Sunday, July 19, 2009

True Blood Episode 5 " Never let me go " what you should know !

OK, here is all we know about Episode 5 -the music, video promos, casting calls and episode descriptions etc


Here are some screen shots from probably the next 2 episodes and WOW!

Baton Rouge native part of ‘True Blood’ season

Not involved in the filming in Clinton recently but very much a part of this season’s “True Blood” vampire series is Baton Rouge native and actor Wes Brown.

Brown is playing Luke, roommate to character Jason Stackhouse, at the Light of Day leadership camp.

“Luke is extraordinarily religious, competitive, and doesn’t want to be second to Jason Stackhouse,” Brown said Tuesday from Los Angeles, where he’s lived since 2005. “He’s overly obsessed with an anti-vampire church going on in Dallas.”

Brown is being featured in seven episodes of Louisiana-set “True Blood” this season. Three of his episodes have already aired. Another airs at 8 tonight on HBO (premium movie Channel 300).

Brown had never seen “True Blood” when he auditioned, but three auditions later, after landing the role of Luke, he sat down and watched the entire first season.

“A couple of episodes into it, I was hooked just like everybody else,” he said.

“When the episode would end, I would have to know what happens next, and I couldn’t figure out why. That’s just credit to the talent of the writing staff, and the casting directors and the producers. The team of people behind it is truly the best in the business.”

Critically acclaimed its first time out, “True Blood,” about regulars and vampires living in the small town of Bon Temps, has gained a loyal following, evidenced by the many fan sites and message boards online.

“It’s just fun, like enjoying Halloween. You get lost in that world for just a little bit,” Brown said.

Brown had nothing but praise for HBO and series creator Alan Ball, also the mastermind behind HBO’s “Six Feet Under.”

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Talk Blood Ep.5 live right after True Blood tonight

Live TONIGHT: Come and 'Talk Blood' after True Blood airs tonight. Let's talk ep.5 "Never let me go "

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    Glenn Beck: The Vampire Remix

    Sorry, I have to post this -it's about Vampires! ;-)
    He really had this melt down on his radio show this week ...hilarious

    This is the real actual exchange HERE

    Rough Sex With Vampires: What Does "True Blood" Tell Us About Women and Sexuality?

    From Alternet

    The show seems to be growing towards a more natural and nuanced depiction of sexuality for the women in the vampire-filled town of Bon Temps.

    To talk about True Blood is to talk about sex: barely a scene goes by without something between innuendo and a full-on orgy. This isn’t new to vampire fiction, as Latoya Peterson pointed out in a piece for Double X. That the sexuality of the female leads is under heavy scrutiny is no surprise, given how much horror fiction has centered on feminine helplessness. To Peterson, the current crop of pointy-toothed dramas continues the genre’s fascination with sexual violence and the idealization of the chaste woman. I can’t fault her for taking issue with eroticized depictions of abuse, often against women. But she’s wrong to equate the sexual politics of True Blood with those of the abstinent, repressed Twilight.

    These two are not the same animal. Twilight’s Bella Swan is a virgin until marriage, and the influence of author Stephanie Meyer’s Mormon ideals is well-covered territory. The entire series is heavy with the sex the characters can’t have; it gets its charge from the tantalizing and unattainable. Sookie Stackhouse, the female lead of True Blood, may have started as a virgin, but soon she, like almost every other character on the show, is getting down, having grimy, (sometimes wildly unhygienic sex) with her vampire boyfriend Bill. But despite her “transgression,” Sookie remains the heroine of the series.

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    Actor lays down the law in HBO series ‘True Blood’

    I love interviews with Sanderson - he is so no- nonsense! From newsOK

    William Sanderson is working on his second critically acclaimed HBO series in a row, having gone from "Deadwood” to "True Blood” — but the veteran performer hasn’t let that go to his head.

    "I’m a journeyman actor,” he says. "I don’t do all the episodes of ‘True Blood.’ I haven’t seen all the scripts, so I can’t say if I live or die, but I certainly am more humble.”

    For three seasons on "Deadwood,” set in a late 19th-century mining town in South Dakota, the Tennessee native played the scheming hotel owner E.B. Farnum.

    In "True Blood,” airing its second season Sundays on HBO, set in the fictional modern-day town of Bon Temps, La., Sanderson plays Sheriff Bud Dearborne.

    Unlike Farnum, Dearborne has a more presentable appearance. "I get to shave,” Sanderson says. "And he’s a normal person so far.”

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    True Blood Music Video of the Day: My skin by Natalie Merchant

    My skin by Natalie Merchant LYRICS
    Thanks, MicroMeg91