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True Blood's Sam Trammell : Authors Attempt to Demystify Hollywood Hiring Process

If the proof is in the pudding, then the co-authors of Hire Me, Hollywood! Your Behind-the-Scenes Guide to the Most Exciting–and Unexpected–Jobs in Show Business certainly seem to have sufficient subject matter expertise. Mark Scherzer, now based in New York, works for Reelz Channel as a writer-producer, while Keith Fenimore tools around daily for some guy named Howard Stern.
Among those interviewed for the book are Stan Lee, True Blood actor Sam Trammell, Entertainment Tonight co-host Mark Steines and Live with Regis and Kelly producer Michael Gelman. Scherzer came to LA from Montreal way back in 1991 and ahead of a book signing in his hometown this weekend, he confirmed to the Montreal Gazette that two golden rules still hold true:

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True Blood’s Pam takes over Once Upon a Time

Our favorite vampire vixen, True Blood's Kristen Bauer van Straten, will get a chance to play the role she was born for. In a very special Once Upon a Time episode Pam will become the one, the only, Maleficent!
In the second episode of the fractured fairy tales series on ABC (set to premiere on October 23rd) Pam will become the evil queen Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty. ABC is so excited about nabbing the long-toothed bitch from True Blood that they actually booted the first actresses they had down for the role in favor of getting a little Pam power.

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

True Blood’s CAMPY VAMP, Pam, Kristin Bauer van Straten

Frighteningly, more and more I relate to Pam (laughs). I start going, ‘Wow, she’s actually making sense to me.’ It’s fascinating. I feel like, ‘Oh my God, this makes total sense if I were a vampire,’ so if I were taken out of having to worry about aging, money (they always seem to have money), and also they are out of the constraints of society so they can be any sexuality, which is very fun. Plus, you don’t have to worry about death, so without all those issues, who would we be? So much of my life, well, pretty much my entire life, those are the things I think about. That’s 95 percent of where my attention goes with those topics. So then who would I be? It’s an interesting question

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'Kolchak the Night Stalker' meets a vampire

I remember watching Kolchak and this opening made me feel 105 years old...

Johnny Depp resurrects classic horror

Johnny Depp resurrects classic horror
Johnny Depp was recently dubbed the biggest movie star in Hollywood with two blockbusters which grossed a billion each back to back: Pirates 4 and Alice in Wonderland.
This is why you can probably feel some relief that he’s headlining the big screen version of Dark Shadows, the ‘60’s vampire soap opera that aired on ABC. Depp will also be bringing bringing back Kolchak, the short lived, but much beloved horror series of the ‘70’s.

Dark Shadows is now being made for Warner Brothers with Tim Burton directing, and Depp starting as Barnabas Collins, a two hundred year old vampire. The first shots that hit the ‘Net of Depp in his vampire make-up initially weren’t promising, but the current photo posted on Empire looks much more like the Barnabas Collins of yore, combined with Burton’s trademark gothic sensibilities.
The film will also feature Helena Bonham Carter, Michelle Pfeiffer, Jackie Earle Haley, gothic horror legend Christopher Lee, and Alice Cooper. The film’s screenplay was written by Seth Grahame-Smith, author of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, and Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

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Stephen King Writing ‘Shining’ Sequel About Psychics & Vampires

Cool new covers, huh ? You know you need to read 'Salem's Lot 'again ??

At first glance you might think that we’re now running mock stories. Sorry, no such luck.

Instead, long-standing speculation has now given way to fact: Stephen King is writing a sequel novel to The Shining - more to the point, he has some of said sequel already written, he recently read some it, and we have video of his reading.

The sequel will be called Dr. Sleep, and it will follow The Shining‘s young protagonist, Danny, 30 years after the incident at the Overlook Hotel. Danny now uses his psychic powers to literally ease the minds of terminally-ill patients in hospice care. Things get twisted when vampires show up - most likely viewing the the place as the perfect buffet, if we had to guess - and Psychic vs. Vampire battle ensues?

By now, most people are familiar with the aggravation that comes with learning about another unnecessary movie sequel - it’s kind of new to feel that aggravation about a novel, but that sentiment is already out there and swelling. It will be hard to convince a lot of people that The Shining needs a continuation -let alone that words ’The Shining’ and ‘vampires’ even belong in the same sentence. Here at Screen Rant, we’re already nervous about a possible (semi-)sequel to Stanley Kubrick’s classic 1980 film adaptation of The Shining, as we’re sure a lot of other movie fans are as well.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What is Alexander Skasgard reading ?

You long time readers know that the only time I EVER post Hollywood TMZ photos is when someone is caught reading a book ! Alex is a big reader and on the set of " Disconnected " he was reading " The Good Soldier " by David Finkel.

"American Horror Story': Watch the terrifying opening credits sequence -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

FX’s new series American Horror Story is without a doubt one of the scariest things ever produced for television. Usually you have to hit up a multiplex for the kind of jolts delivered by this thriller, but creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk (Glee) have crafted a small-screen roller coaster ride. The series follows the Harmon Family — husband Ben (Dylan McDermott), wife Vivian (Connie Britton), daughter Violet (Taissa Farmiga) — as they move into an old Los Angeles home with a dark history. For example, the home’s basement not only is in need of dusting but also might be the resting place of a serious evil creature, seen in the Oct. 5 premiere. And then there’s the man in the rubber fetish suit…

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Kwanten: Women love confidence

True Blood star Ryan Kwanten credits his sex symbol status to his character Jason Stackhouse being so confident.
The 34-year-old Australian actor admitted to Men's Health Magazine that his character is a bit of a 'knucklehead', but thinks women like his cockiness.
Ryan said: "With all the guys on the show there's a rawness to them. With Jason it's very unabashed. He's very comfortable in his skin. I think from a female perspective, that kind of audacity or confidence can be sexy.
"Although I don't think that a guy like that could be sexy all the time. It is a little too full on... but then again, I'm not a girl.
"Jason has been shot at, raped and danced around in his underwear wearing a Laura Bush mask. The fact that he is still standing there is kind of... intriguing."

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Dallas says please .... Vote for " Talk Blood Radio " for Podcast Award !!

Do you love Talk Blood Radio ?? Do you love hearing me ( Dallas ) and Andy & Brian, Mark Blankenship, Meredith Woerner, Jefwithonef discuss each episode during the True Blood season, then vote for us  !

Vote for the podcast to win an award!!
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Charlaine Harris: BOOK & BLOG September 26 2011

I have more to blog about today than I can shake a stick at (an old southern expression).
I could reflect on Bouchercon and all the old friends I got to see there. I could tell you how great it felt to be a guest of honor at the world mystery convention. I could brag about the Bowling for Vampires bowling team, who labored long at the bowling alley. I could describe the fun we had at the Charlatans luncheon, and thank all the people who made that happen.
Or I could describe how a misunderstood post of mine on Facebook caused a big kerfuffle, and reflect on the big shortcoming of internet posting: it doesn’t convey intonation and facial expression, which go very far in interpreting what you’re saying to the audience, whoever that audience may be.
I could rehash my event with Laurell K. Hamilton, a one-of-a-kind evening that raised a lot of money for the St. Louis Library.
I could detail our four dogs’ horror when Daughter brought home her new puppy Jackson, an English bulldog, and their delight when Daughter took Jackson back to her apartment.
And I could also tell you what a relief it is to have completed the editorial changes on DEADLOCKED and to have sent it back again to my editor.
I’ll just condense all this. I’m glad to be home, though I had a great time in St. Louis, a weekend I’ll never forget. I’ll also never post on Facebook again without very careful consideration. Lesson learned. I’m still pleased that Laurell and I were able to offer a unique evening, and do a good deed in the process. Our dogs are still terrified they’ll find the little bulldog around every corner and have to share with him. And I’m sure there’ll be further odds and ends to correct on DEADLOCKED.
But for now, all’s well; and I hope you all are content, too.
Charlaine Harris

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My friend Dana Cameron just won the Anthony and the Macavity for the short story “Swing Shift,” written for the Mystery Writers of America anthology Crimes by Moonlight. Since I was the editor, I’ll gladly accept a slap on the back, but to Dana goes the credit for an amazing story.

Once Upon aTime : ABC New TV series trailer

Once Upon a Time    SERIES PREMIERE SUNDAY OCT 23 8|7c

about Once Upon a Time

From the inventive minds of Lost executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis comes a bold new imagining of the world, where fairy tales and the modern-day are about to collide.

And they all lived happily ever after – or so everyone was led to believe. Emma Swan knows how to take care of herself. She's a 28-year-old bail bonds collector who's been on her own ever since she was abandoned as a baby. But when the son she gave up years ago finds her, everything starts to change. Henry is now 10 years old and in desperate need of Emma's help. He believes that Emma actually comes from an alternate world and is Snow White and Prince Charming's missing daughter. According to his book of fairytales, they sent her away to protect her from the Evil Queen's curse, which trapped the fairytale world forever, frozen in time, and brought them into our modern world. Of course Emma doesn't believe a word, but when she brings Henry back to Storybrooke, she finds herself drawn to this unusual boy and his strange New England town. Concerned for Henry, she decides to stay for a while, but she soon suspects that Storybrooke is more than it seems. It's a place where magic has been forgotten, but is still powerfully close… where fairytale characters are alive, even though they don't remember who they once were. The epic battle for the future of all worlds is beginning, but for good to win, Emma will have to accept her destiny and fight like hell.

Follow @OnceABC to get the latest news, pics and behind-the-scenes info!


The Vampire Diaries - The End of the Affair Clip

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Going For Blood (True Story)

Despite the abysmal trends in the homevideo marketplace (sales have fallen about $1 billion a year to $10 billion this year), the marketing team at HBO has breathed new life into its retail sales with the living dead. Yup, you guessed it, the vampires of “True Blood.”

Sofia Chang, senior vice president-retail marketing at HBO, rattled off some impressive media metrics to prove that, but it was the one she cited about actual “True Blood” sales – the drink, not the show – that really impressed me. 

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‘Deadliest Warrior’: Vampires and zombies out for blood

What happens when a show founded on the science of hypothetical battles between knights, ninjas, gangsters and centurions swaps swords and guns for fangs and claws? Fans of Spike TV’s “Deadliest Warrior” series are likely to find out Wednesday when the show, in the second half of the 2-1/2-hour season finale, will pit vampires versus zombies in a bloody battle to the death. Airing at 9 p.m. PDT, the two classic horror movie monsters will spar to determine who has the bigger, badder bite and more skull-crushing strength.
On a visit to the set of the season finale earlier this year, hosts Richard “Mack” Machowicz, Geoff Desmoulin and medical expert Dr. Armand Dorian were busy trying out an arsenal of mechanically propelled limbs and sharp-toothed animals (and reptiles)  designed to mimic the damage supposedly inflicted by both sides.

“Every nerd has this argument at least once after every episode of ‘The Walking Dead,’” said vampire expert Steve Niles, referring to the hit AMC series about a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by zombies. “It’s kind of interesting to turn into some sort of fact so we can at least address it and see who would win.”

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Monday, September 26, 2011

‘Family Guy’ Took A Shot At ‘True Blood!’ See The Cartoon Versions Of Sookie & Bill!

Peter: No! Anna Paquin boob does not count as real boob! That’s like looking at a 12-year-old boy! You should know that, Joe. … And as for you, Anna, you’re dreadful. And so is the program.
Anna: [Somehow talking to Peter through the TV] I didn’t write it.
Peter: Yeah, but you know the people who do. That Alan Ball — you know him, right?
Anna: Yeah…
Peter: How come everything he writes is so dreary?
Anna: I don’t know.
Peter: Tell him to cheer up! Things ain’t so bad.
Fortunately, the disappointingly un-funny joke took a solid turn when the camera cut to Bruce — my personal favorite — watching the show at home in his True Blood t-shirt.
“This is a weird episode,” Bruce said.  

They've done a TB shout out before ...

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Vampire Diaries Season 3 - Episode 3 'The End Of The Affair' Official Promo

True Blood and True Life from Psychology Today

I just spent the week with Sookie Stackhouse in Bon Temps, Louisiana. I had never seen an episode of True Blood until six days ago when I watched episode 1 season 1 on HBOGO on my ipad. Yesterday, I left Sookie screaming in the Finale of Season 4.
Why was I sucked into Bon Temps, Louisiana and its inhabitants for a week, like a V addiction? And why was this immersion so satisfying?
Perhaps its because Bon Temps and the characters of True Blood are a metaphor for the diversity of life itself and our means of meandering through it. Here's what I see in True Blood.
1. A role model in Sookie Stackhouse - a person who is transparent - her outward actions align with inward intentions. When Sookie sees injustice, she acts regardless of the risk. She knows herself - what she deems right and wrong - and acts in accord with it. Deception is not part of her repertoire unless it's used to save someone she loves.
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Facebook updates from Charlaine Harris !

"Editorial changes for DEADLOCKED -- nearly complete! Just a touch-up here and there. Then on to the next project."

"As I've stated several times before, Sookie ALWAYS comes out in May. There will be two more books, DEADLOCKED (2012) and a final book (2013). If you don't like 'em, don't read them! There are lots of wonderful books in the world to read. And I do not know what Alan has planned for the show, which is obviously going in its own interesting direction. And I'll be writing something else when Sookie has been concluded."
Charlaine Harris

'True Blood's' Joe Manganiello to appear on'Two and a Half Men'

True Blood fans, if you’re having some Joe Manganiello withdrawal since the season concluded earlier this month, you’ll be happy to hear that the hunky star will be back on your screens soon.

A CBS spokesperson confirms to The Hollywood Reporter that Manganiello will be guest starring on Two and a Half Men, as first reported by EW.
He’ll be playing the hunky boyfriend to Walden’s (Ashton Kutcher) ex-wife, Bridget (Judy Greer). Viewers will meet Bridget on Monday’s episode. Manganiello will make his appearance on the Oct. 24 airing.

‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ stars: Where they are now?

When Joss Whedon brought “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” to TV in 1997, no one had very high expectations for the show. But beyond the cult reputation and the scores of academic books it spawned, it was also a talent discovery engine.
“Buffy” and its spinoff, “Angel,” launched the careers of countless actors and writers who are all over the fall TV season — not least of which is Sarah Michelle Gellar, who returns to prime time in “Ringer” after a long absence from television. Meanwhile, David Boreanaz is solving homicides on “Bones,” Alyson Hannigan is bringing on the laughs in “How I Met Your Mother,” Felicia Day is tearing up the Internet with “The Guild,” and “Buffy” mastermind Whedon is directing a new set of superheroes in “The Avengers.”
“Buffy” fans and newcomers can catch up on the slayer set (and their killer ’90s hairdos) with “Buffy the Vampire Slayer — The Complete Series,” out on DVD last year, or via reruns on Chiller and TeenNick. And to find out where your favorite “Buffy” stars are now, click through the gallery above for a partial list of the slayers, watchers, Scoobies and vamps that have found new life on the big and small screens. Be sure to click CAPTIONS ON.


Friday, September 23, 2011

VIDEO: The 5 Stages of Rotting Pam

Johnny Depp's true 'Dark Shadows' vampire revealed! -- EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK

Behold the real visage of Johnny Depp’s vampire from Dark Shadows!
Last week, long-range paparazzi shots of the actor wearing ghostly white makeup, large sunglasses and a pulled down fedora made fans of the original 1966-71 supernatural soap opera bristle nervously, with complaints he looked simply too strange.
Nevermind that he’s playing a 200-year-old vampire, which is strange enough.
As you can see from this cast shot, Depp’s bloodsucking pater familias Barnabas Collins actually borrows heavily from the aged-little boy look of original Dark Shadows star Jonathan Frid — not that anyone would be happy to see this guy show up as your prom date either.
Still, this official First Look may reassure those die-hard fans of the original series, memorably offbeat ABC daytime drama about a vampire whose extended family are bedeviled by ghosts, witches, and other gothic woes.

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Charlaine Harris at The Writers Colony October 1st tickets still availble !

This would be sooo much fun !

Reserve your tickets now for an afternoon and/or an evening with the New York Times Best Selling Author of the wildly popular "Sookie Stackhouse" urban fantasy series, and HBO's mega-hit series "TRUE BLOOD".
Charlaine Harris has graciously scheduled two exclusive appearances and book signings to help raise awareness and support for and all the writers we serve. This is the first time the Magnolia, AR native has visited Northwest Arkansas.
Space is limited, so get your tickets now by calling the Writers Colony at 479-253-7444, or emailing

Saturday, October 1, 2011
1-3pm at The Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs AR
Meet Charlaine Harris
The charming, funny and very southern Miss Harris will be appearing at The Crescent Hotel, Eureka Springs, in the Conservatory on Saturday, October 1 from 1pm-3pm.
Tickets are $50 and include a buffet and cash bar.
Saturday, October 1, 2011
6:30-10:30pm at The Peel Mansion, Bentonville, AR
An Evening With Charlaine Harris
On Saturday night, Miss Harris and the Writers Colony will host a fabulous dinner at The Peel Mansion in Bentonville, AR, from 6:30-10:30 pm where we will engage Miss Harris in an "Writers Studio" format with audience participation.
Tickets include a full-course dinner and all cocktails and beverages: $125 for single tickets, $200 per couple, $750 for a table of eight. Special dinner seating with Miss Harris at her table is available for $250 each, $450 per couple.
You won't want to miss this once in a lifetime chance to meet one of the hottest writers of our time!

Sookie and Eric : Worst Paranormal Book Sex Scenes ??

I’ve heard from numerous paranormal fantasy authors that the hardest sequences to write well are sex scenes – and, from a reviewer’s perspective, I couldn’t agree more. For every emotionally supercharged, wildly erotic passage that I read, there are dozens – no, hundreds – more that just don’t, ahem, measure up. Too much anatomical play-by-play (i.e. Pornographic Twister) makes for a gratuitous and repulsive reading experience and too much flowery description is downright comical. Words like turgid, heaving, and throbbing are a clear indication – at least for me – that a cheesy sex scene is quickly approaching. I can almost smell the Velveeta now…

Before listing some examples of good sex scenes gone bad, however, I feel it necessary to point out that a fair amount of the sex scenes in paranormal fantasy novels are meant to be amusing – Nicole Peeler’s Jane True saga and Charlaine Harris’s Southern Vampire series, for example – so please keep that in mind when reading the sometimes hilarious and sometimes deeply disturbing excerpts below.

Many readers tell me that they would rather have no sex scene at all than a badly written or awkwardly choreographed sex scene – but I disagree. Sometimes a bad sex scene produces laugh-out-loud entertainment and makes an unremarkable read suddenly memorable – albeit for the wrong reasons. And in the case of novels like Peeler’s "Tracking the Tempest," bizarrely described sex sequences can make a good story truly unforgettable – for all of the right reasons.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Eric and Sookie - I'll be the one with my heart in my lap

True Blood Season 4 - Screen Test Character Trailer - Joe Manganiello and Alex Skarsgard

True Blood Season 4 - Screen Test Character Trailer - Anna Paquin & Stephen Moyer

An Evening with Charlaine Harris and Laurell K. Hamilton

An Evening with Charlaine Harris and Laurell K. Hamilton
by Jenny Beatrice

It was a gray, rainy night at the gothic cathedral where 350 devoted followers of the queens of the modern vampire tale generated so much excitement they could have raised the dead.  No, this is not a storyline from the imaginations of the wildly successful paranormal authors Charlaine Harris and Laurell K. Hamilton, but the reality of the special September 14 event that brought the writers together with their fans for a good cause.
This fundraiser for the St. Louis Public Library was a collaboration between the library, Christ Church Cathedral and Subterranean Books, held in conjunction with the Bouchercon Mystery Convention that was in St. Louis from September 15-18. The Very Reverand Michael Kinman, dean of Christ Church Cathedral, welcomed the guests, noting that hosting an event such as this is part of the millennia-long tradition of cathedrals serving as community hubs. Christ Church’s local community includes Central Library, currently undergoing a massive two-year renovation and slated to reopen in late 2012. Waller McGuire, executive director of the St. Louis Public Libraries, thanked all involved with the event, stating that the funds from this event will benefit the Central branch, “helping assure that the library will have another century of service” and “become one of the world’s great modern libraries.”

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5 Creatures We Want to See on 'True Blood' Next Season

Season four was laid to rest last week, but I am already dreaming about what season five of True Blood will bring. Naturally, the question on my mind is what the "big bad" next season will be. We've had a human serial killer, a maenad, witches, and, of course, lots of vampires and werewolves (and werepanthers). I have culled together a few possible ideas for season five. Keep in mind that I have not read any of the books. 
It seems that a succubus - or incubus - would be a natural fit for True Blood. A succubus is a female demon that saps the life out of a male sexual companion in order for her to remain young and beautiful (an incubus would be the male version). It's got all the elements that True Blood thrives on: sex, violence, and the sapping of bodily fluids. Generally succubi do not kill in the first lay. Their victims are usually sucked dry after multiple sexual encounters. They are likely aware of their fate, but are so entranced by the succubus that they don't care. Perhaps a family of succubi and incubi roll into Bon Temps and start fucking the citizens to death. Of course, there needs to be some kind of special mojo that happens when they screw vampires. Maybe a succubus doesn't kill a vampire, but she can make him look his true age.
Swamp Thing
True Blood doesn't normally tread into creature-feature territory, but being set in the swamps of Louisiana just begs for some kind of swamp creature. They don't have to show it for most of the season. It could even just be a few episode arc. But dammit, the swamp is scary - utilize it.

True Blood Season Five: What Will Happen And Why

The finale of True Blood left us sweating, questioning and clinging to the nearest human. So many new plots were opened up and, in typical true blood style; very few were brought to completion. We won’t know what’s going to happen until the season premiers in November, but here’s what we think you can expect.
No but seriously… This whole article is speculative spoilers. Don’t read if you don’t want to know.

Expect Tara to be dead. Now, Tara is an ass kicking goddess who deserves her own spin off show that I would watch religiously, but if she’s not dead it will be a huge let down. You don’t end the season with a main character getting shot in the head, just to have her survive. However,
Expect Tara to haunt Lafayette. Tara isn’t completely finished yet. She’ll probably stay around for, at least, the first few episodes of next season as a ghost hovering around in Lafayette’s house.  The audience needs closure, as does Lafayette who’s just lost not only Jesus (his boyfriend, not Christ) but Tara as well. And how the hell will he deal with that? Which brings us to…
Expect Lafayette to be mofoing CRAZY. Lafayette has been a pretty mentally stable character on the show so far. He’s dealt with a lot of drama and disturbing things, but he’s overcame it all and found true love with Jesus. Now he’s losing the two people he loves the most. He has to finally have a breakdown.
Expect Andy to become a father. The scene where Andy has sweaty sex with a gorgeous fairy in the middle of the woods is something that is forever burned into my mind… for better or for worse.  But before they get to the love making, the fairy tells him that she must know she can trust him completely, which we can only assume means there’ll be a little half fairy version of Andy running around in the near future.
Expect Sookie and Alcide to get it on. Sure Sookie just killed Alcide’s one true love, but if there’s anything we’ve learned over the past four seasons it’s that everyone wants Sookie. Whether it’s the fairy blood or her rocking bod, it seems clear that she’s downright irresistible, and Alcide has already shown interest more than once. It may not last, but season five wouldn’t be complete without a steamy scene between Sookie and the sexy werewolf.
Expect to learn more about Eric and Pam’s relationship. Things weren’t exactly left at a great place between the two of them, and it seems clear that they are going to need to work through their problems.  According to various interviews with the cast and with Alan Ball himself, we will definitely have a flashback to when Eric turned Pam into a vampire. Since Pam is the most baller character ever, we all can’t wait.
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Read more: True Blood Season Five: What Will Happen And Why · NYU Local
Under Creative Commons License: Attribution

Monday, September 19, 2011

True Blood: A Couple Of Things We Missed by Jefwithonef from Houston Press

Listen, Gothtopia makes mistakes... mostly mistakes named Amy, but sometimes we make other, non-werewolf-obsessed sex-partner mistakes too. For instance, there were two musical stories involved in this season of True Blood that the high journalism standards we try so very hard to pretend to have demanded we cover, but we just plain missed. Usually, we would have waited until the show had a lull while showing repeats to address these lapses, but this is the first season where there was literally no break in the action.

Now that it's over, we'd like to address those musicians we offended by omitting them, and the first is from right here in Houston. Chris Knudson, better known as Kanude, is a singer now based in Austin laying down a combination of rock and Americana he calls Americronica. He's wandered all over the country plying his trade, and even as far as Berlin, and earns our respect for having worked with Robert Rodriguez on the score for El Mariachi.

​Kanude's tune "Wheels" made its appearance back in the second episode, "You Smell Like Dinner." Rocks Off too busy throwing up in our mouths whenever we typed Jinx Titanic and Super 8 Cum Shot, which was the band we chose to focus on since the episode was named after their awesome single.

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Charlaine Harris & Laurell K. Hamilton

More photos here and no that's not the library that was a near by Episcopal church HERE

A few things about books 12 from an earlier CH interview

Will she ever realize that she has the perfect guy in Sam, who she seems to only view as her best friend right now?
A Charlaine Harris :The forthcoming books will have your answer.

Do you think Quinn will make another appearance in the novels before the end of the series?
A.Charlaine Harris :Uncertain on that.

Will we see Niall in the next book?
A Charlaine Harris :Yes.

Where did Eric hide Debbie Pelt's car?
A.Charlaine Harris :I believe it's at the bottom of a pond way back on someone else's property. But that's just a rumor.

If you could go back and change anything in your Sookie-verse, would you?
A.Charlaine Harris :Hmmm. Yes, I wouldn't kill Claudine, and I would have left out the Sino-Aids thread, because that never really went anywhere.

Will Sookie find her true love by the end of the book series?
A Charlaine Harris :I plan on letting the reader know the course of Sookie's future by the end of the series in 2013.

Joe Manganiello: 'We joke about nudity on True Blood'

Joe Manganiello has opened up about shooting Alcide and Eric's (Alexander Skarsgård) naked confrontation on True Blood.

In the fourth episode of the HBO series's most recent season, Manganiello's character Alcide comes face-to-face with Eric as he swims in a lake. In the scene in question, the two fight over Sookie (Anna Paquin) entirely in the nude as she looks on.

Manganiello recalled the infamous scene, revealing that it was shot on Valentine's Day.

"It was Valentine's Day, and there's me and Skarsgård naked, screaming that were going to kill each other, with Anna in the middle and my wolf Thunder a few feet away," he told TV Line. "There were a lot of 'Happy Valentine's Day, Anna' jokes going around."

Manganiello recently revealed that he is comfortable with being naked on screen, considering nudity to be "just a typical day at the office".

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True Blood Season 4 Crossword Puzzle - Episode 12 " And When I die "

Kristie has out done herself with greatness here ..enjoy
She's going to be continuing to do crosswords during the off season on Sookie books and topics.

AND WHEN I DIE                                                                                                   

Anna Paquin presents at last night Emmy's

She looked beautiful - I imagine that was another Alexander McQueen dress - compare to some of last night dresses she was an A++++

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Brad Pitt: 'Interview with the Vampire made me miserable'

Brad Pitt has described the filming of Interview with the Vampire as a "miserable" experience.

The Tree of Life actor recalled being demoralised by the physical challenges of the 1994 fantasy drama, further dismissing his iconic character Louis de Pointe du Lac as a "bitch role".

"I am miserable [in the film]," he told Entertainment Weekly. "Six months in the f**king dark. Contact lenses, make-up, I'm playing the bitch role."

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Was Nicolas Cage a vampire during the Civil War? This $1,000,000 photograph holds the answers

Are you an unhinged billionaire? Are you a sucker for impulse buys? Do you sit around wondering if the fellow née Nicolas Kim Coppola is an immortal Confederate soldier who feasts on human blood? Then have I got an eBay purchase for you, pilgrim!
Behold this recent auction titled "Nicolas Cage is a Vampire / Photo from 1870 / Tennessee"

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Ack ! Can I say how sick I am of Hollywood " Gift Lounge" photos !!

I get it,  I get it - companies create these huge rooms filled with UNBELIEVABLE free gifts for very wealthy, well compensated actors to come and take anything they'd like,  in exchange they will pose for a photo with that product.

Pure capitalism at it's best- I get it,  but it seems increasingly gratuitous and obscene in this climate of proposed austerity, unbelievable income disparity, poverty and unemployment.

So please,  very wealthy, well paid actors think about not showing up for this scheme. It's a little hard for middle America and lots of your fans to take right now ... and you know you can afford to buy that item yourself if you want it.

 Read on NPR- Stars Rake In The Swag As Emmy Gift Suites Abound here and Swag Bags Rule Ahead of the Emmys here

Did you miss the scary in True Blood this year ? Are you looking for a really scary show to watch? Try Paranomal Witness on SYFY

I love the real Ghost Hunters and thankfully the new Season has started with Grant and Jason but this year following GH has been a new show called, Paranormal Witness. 

You can watch the whole first ep on the site - I gotta say I actually had to turn it off because I was so creeped out by the first episode and this week's episode with the young mother and the car wreck was really good. The production values are really high, the writing is good , the recreations of events are very well done with even some nice FX and they always mix it with interviews with the real folks, who seem credible and sane making it all even scarier.

Here is how it's described in press release:

Using a mixture of intimate first-hand testimony, actual home video and gritty realistic drama, Paranormal Witness transports viewers into a world turned upside-down by extraordinary, terrifying and sometimes life-threatening paranormal events.

The September 14 episode presented two real life paranormal tales. The first was “Haunted Highway.” Dave Stautzenbach’s 21-year-old daughter and his 3-year-old grandson mysteriously disappeared on a car journey to southern California. But then disturbing premonitions and the ghostly sighting of a naked woman drew different family members and the police to the exact same spot down a ravine at the side of Highway 50 – and the shocking fate of mother and son was revealed. In the second story, “Kentucky UFO Chase,” two cops are drawn into a deadly game of cat and mouse when their police helicopter was chased across the night time skies of Kentucky by a glowing orange orb that fired fireballs at them.

Check it out ... 

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sookie and Eric ( Anna and Alex ) from EW - really nice

Alexander Skarsgard and Season 5 what to expect from Eric ...

New Charlaine Harris short story anthology due next fall " Apple for the Creature"

Charlaine Harris and I have co-edited four urban fantasy anthologies together—HOME IMPROVEMENT: UNDEAD EDITION, the most recent, just came out this week. But I have to be honest—when Charlaine and I started working on our first anthology, we really weren’t that sure what anthologists did. And having recently attended a couple of panels about anthologies, I’ve realized that the way we work isn’t typical but our method is working for us.
In his book WHICH LIE DID I TELL? MORE ADVENTURES IN THE SCREEN TRADE, screenwriter William Goldman says, “It bears repeating; by the first day of the movie, the fate of the movie is sealed. The point, once again, is that if you have prepared the script right, if you have cast it right, both actors and crew, you have a shot. If you have made a grievous error in either script or casting, you are dead in the water.”

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An Apple for the Creature, which is going to be about the horrors of education.  It’s scheduled for back-to-school time in 2012.

Charlaine Harris Explores Love and Sex with Vampires in The Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy podcast

Charlaine Harris, author of the Sookie Stackhouse series, basis of the hit HBO series True Blood, joins us to discuss wrapping up the series, her oddest fans, and whether or not vampires poop.

Geek's Guide to the Galaxy is hosted by John Joseph Adams and David Barr Kirtley.

read and listen here

Friday, September 16, 2011

For you HBO lovers : Boardwalk Empire: Season 2 Clip Trailer (HBO)

‘Charmed’ Is Better Than ‘True Blood’*

Charmed, the WB’s attempt to bottle the lightning that was Buffy and sell it to grown-ups by dressing Alyssa Milano in outfits that were wildly inappropriate for work at a newspaper, has long been one of my guilty pleasures. In recent months, I’ve joked that it’s one of the few pieces of pop culture that I can watch at home and for pleasure because it’s so feather-light that there’s no risk that I’ll accidentally slip into analyzing it. No more. After Sunday’s True Blood finale, I realized something: we’ve reached a point where Charmed is actually a better show than True Blood. Here’s why:
Gaining power changes people’s lives.
One of the things that bothered me most about this season of True Blood was what happened to Lafayette and Tara when we and they learned they had magical abilities: pretty much nothing. Okay, sure, Lafayette got himself possessed multiple times and killed his boyfriend, and Tara was slightly less passive than usual and was rewarded for it with a shotgun to the head. But what did it mean for their, and our, understanding of themselves? Not a damn thing. There’s an interesting story to be told about the gay black man in a rural community who tells himself his whole life that he’s special and then finds out he actually *is*. There’s another story to be told about a woman who has been routinely disempowered and finds the strength to build a different life. Hell, there’s even a story to be told about someone like Marnie, who found safety from a world that judged her in a quirky magical enclave and decided she wanted to make everyone who ever mocked her burn. But True Blood didn’t tell any of those stories, throwing out Marnie’s motivations in single lines, condemning Tara and Lafayette to the usual messed-up relationships black people are doomed to on this show

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Why This Was the Worst True Blood Season Ever — and How the Show Can Be Saved

This is from our good friend Meredith and I'd say these feelings to some extent are almost universal after this season ...

While the 4th season of True Blood had a lot of "precious fairy vagina," and a few great Pam one-liners, it's time to call it what it was, a dud. When the big season finale pits a nightie-wearing ghost grandma against a 50-year-old witch, you've got big trouble in Bon Temps. And don't even get us started on the were-panthers.

Here's why this season was truly the worst of True Blood seasons, and how this show can win back our love in season five. Major spoilers ahead...

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The Sookie Stackhouse Companion Review

Readers of this blog know how much I love the companion and no gushes about it in much the same way...

The Review

This is a true companion book to a great urban fantasy series! Honestly, if – after having read the above-mentioned description – you are not intrigued, what can I say? Edited by Charlaine Harris herself this book offers the ultimate guide to the “Sookieverse” and it is set out in such a way that it will please even the most hardcore fans out there.
There is a map of Bon Temps quickly followed by a brand new 76 pages long novella by Charlaine Harris narrating the adventurous nature of Sam’s bother’s wedding! And then the real fun begins with the inclusion of many interesting and fascinating things about Sookie and her life. Most importantly and strategically placed the companion related material starts with a timeline featuring all the books up till Dead Reckoning. This concordance has enough details to answer many questions but not as much as to kill the suspense, especially for those who would love to reread the books. It also features exclusive secret dialogues between Bill and Eric that will have you laughing a lot!

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buy book here

Thursday, September 15, 2011

CBS St Louis interview with Charlaine Harris

Click here

‘True Blood’ Open Thread: I Want to Do Bad Things To You

Yowch - folks are still pretty mad about S4 storylines...

This post contains spoilers through the fourth season finale of True Blood. And lots of rage. I should talk about the events of the season finale of True Blood, but before I do, I think it’s important to discuss something that didn’t happen. The most important — and most emotionally grounded — event that began this season was the brutal and repeated physical and sexual assault of Jason Stackhouse by the female werepanthers of Hotshot. The assaults themselves were tremendously uncomfortable to watch in a way I thought was powerful. The women involved, who are genetically and by means of acculturation effectively part of a patriarchal cult, were almost uniformly unaware that they were committing assault, with the exception of a young panther who helped him escape. The assault was set up to provide an interesting and useful gender-reversed set of issues, raising questions about Jason’s prior sexual reputation, the fact that men can respond physically even when they aren’t consenting to sex. And rather than dealing with it in any systemic way, the show essentially brushed it off with a scene where Jason decides God’s punishing him for sleeping around. Last night, rather than considering the lingering effects of the attack after Hoyt tells Jason there’s something fundamentally broken in him, the show just punted. Jason’s not a panther, so apparently, the lack of magical significance to his assault means it doesn’t have much emotional or human significance either.

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Vampire Steve ( Newlin)

OK watched it again - seems like those are real retractable fangs and Ol' Stevie might have actually been turned.
I still think Russell might be standing right behind him...maybe Steve is Russell's new Talbot ???
Huh ? huh ? Is it June 2012 yet ???

Blood Work! "True Blood" Video Recap 4.12 (Finale): Trick or Treat?

This is so funny and filled with all kind of inside Talk Blood Radio jokes - make sure you've listened to Andy and Brian on Talk Blood Radio finale. Thanks Boys! Is it June 2012 yet ?

Alan Ball - Vampires, Death and the Mundane at the Sydney Opera House ( video )

Bare your throat for the undisputed master of the dark – creator of tv’s True Blood, Six Feet Under and instant classic American Beauty. There won’t be blood, but Academy and Emmy Award-winning writer/producer/director/playwright Alan Ball will reveal all in his Australian debut in conversation with Wil Anderson.

watch here 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Looking for something to watch now True Blood is over for the season ? Vampire Diaries starts tomorrow night !

Looking for something to watch now True Blood is over for the season ? Bedlam - Starts October 1st on BBC America

Bedlam is a ghostly series set around Bedlam Heights -- a hip, newly renovated apartment building. Those who live there think they have the best address in the world, but little do they know their new home has a harrowing past.

The conversion of Bedlam Heights from a former insane asylum has awakened the ghosts of its dark and violent past. These spirits wish to reclaim what's theirs and seek revenge on those who have wronged them.

Kate (Charlotte Salt, The Tudors), a direct descendant of the people who ran the former asylum for generations, lives and works in Bedlam Heights. Her father, Warren (Hugo Speer, Skins), still owns the old family property, and Kate is helping him fill the remaining vacant apartments. She shares her apartment with roommates Ryan (Will Young, Skins) and Molly (Ashley Madekwe, Secret Diary of a Call Girl), but only with the unexpected arrival of Kate's adopted cousin, Jed (Theo James, Downton Abbey) -- a troubled man with a history of mental illness who sees ghosts and visions of the past -- are they able to uncover the terrifying secrets of Bedlam Heights. The hauntings that follow prove that sometimes when you scratch away the surface, things aren't always what they seem.

Written and created by Neil Jones (Blue Murder), David Allison (Boy Meets Girl) and Chris Parker (EastEnders).

Bedlam Premieres Saturday, October 1st at 10pm/9c -- watch the exclusive season trailer!

Don't miss lead actor Theo James (Jed) and creator David Allison at the Bedlam screening and Q&A at Comic-Con in San Diego. Plus, follow @Anglophenia to relive all the action and get our recaps here 

Looking for something to watch now True Blood is over for the season ? American Horror Story only on FX - Family Portrait

What else are you watching ???
October 5th on FX !

From Bon Temps to Shreveport, Skarsgård's latest bad-guy role is in Straw Dogs

am Peckinpah's Straw Dogs was one of several films released in 1971 (A Clockwork Orange was another) that kicked off a long and loud debate about onscreen violence. The film included a highly disturbing rape scene and ended with an extended and unsparing sequence of bloodshed.
Rod Lurie's remake changes the scene from rural England to the American South, but the gist of the film is the same: A timid husband is forced to use extreme violence to defend his wife and his house against a group of menacing thugs.
The new film stars James Marsden and Kate Bosworth, in roles played by Dustin Hoffman and Susan George in the original. The chief villain in the remake is Alexander Skarsgård, best known as the vampire sheriff in HBO's True Blood
He registered in a small comic role as one of the male models in Zoolander and more recently turned up as the boyfriend in a Lady Gaga music video.

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'Blood' star Alexander Skarsgard shows true range in films

NEW YORK – Alexander Skarsgard isn't the first acting hunk to be compared to Brad Pitt.
Like Paul Newman crossed with Brad Pitt: That's how Alexander Skarsgard was described by Rod Lurie, who directed the Swedish actor in 'Straw Dogs,' out Friday.

But the Swede might be one of the few who's up to the task. Known as True Blood's icy-hot Viking vampire, he is preparing to take a bite out of the box office with an impressive slew of flicks.

First up is Friday's remake of Straw Dogs, which transplants the chilling 1971 Dustin Hoffman-led story into the sweaty, close-knit Deep South. Skarsgard, 35, plays local football hero Charlie, whose lust for actress ex-girlfriend Amy (Kate Bosworth) turns violent once she returns home with writer husband David (James Marsden).

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Joe Manganiello & Kristin Bauer Talk True Blood on CNN

This is a fun interview

Season 5 Tara tidbit

We will see that as the hiatus progresses( is it June 2012 , yet ?) the Tara cliffhanger is the only one anyone is interested in , the wolf and Sam,  eh!  We all know the very next scene is Bill and Eric standing in Sookie's kitchen,  as we know they are just across the cemetery at Bill's ..I think maybe Tara's fate has something to do with Bill because I'm still a little intrigued with Bill saving Tara early in the season ( Ep 8) and when she asked why ? He said "you know" .... I think we'll find out what she knows or what that meant.

Also remember Lafayette is just upstairs, so he will also be in the kitchen with one or more vampires.

Question: OK Mikey (is it alright if I call you that?), now that True Blood has come to an end, please give us some dirt — even the tiniest amount — about next season! —Paige
Season 5 will pick up right where Season 4 left off — with Tara’s brains splattered all over Sookie’s kitchen floor. And to answer your first question, it’s most definitely not alright, Paige.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Once & Future Podcast, Episode 1 with Charlaine Harris

Welcome to the inaugural episode of The Once & Future Podcast, featuring book giveaways, the Paperback Dolls, author Jackie Kessler, and New York Times bestseller Charlaine Harris. You can listen to it here.

CH is at 40:00

Best Bon Temps Halloween costume: Arlene and Terry " Zombies are the new Vampires" costumes !

'True Blood' scoop: Who's coming to Bon Temps in season 5?

Since the citizens of Bon Temps dropped like flies (RIP Jesus, Marnie, Nan, and possibly Tara) on True Blood‘s surprising finale, season 5 will introduce fresh meat and showcase some familiar faces. “There will be a very significant, strong, mysterious woman at the center of one of our main stories next year,” says co-executive producer Raelle Tucker. “That will be a very familiar and compelling character. It may be someone you’ve heard of before.” We will also once again visit the fairy world touched upon at the beginning of season 4. Says Tucker, “Season 5 will explore more fairies, new fairies, fairies in a way you haven’t really seen fairies. We will all, as well as Sookie, come to understand fairies more than in previous seasons.”


Kristin Bauer Interview: ‘True Blood' Actress Talks Season Finale, Sexy Co-Stars & Pam's Future

If there's one thing fans of HBO's "True Blood" know, it's that quick-witted vampire Pam (Kristin Bauer) has been dealt a few harsh blows this past season. First, her one true confidant -- and blood-sucking badass partner-in-crime -- Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard) turns into Mr. Nice Guy, and then that evil witch (literally) Marnie (Fiona Shaw) casts a spell that starts to rot Pam's flesh. And if there's anything that Pam loves more than Eric, it's her pretty little face.
In Sunday (Sept. 11) night's season four finale, the tension between Pam and her maker Eric reached a humorous boiling point when Pam, ever the dramatic, throws a bona fide vamp temper tantrum at Fangtasia, exclaiming, "I am so over Sookie and her precious fairy vagina and her stupid name." And while Pam's less-than-pleasant sentiments may have echoed the thoughts of millions of viewers, it didn't do much to detour Eric from Sookie's, well, "precious fairy vagina." 


'True Blood' Season Finale Recap: Night of the Living Dead

In its four seasons, the only thing that's remained predictable about True Blood is that nothing is ever as it seems. Alan Ball, a master of twists and turns, has succeeded in leaving his audience salivating for Season Five with "And When I Die." Although Sookie makes her long-awaited choice between Bill and Eric, and Marnie's control over Bon Temps is finally vanquished, we are left with very little resolution as Season Four closes out, and a multitude of cliffhangers pepper the story lines. Long-lost villains from seasons past (Russell Edgington! Steve Newlin! Rene!) are creeping their way back into the lives of Bon Temps' residents, only hinting at the evil to come. And as the episode title teased, death is a prominent visitor in this season finale, with Jesus making the ultimate sacrifice to save the man he loves – and Tara doing the same to protect Sookie. The creatures of the True Blood universe took one hell of a beating this season, but it looks like it was just a warm-up to the terror that awaits them in Season Five.
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