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True Blood Season 2 Possible Title Song: Ep. 12 "Before the night is over "

Now the one thing we know for sure about True Blood is that the episode names come from the a song used in in the soundtrack of that episode and that it is somehow significant to that episode.
So far for Season 2 we have :
Episode 2.01 - Nothing but the Blood
Episode 2.02 - Keep this Party Going
Episode 2.03 - Changed to Scratches from Scratch My Back
Episode 2.04 - Changed to Shake and Fingerpop from Let's Take a Trip Together
Episode 2.05 - Never let me go
Episode 2.06 - Friend is a Four Letter Word
Episode 2.07 - Release me
Episode 2.08 - Timebomb
Episode 2.09 - I will rise up
Episode 2.10 - New World In My View

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All Season 2 videos ( including my great slide shows) here

We know that Alan Ball and the amazing Gary Calamar put great effort into musically curating True Blood !

We now know that Episode 2.12 is entitled " Before the night is over " Its the Jerry Lee Lewis version becasue we learned from an article this week that Sookie and Bill are dancing to it in Ep 12.

Lyrics to Before The Night Is Over :
(feat. B.B. King)

I can tell by the way you're a little bit lonesome baby, just like Jerry Lee
It's just like someone that you're needing to forget
Honey, that's the same thing with me I've been wanderin' baby why don't we?
Just make believe it ain't the first time we have met

And before the night is over you're gonna be in love
I bet you by the mornin', I'll be the only one that you'll be thinkin' of
So we will, will come together as close as fingers in a glove
And before the night is over you gonna be in love

Honey I can tell, Jerry Lee can tell, somebody might put that lady there right through to hell
And she can use a little tenderness these things I know
O if you feel that it's wrong Lord I could be comin' on a little bit too strong
Just let me know I'll pack my jump I just might go

But before the night is over, you gonna be in love
I bet you by the mornin', I'll be the only one that you'll be thinkin' of
So we will come together as close as fingers in a glove
And before the night is over
I said before the night is over
Hey girl before the night is over you gonna be in love

Gonna be in love! Whoa!

Episode 212, "Beyond Here Lies Nothin' - HBO

In the season two finale, the mayhem in Bon Temps reaches a fever pitch as Maryann prepares for her ultimate bestial sacrifice, conscripting Sookie to be Maid of Honor at the bloody nuptials. Meanwhile, Sophie-Anne (guest star Evan Rachel Wood) warns Eric to keep the lid on Bill's inquisitiveness; Jason leads Andy into the heroic abyss; and Hoyt has a hard time swallowing Maxine's endless stream of insults. Deliberating on what may be his final move to save Sookie and the town, Sam is forced to put his trust, and his life, in a most unlikely ally.

Written by Alexander Woo; directed by Michael Cuesta.

Happy Birthday Anna Paquin!

Let's all raise our cans of Tru Blood in a toast to Anna Paquin who celebrates her 27th birthday today! It's been a bloody good year for the Canadian-born cutie. Though "True Blood" was unceremoniously snubbed from this year's Emmy nominations, Anna has plenty to celebrate. Not only does she have a pretty fangtastic boyfriend in costar Stephen Moyer, but their sultry series is the highest rated show on HBO since "The Sopranos." (Take that, Academy of Television Arts & Sciences!)

True Blood Season’s 2 finale: “Before The Night Is Over“.

Yippeee we know the name now .. “Before The Night Is Over“.

We also learned this this week about ep 12

After the Clinton shoot, production shifted indoors to the Stockade Bed and Breakfast in Baton Rouge. Once a Civil War stockade, the B&B is listed on the National Register of Historical Places as an archaeological site.

The Stockade's great room — an open space with a balcony, baby grand piano, large wood-burning fireplace and floor-to-ceiling glass wall — was transformed into a restaurant for the shoot. A nearby breakfast room, filled with antiques and hummingbird and botanical prints, became a makeshift studio for directors and script supervisors to watch the scenes unfold on monitors.

The sequence shot on this day was a dance scene. Paquin, in a sundress with her hair in a sleek up-do, and Moyer in black suit, do a modified jitterbug to the Jerry Lee Lewis song "Before the Night Is Over." Between takes, the actors chill out in a back room at the B&B where stylists touch up their makeup.

Footage from the Louisiana shoot will appear in upcoming episodes and the season finale, set to air on Sept. 13, which is expected to include the dance scene.

Here is the beautiful room in the Stockade Bed and Breakfast in Baton Rouge []

Here is Jerry Lee singing "Before the Night Is Over"

Godric bursting into flames in Ep 9 shot in Dallas !

In today's Dallas Morning News -

'Blood' in Dallas
HBO's red-hot vampire series True Blood shot a scene recently atop the Adolphus.

"A character was on the roof and had to burst into flames when the sun came up," said Janis Burklund of the Dallas Film Commission. The scene is for the ninth episode of the second season of the show, which is set in Louisiana.

Dallas, however, has been a side trip for some of the show's characters lately. Burklund added there's a strong possibility that the show will return for additional North Texas shoots.


Alex Skarsgard says " I have no probelm being naked in front of the camera"

Great article HERE

Thanks, Erica

Deborah Ann (Jessica ) Woll - just because

Just because...

Sookie Stackhouse books now available on PlayAway

Now what the hell is a playaway ?
Think those audio tour devices you get at museums ..yeah, kind of like that.
One book is loaded on one device and the device is available for rent or sale. Charlaine and Johanna Parker ( the voice of the Sookie books) did the Playaway event recently at TLA

Charlaine wrote ..

Before the Recorded Books event, I met the wonderful actress who “does” the Sookie books, Johanna Parker. I felt an instant rapport with Johanna, and we got along like a house afire. We were the entertainment at the Recorded Books party, where all the guests received a free PlayAWay of DEAD AND GONE. (This was all new technology to me, and I enjoyed creating some of the men who’d made it possible; the people who designed the technology, and the staff of PlayAWay, who put it all together.) Johanna, who is talented, bright, and attractive, read selections from the books, and then I commented. We both answered questions. I think the librarians attending had a great time. I know I did.

Check them out here

Vampires in Google books

Visit Dallas's Google Book Library

The full text (for free) of some great books are there -here are a couple favorites of mine

Tim Burton Confirms Dark Shadows. Vampire Johnny Depp?

From i09 ( thanks smeadow)

Tim Burton has confirmed that his next project will be remaking ABC's vampire soap Dark Shadows, whose rights are rumored to belong to Johnny Depp. This could mean we'll finally see our Johnny Depp vampire dreams come true.

At the Alice In Wonderland press conference, people cornered Burton about his next rumored movie project Dark Shadows, the vampire soap opera that aired on ABC.

When asked if he had plans to pursue the movie adaptation of Dark Shadows and bring the infamous Barnabas Collins back to life his response was:

Yeah if I ever finish this one here [Alice in Wonderland]. It's hard to think beyond this at the minute but yeah that's the plan.

The rights to the show's rights were optioned by Infinitum-Nihil, which is Johnny Depp's production company. This can only mean one thing: Edward has some gigantic competition. Burton and Depp do everything together lately, there's no reason we shouldn't start assuming the same. Depp as a vampire — is there anything more ridiculous and wonderful at the same time?

True Blood Music Video of the Day: Pet by A Perfect Circle

Pet by A Perfect Circle

Thanks, PiscesCurse