Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Blood Copy : Arrived in New York posted today!

May 5th, 2009

Bus arrived this morning. I haven’t slept. I’ll find a hotel later, I guess.


I hung these up all around town. I also handed them out, asking people if they’d seen Andrew (or whatever his name is now). Nobody knew anything, except for one guy who claimed $50 might help him remember. I may be from out of town, but I’m not stupid.

I’ve been at the library for the past few hours. About the only place I’ve found so far that offers free Internet. I’ve spent hours online looking for any news articles published about Andrew over the past few months. I also tried visiting the registry to see if he legally had his name changed. Both have come up empty.

I’ve decided to take a break and see if my posters lead anywhere. It’s not that I’m lazy I just need something to give my mind a rest. I can’t help but feel this isn’t going to end with a happy reunion. Andrew isn’t going to simply show up with a good explanation on why he’s been gone, or tell me about some great adventure he’s been having. I feel like it’s going to end badly.

I need to stop thinking. I’m going to an art museum. I heard they stay open later now to allow vampires to attend the galleries.


Charlaine chat and Dallas Dead and Gone release party !!

Very good publicity for Charlaine, Dead and Gone and True Blood !

The Dallas release party made page 2 of today's Guide section in the Dallas Morning News with a photo of Bill and Sookie !

I've gotten quite a few emails. I will take photos and videos of the event tonight! Click on article to enlarge !

Remember also the online chat with Charlaine is tonight at 9 pm est link is here

If you live in DFW and can come:

Dead and Gone: Book Release Party

The long awaited Book 9 of the Sookie Stackhouse mysteries by Charlaine Harris will be released May 5th 2009. (The HBO series True Blood is based on these books)

Loving True Blood in Dallas Fan Group will be co-hosting the book release party for the 9th Sookie Stackhouse mystery, 'Dead and Gone' by Charlaine Harris on May the 5th in Dallas, Texas.

. Autographed book plate drawing
. Prizes
. Meet other fans
. Refreshments
Barnes and Noble -Preston Royal Shopping Center

616 Preston Royal Shopping Center
Dallas, TX 75230

May 5th 2009 6-8 pm,

If you can attend please RSVP " Dallas": truebloodindallas@gmail.com

If you live in North Texas and would like to get involved with our local fan group go here: http://groups.google.com/group/loving-true-blood-in-dallas-

Visit the Charlaine Harris Website: http://www.charlaineharris.com/

Dead and Gone released today! What do you think ?

Finally, the big day is here ...

Let me know what you think about the book ...

Please consider writing a 2 paragraph review and sending it to me, we will be choosing the best ones to be read on the radio show next week !

Thanks and Happy Sookie de Mayo !

Email: True Blood in Dallas

Rogue vampires in True Blood and the Sookie books

Definition of a rogue vampire from Book 2

  • Rogue vampires were the backward-looking undead; they hadn't wanted to be made known to humans any more than the humans wanted to know about them.
  • Rogues refused to drink the synthetic blood that was the mainstay of most vampires' diets these days.
  • Rogues believed the only future for vampires lay in a return to secrecy and invisibility.
  • Rogue vampires would slaughter humans for the fun of it, now, because they actually welcomed a return of persecution of their own kind.
  • Rogues saw it as a means of persuading mainstream vampires that secrecy was best for the future of their kind; and then, too, persecution was a form of population control.

Rogue vampires in the Sookie books:

Eric says “Mickey talked mostly to Charles. Charles tells me he is a rogue. He’s capable of . . . things that are barbarous. Don’t go around Tara.” Bk 5

Eric says “We need to find out what happened to Kyle Perkins, and why this rogue accepted the job” bk 7

Diantha has killed Rogue vampires “Diantha loves to hunt deer, and she has killed people in my defense. And she and her sister ( Gladiola) even brought down a rogue vampire or two.” bk7

Rogue vampires are perfectly portrayed by Malcolm, Diane and Liam in True Blood.

True Blood recipes: Octavia's Tuna Noodle Casserole

Octavia makes this for dinner in book 8, Sookie says it has peas and onions. Instead of the bread crumb topping, you could crumble some potato chips or French fried onion rings over the casserole before baking.

• 12 ounces medium egg noodles, cooked and drained
• 2 cups cooked green peas
• 2 cans condensed cream of mushroom soup
• 1/2 cup milk
• 1 1/2 cups sharp Cheddar cheese
• 2 cans (approx. 6 ounces each) tuna, drained and flaked
• salt and pepper, to taste • 1/2 to 1 cup soft bread crumbs
• 1 tablespoon melted butter
* chopped onions

Heat oven to 350°. Grease a 2 1/2 to 3-quart casserole dish.
Combine the noodles, peas, soup, milk, cheese, and tuna. Add salt and pepper, to taste. Spoon into the prepared baking dish.
Toss bread crumbs with butter and sprinkle over the top. Bake for 15 to 20 minutes, until hot and bubbly and crumbs are browned.
Serves 6.

Loving True Blood in Dallas book suggestion: "The Little Stranger

The Little Stranger by Sara Waters

You can read first two chapters on author's site HERE

Waters (The Night Watch) reflects on the collapse of the British class system after WWII in a stunning haunted house tale whose ghosts are as horrifying as any in Shirley Jackson's The Haunting of Hill House. Doctor Faraday, a lonely bachelor, first visited Hundreds Hall, where his mother once worked as a parlor maid, at age 10 in 1919. When Faraday returns 30 years later to treat a servant, he becomes obsessed with Hundreds's elegant owner, Mrs. Ayres; her 24-year-old son, Roderick, an RAF airman wounded during the war who now oversees the family farm; and her slightly older daughter, Caroline, considered a “natural spinster” by the locals, for whom the doctor develops a particular fondness. Supernatural trouble kicks in after Caroline's mild-mannered black Lab, Gyp, attacks a visiting child. A damaging fire, a suicide and worse follow. Faraday, one of literature's more unreliable narrators, carries the reader swiftly along to the devastating conclusion.
Publishers Weekly Starred review

Salon review here

Blood Copy Resumes : Andrew makes contact !

It's a very good thing we've been looking back at Blood Copy - because they have started again.

Below was posted last night ... See all my previous Blood Copy posts here

**Note there is no 2895 Leonard St in NY !


May 4th, 2009


This note is the first time I’ve heard anything about Andrew in nearly a year.

We were supposed to continue our search for mysterious creatures in the world. We even had the date planned, the first places we would start looking, maps and guides to lead our way. A week after our last post on Bloodcopy, Andrew disappeared. No word. No warning. I was worried. Filed a police report. Called everyone I could think to call. Nothing.

I’d just about given up hope, when I got this note. The address listed on it is in New York City. Is this where Andrew’s been this whole time? Waiting for me to find him? Guess he got tired of waiting. That is, if he even knew this was sent to me. If it isn’t someone else who wrote this to get me to come to him for some reason I have yet to discover.

None of this makes any sense. But I suppose it will soon enough.

I bought a bus ticket. It leaves late tonight. The meeting isn’t until the end of the week, but I’m going to try to learn as much as I can. For all I know, I could be walking into some kind of ‐‐‐

Am I really doing this? I don’t know anything about New York. I don’t know where I’m gonna stay. I don’t even know what’s at the address where I’m supposed to go. But I have to go through with it. I know Andrew would do the same for me.

If anybody out there has any info at all ‐ knows anything about Andrew Kasday from Bon Temps, please share it with me here.

‐ Roger

True Blood Music Video of the Day: Automatic Lover by Theatre Of Tragedy

Automatic Lover by Theatre Of Tragedy LYRICS
Thanks, MissSwannie