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Charlaine Harris on Tempest Rising

Whata a nice thing for author Nicole Peeler to say about Sookie

As some of you know, the book that inspired me to write Tempest Rising was Ms. Harris’s fifth book in the Southern Vampire Mystery series, Dead as a Doornail:

This was not the first urban fantasy I’d ever read, although when I was reading the genre that name did not exist. When I was a child, it was simply a weird sort of fantasy being published by Charles de Lint and Mercedes Lackey. Back then, to find Anne Rice, one needed to wander out of Fantasy and over to Horror, where she was shelved with Stephen King. Now Rice and King are both housed in Fiction, and other writers have come along claiming to have single-handedly spawned urban fantasy, ignoring de Lint and Lackey.

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Charlaine reviews Tempest

True Blood’s New Werewolves

What the hell are we doing talking about True Blood, a vampire show, here on this werewolf site?! Well, good news werewolf fans, the third and upcoming season of True Blood is going to be more about the wolves and less about the vamps. So far they have two new were-cast members, the young Marshal Allman and the damn sexy Joe Manganiello.

Joe Manganiello: True Blood fans have been waiting ages to find out who Alan Ball would chose to the play the big role of werewolf Alcide. I have to say that Anna Paquin’s Sookie Stackhouse is just about the luckiest girl ever. Not only does the True Blood beauty get to play with Alex Skarsgård’s vampire Eric and Stephen Moyer’s vampire Bill, but now she gets a gorgeous werewolf, too!


Elvis Sightings: The King In Pop Culture

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"Bubba," in the Sookie Stackhouse books by Charlaine Harris

The vampire novels contain a rather stupid character named Bubba, aka The Man From Memphis who was supposedly not all the way dead when he arrived in the morgue. So the coroner (a vampire, conveniently) decides to "make" the Man from Memphis a vamp. So he can survive among his huge fan base unbeknownst, he goes by Bubba. And he prefers cat blood to human blood. He's eternally loyal, though, and a valued guard for Sookie. He even entertains every now and again.

True Blood Music Video of the Day:O Death by Jen Titus

O Death by Jen Titus
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