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True Blood Inside the Episode – Trouble Episode 3.05

True Blood Episode 3.05 – Postmortem

The TrueBlood Jessica paper doll is ready!! Thanks, Andy!

They all can be found here :

Andys says ..Jessica is uploaded and ready for you all to play with! She's the most "versatile" of the paper dolls to date, too. She's got alternate hair styles, crying face, fang face and hands, roses from Hoyt and pretty dresses to boot! But you'll have to wait for a Merlotte's uniform until the next "extras" is ready.

TB Jessica                                                            

True Blood: Looking For "Trouble" With Suzi Quatro

Team Talk Blood Member, Jef weighs in on ep 5 " Trouble " hear him talk about this last night on the podcast ( link right )

Well folks, it's finally happened. The world of Suzi Quatro and the world of vampires have collided. Gothtopia hopes you've enjoyed his writings here at Rocks Off, and regrets leaving you at the mid-season mark of True Blood. For you see, there is now simply nothing left to live for, and we're gonna go take a nap on the MetroRail.

Or maybe this is just us finally working a Saturday viewing of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse out of our system. Jesus. The next person who asks us, "Team Edward or Team Jacob?" is getting a shoryuken right in the taint.

The fifth episode is called "Trouble," as in an old Elvis Presley track that Quatro recorded in 1974. Frankly, the King's sneering ode to being badass was not real well-received when she sang it; most people thought she brought no menace to the track. Screw them. We're Team Leather Tuscadero here. Just because someone's cute doesn't mean that they won't make you more aerodynamic by adding a few assholes to you. See exhibit "Stackhouse, Sookie."

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What did they say ? :True Blood S3 Episode 5 " Trouble " subtitles !

s3e5 Subtitles

Favorite quotes:

* "Franklin, you're a huge freak. But I like your work." - Russell
* "You know, Russell was right. You're not very smart. You played yourself into a corner, you tiresome cow." - Bill, to Lorena
* "I'm not going to die because of your s****y girlfriend and a Mississippi pothole!" - Sookie
* "He looks like he got bombed by radiation on the way to middle school. That's a giant sixth-grade boy, right there." - Tommy, on Hoyt

"Trouble" the song and why you should always join us Sunday night's for "Talk Blood Radio"

Thanks again to our friends Andy and Brian  from Camp Blood for co-hosting the radio show last night.
I want to encourage anyone who reads this blog that doesn't join us Sunday nights for our Blogtalk Radio show to do it! Also,  if you haven't listened to a podcast- listen today!
This show MAY NOT be what you think it is is a very SMART AND FUNNY show with excellent guests and great callers. I thought it was so interesting last night that all the guests were guys and that all the callers were this really may be a little different of a vampire internet radio show that you might think it is !  You will be surprised!
This is not the version of Trouble used last night ( that was Suzi Quatro) but I used this one to go out last night and I thought everyone would like to see this great clip of "Bubba" ( Elvis) singing the song in the movie " King Creole "
*Yes, that Morticia Adams (Carolyn Jones ) sitting at the table !

Trouble by Jerry Leiber - Mike Stoller '57 ASCAP
If you're looking for trouble you came to the right place
If you're looking for trouble just look right in my face
I was born standing up and talking back
My daddy was a green-eyed laughing Jack

Before that evil my middle name was Misery yeah yeah
Well I'm evil so don't you mess around with me

I never look for trouble but I've never ran
I don't take no orders from no kind of man
I'm only made up of flesh blood and bones
But if you gonna start a rumble don't you try it all alone

Before that evil...

I'm evil evil evil that's me I'm evil evil evil that's me
So don't mess around don't mess around don't mess around with me
I'm evil evil evil so don't mess around with me
I'm evil evil evil so don't mess around with me yeah

Suzi Quatro version

'True Blood': And now ... Vikings! --LA Times

There's some of the best stuff that "True Blood" has ever done in "Trouble." Eric's random flashback to his days as a Viking(!) in Norway are gloriously over-the-top and full of Gothic fun, right down to Russell standing at his doorway in a cape and then walking away into the softly falling snow. Sookie trying to put the pieces together of just what's going on continues to be fun, and so does the gradual reveal of whatever Bill's grand master plan happens to be. But then the show will cut to what is, essentially, a completely different show, and it loses a bit of its momentum. Now don't get me wrong. I could see Sam's family drama being interesting in isolation. I could see Tara's weird, psycho-sexual relationship with Franklin being interesting all by itself. I could maybe even see Jason's visit to the Dukes of Hazzard and love match with yet another inappropriate woman being kind of fun without the other stuff going on.
But when you compare all of these storylines to the building war between Louisiana and Mississippi and the secret histories of Bill, Sookie and Eric, there's no way they match up. They all feel like they're taking place in different TV shows, even though each and every storyline reaches a major turning point this episode. Sam realizes his little brother is in a massive predicament. Jason gets much, much closer to being a deputy and meets the mystery girl up close. Tara tries to run away from Franklin plus gets brought to Mississippi, where she meets Russell and sees Bill. Oh, and then Franklin proposes that she become his vampire bride. I mean, all of these things are fun in isolation, as mentioned, and I enjoyed most of the scenes that went into them, but there's little to no connective tissue among them. Even last season, when the two major storylines didn't have a whole lot to do with each other, they somehow felt more cohesive because they kept bringing in more and more folks from Bon Temps. This season, it just feels like everybody's off in their own little world.

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'True Blood's' Lindsay Pulsipher: Ryan Kwanten 'is an extremely spontaneous actor'

Thus far, we've seen small peeks of Lindsay Pulsipher this season on "True Blood," but in many ways they were a good indication of the mystery that will surround her character, Crystal Norris.

Crystal has led a sheltered life as part of a cult, but they're not growing their own food or preparing themselves for Armageddon (or at least we don't know if they are, yet), they're cooking meth.

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Fans of 'Dark Shadows' bring gothic romance to ... Burbank Airport Marriott?

Los Angeles Times television critic Mary McNamara has an undying (and undead) affection for "Dark Shadows," that grand old gothic soap opera, and she carried her torch to a scary place this weekend -- the Los Angeles Marriott at Burbank Airport.

There were, mercifully, no vampires in attendance at this weekend’s “Dark Shadows in the Sun” convention.
Sure, there were a few Victorian cape coats, at least two wolf-head canes and several “Barnabas Collins for president” T-shirts (though with Johnny Depp’s face rather than that of role creator Jonathan Frid). But nowhere to be seen were the bouncing, writhing goth-tramp girls and boys who show up for “Twilight” premieres or appearances by the “True Blood” cast. This may have been due to the convention’s location — the Burbank Airport Marriott does not scream “fetch me my plum-colored waistcoat” — or the fact that it was 110 degrees outside. It could be that all the convention-goers were saving their costumes for the competition Saturday night or even Comic-Con International. But I think it had more to do with the demographic, which was way more "Lady Madonna" than Lady Gaga.

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Sneak looks at the Jessica "True Blood" Paper Doll

Thanks so much to the amazing Andy and Briaof Camp Blood / Blood Work for hosting the radio show with me last night !
Wow ---look what we have to look forward to from Andy!

‘True Blood’ Season 3, Episode 5 ‘Trouble’: TV Recap- Wall Street Journal

Though the King of Louisiana was using the phrase to describe (the return of) Sookie’s ability to zap people with her fingertips, the phrase could also be used to sum up the entire episode. After several lackluster showings, Alan Ball & Co have picked up the pace and finally delivered an episode fans can sink their teeth into. Interestingly, for me at least, the best parts of “Trouble” were all original touches from the writers, and not plotlines from Charlaine Harris’ books (wooden Alcide + trailer trashy Debbie = snooze). It’s as if the writers regain their creative mojo when allowed to dream up their own twisted tales.
For example, Franklin Mott is but a minor character in Harris’ books, but as played by James Frain and developed by TB’s writers, the British vampire is a true nutcase — and therefore a hoot to watch. I could watch him forcing Tara to watch him super-text over and over again. And he has a legit point in his attraction to Tara — he recognizes that she’s as damaged as he is. Which doesn’t quite explain why he’s making her dress like Miss Havisham and tying her up, but it makes him susceptible to her faux declarations of love for him. Franklin’s nuttiness is also helping Tara grow a backbone — she recognizes the severe trouble she’s in and tries to play Franklin’s affection for her against him. Unfortunately, it also traps her into becoming his vampire bride.

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True Blood Season 3: I Got a Right to Sing the Blues Ep06 Promo

True Blood Music Video of the Day: Muse - Time Is Running Out

Muse - Time Is Running Out