Tuesday, December 29, 2009

'True Blood' scoop: Will Alcide win Sookie's heart?

Alcide is about to put a major kink in True Blood’s polarizing Eric/Sookie/Bill triangle. At least that’s the word from the werewolf’s portrayer, Joe Manganiello, who makes a strong case for an Alcide/Sookie pairing in Part 2 of our exclusive Q&A. (You can read Part 1 here.) The 33-year-old actor also weighs in on the length of his commitment to the show and why he isn’t afraid of those crazy Team Bill and Team Eric fans.

Will your Alcide be different from the Alcide in the books?
Alan Ball and I had a conversation about that at one of my auditions. I think it’s up in the air. I know that, at least initially, fans of the book will be pleased with my character.

What’s your take on Alcide?
He’s really big. He’s giant. When Sookie first meets him, she opens the door and looks up, and then has to look up some more. So there’s this giant presence standing in the doorway with dark hair and dark features. He’s strong and protective. He comes from a construction background; his father is in the construction business. He’s heroic and romantic. I don’t think it’s a secret that he has a broken heart when he shows up. He had a really rough go of this relationship with Debbie Pelt, so there’s a lot of friction there. Debbie’s doing a lot of things to get back at Alcide.

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It’s Not TV, It’s the HBO iPhone App

DIGITAL: Users can view clips, use program guide, share on social networking sites DIGITAL: HBO has launched an iPhone app aimed at existing and potential new customers, offering clips from its TV lineup and an interactive program guide.

No full-length episodes are available, but the app enables users to easily buy episodes of HBO shows from iTunes and Amazon with a “Buy Episode” button.

The app offers plenty of other video, however. Users can view clips of HBO shows True Blood, Entourage and others, watch behind-the-scenes featurettes and access cast photos. The app also boasts an interactive episode guide that lets users check on upcoming programs for their area. Fans can sign up for alerts for favorite programs and add those shows to their “favorites” to easily find info on them.

The app also connects to Facebook and Twitter so users can share info on HBO programs with friends on the social networking sites.

Rival Showtime launched its own iPhone app in October. Unlike HBO, Showtime is streaming some episodes of Dexter, Californication, Nurse Jackie and other shows for free with its app.

Both the HBO and Showtime apps are free and require users to confirm they are 17 or older to download them.



Sookie makes Parenting Magazine Best Baby Names of 2010

Ella and Aiden moved on up. This year - movie names, vampire monikers, and trends for 2010. By Kate Goodin, Parenting.com

Top names of 2009---Girl names

1. Ella
2. Ava
3. Grace
4. Lolita
5. Emma
6. Elizabeth
7. Genevieve
8. Aurora
9. Isabella
10. Bella
11. Charlotte
12. Lily
13. Saria
14. Sookie

While Jacob and Emma reigned as the top baby names of 2009 on Social Security's list, Parenting.com readers set their own naming trends. From vampires and Harry Potter to Obamarama and celeb picks, here's what you named your kids in '09 -- and what you might be naming them in 2010.

Vampire Mania: Bella, Jacob, Sookie
Vampires have invaded pop culture: books, movies, TV shows - why not baby names? Bella (Latin, beautiful) is a top 10 girls' pick, while Parenting.com readers are decidedly Team Jacob, at least when it comes to the name; Edward (English, prosperous guardian) didn't even make the top 100 (though Team Edward fans can rest easy knowing Jacob means "substitute".)


The name Sookie (American, unknown) has crept into the top list for girls, which could be attributed to the star of Charlaine Harris' vampire series True Blood. But Sookie may also be a throwback to Gilmore Girls; Lorelei (German, seductress), Rory (Irish, famous brilliance), Luke (Latin, form of Lucius), and Logan (Irish, meadow), also characters on the show, are all top-100 names.

True Blood Music Video of the Day:Human by Civil Twilight

Human by Civil Twilight

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