ?

Anyone that follows legendary vampire author Anne Rice on Facebook knows that she is quite the fan of True Blood and often voices her opinions on the show. Not too long ago she asked her fans a question on the vampires of True Blood, a question that got me thinking.

“True Blood fans: Do you think the ancient immortals really demonstrate enough wisdom to be credible? We have yet to meet a philosophical vampire, am I right?”
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5 Reasons to Get Excited for 'The Vampire Diaries' Season 2

If you were at all worried about The Vampire Diaries having a sophomore slump, your fears can go away. I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek at the season 2 premiere, "The Return," and it is The Vampire Diaries at its best.

I'm not going to give away any major spoilers, and trust me, there are some big ones coming. Perhaps my favorite part of The Vampire Diaries is that every episode has major, game-changing events, and the season 2 premiere is no exception.

However, to get you excited before the premiere this Thursday at 8pm on the CW, here are five great things to look for.

Damon's Moment of Realization

At the end of last season Damon kissed Katherine, though he thought he was kissing Elena. In the premiere Damon has a moment where he realizes the he fell victim to "doppelganger hijinks," and the moment alone is worth the price of admission and proof that Ian Somerhalder is giving the performance of his career on this show.

Nina Dobrev as Katherine

I typically find Elena to be one of the more boring parts of The Vampire Diaries, but now that star Nina Dobrev gets to have some fun by playing Elena and Katherine, we get to see just how great she can be. Much like Somerhalder does with Damon, Dobrev sinks her teeth into the role of Katherine and makes me hope that she'll be around for a long, long time.

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True Blood Music Video of the Day:( I Need ) Fresh Blood (Eels)

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( I Need ) Fresh Blood (Eels) : Eric & Sookie True Blood by EricTheSheriff