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Alexander's iphone photos from the Viking set scenes

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True Blood's Stephen Moyer's home town theatre: Show's poster is not for Twits!

BRENTWOOD Theatre should have no problem filling seats at this year’s Christmas show after it got an award-winning artist to design the artwork.

Brentwood Theatre Company struck it lucky when Karen McInnis, an American artist and animator whose work has won her an Emmy award, agreed to design the artwork for its Christmas production of Roald Dahl’s much loved story, The Twits.

Mark Reed, from the community theatre, which is in Shenfield Road, explained it was thanks to the theatre’s patron, a former Brentwood boy, Stephen Moyer, that the artist came on board.

He said: “One of the American fans of our patron, Stephen Moyer, offered her services as a professional designer and created this wonderful unique art work for us.

“This is in addition to over £6,000 which has been donated by our international friends, which has been a huge boost to the theatre.”

Being such a big fan of Stephen’s US hit series True Blood, when she heard about the theatre, Karen offered her services.

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Hair Share: True Blood’s Deborah Ann Woll

that beautiful color comes from a box ?

from ELLE Undercover

Several weeks ago, when I returned home for the 4th of July holiday, my parents and I had a serious talk about my discretionary spending—specifically, what lifestyle changes I could make so that come the end of the month, I wasn’t left wondering if that last $5 in my bank account should go toward laundry or an Amy’s organic frozen burrito. My Mom and Dad are reasonable people, so even though slightly embarrassing given my age, this line-by-line budgetary analysis wasn’t as painful as it sounds.

That is, until we hit the HBO snag.

“Non-negotiable,” I said.

“But…” my Mom started.

“Nope, next,” I said, cutting her off as gently as I could.

Undercover_deborah_ann_woll Why was I willing to feel the financial pinch when it came to such beloved former activities as boxing and shoe shopping but standing so firmly on this issue?

It’s as simple as a Sookie Stackhouse analogy: I will not live without True Blood. It, along with brunch, is my Sunday. And of all the characters whose storylines are responsible for this addiction (and there are many), none to me is more I-will-not-live-without worthy than actress Deborah Ann Woll’s, whose role as volatile, sexually frustrated newbie vampire Jessica Hamby is so convincing and three-dimensional you’d just as likely laugh when she’s on-screen as you would cringe, thinking, thank God that’s not my boyfriend’s Mom.

And if being super smart (USC grad) and multi talented (plays piano and fences) weren’t enough to draw you in, there’s her hair—sleek and perfectly strawberry blond—which of course, when the 24-year-old Brooklyn beauty came to the ELLE office last week and mentioned she had been self-dyeing for a decade for under $10, was all I wanted to talk about. Graciously, Deborah Ann agreed.

At what age did you first dye your hair?

During my freshman year of high school, I was 14.

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TRUE BLOOD Actor Preaches Love of Comics & Joins the Ranks

Actor Mike McMillian may have a few successful TV shows under his belt, but he's a little intimidated by the challenge of selling a comic book.

As the Rev. Steve Newlin on the HBO television series True Blood, McMillian plays a character who is totally dedicated to saving humanity from vampires. But the actor behind the role is more interested in making comic books. A reader since childhood who actually considered a comics career while pursuing acting, McMillian is getting the chance to write his first comic thanks to a friendship with Star Trek and Heroes star Zachary Quinto.

As announced at Comic-Con International: San Diego, Quinto and his company, Before the Door Pictures, is developing comic books in a partnership with publisher Archaia Comics. And among their first releases is Lucid, a four-issue mini-series written by McMillian that is set to debut in comic shops in summer 2010.

Newsarama talked to McMillian to find out more about why he's so interested in comics and how he thinks Lucid will fit into the comic book landscape.

Newsarama: Mike, a lot of people will know you as Steve on True Blood, but you've got to have a lot of people recognizing you as Henry from What I Like About You. It seems like that show's always on in reruns.

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When HBO's 'True Blood' came to Clinton

from the Times-Picayune.

CLINTON -- Anna Paquin was among the "True Blood" cast and crew who came here to shoot scenes for later insertion into several episodes, the most prominent of which airs Sunday (August 23) at 8 p.m.

Other quotes from her appeared in a Sunday story in the Inkasaurus, but I have leftovers after the jump. Also here and here and here and here. And a pre-Clinton "True Blood" appetizer here.

Topics and paraphrased questions in bold.

Answers in quote marks.

The value of location shooting.

"I probably wasn't the only one to have the fantasy of, 'I'm going to come down there before we start shooting,'" Paquin said. "I'm going to come live here.' And you sort of run out of time in real life.

"It's great to see the type of small community in the right place and get a feel for what that's really like, and actually shoot some of it here, because there are aspects of the South you cannot recapture elsewhere.

"In these kinds of small towns, and the way the houses look, the kind of shops, all that sort of stuff - I think it's important."

The impact of "True Blood's" success on Paquin's personal life. (Interview conducted before it was announced that Paquin and costar Stephen Moyer were engaged.)

"My job, just by the number of hours and the fact that it's usually weird hours, kind of takes you out of your normal social circle anyway, but I've been working my whole life," Paquin said. "It's hard to say if this one made me more careful. It's definitely a more visible show, and it's become very popular and people recognize you a lot from that. With a film, it comes and goes, and then people stop thinking about it. With a TV show, it's in their living room every week."

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Hoyt lists some of the things Maxine hates and she doesnt like hearing them ..

How many people do you know like Maxine ? Funny too that in the later books Maxine and Hoyt attend Sookie's Methodist church. Maxine in the early books also attends Gethsemane Baptist Church in Bon Temps.

My mama.Who hates Methodists.
(I got my reasons.)

And Catholics.
(Just priests and nuns.)

(Hush, that's a secret.)

People who don't take care of their gardens.

People who park their trucks up on their lawn.

Ladies who wear red shoes.

(It looks cheap.)

Families with lots of kids. And checkered curtains and cats and dogs, and bait, every girl that I ever liked.

True Blood S2 Episode 7 Subtitles "Release Me"

True Blood Season 2 Ep7 Subtitles

More True Blood inspired magazines

True Blood Season 2 to start on New Zealand on September 2

Get your teeth into this
4:00AM Thursday Aug 20, 2009

Those who missed the first season of Anna Paquin's vampire series True Blood better get to the video store and start playing catch-up as the second season premieres in New Zealand next month.

News of Paquin's recent engagement to on screen lover Stephen Moyer has only piqued interest in the popular series, rumoured to be more risque than the already boundary-pushing first efforts.

Freeview viewers who missed the first season on Prime can also join the party as Sky finally relented this week, agreeing to add the free-to-air channel to the digital platform.

A two-hour recap from the first season will screen this Wednesday at 8.30pm before the second season premieres on Wednesday, September 2.

True Blood Music Video of the Day:Here with me by Dido

Here with me by Dido LYRICS

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