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Pam of 'True Blood' Says Yes to Lesbian Story

From Ace Showbiz

Queen of Louisiana Sophie-Ann may not be the only lesbian on "". After creator Alan Ball projected his thought of having other characters to have a same-sex relationship, actress has stepped forward to express her willingness to participate in that storyline.

Bauer plays Pam the sidekick of Eric and the screener of Fangtasia. Ball said he thinks Pam has a "lesbian vibe", explaining further, "I don't know that that's all she is, but she certainly does seem to appreciate the women."

"I wouldn't be surprised," Bauer told E! about Ball's plan to have Pam swinging the other way. "I think she's pansexual." One character that she pointed out to be her potential love interest was Ginger. "There are so many hot ones, but I'll pick Ginger. Ginger's hot. Ginger's fun. She's a screamer and she's a blood donor," the actress stated her reason.

The show is indeed no stranger to GLBT characters. Lafayette, who is the flamboyant cousin of Tara, will be getting a new love interest in the third season, Ball confirmed. Beside, the new character King of Mississippi aka Russell Edgington who is played by actor Denis O'Hare will also be gay. He has a long-term partner named Talbot.

The third season of "True Blood" arrives in June 2010.


Four Fangs Up To New Book 'Vampire Taxonomy' For Teaching Us How To Date A Bloodsucker

Our good friend Meredith gets a great write up by MTV
GOOO Meredith

Attention Vampire fanatics: For those looking to fill the void before "New Moon" opens, the next season of "True Blood" and "The Vampire Diaries" latest episode, check out "Vampire Taxonomy: Identifying and Interacting with the Modern-Day Bloodsucker," by Meredith Woerner. One part witty how-to interaction guide and two parts vampire glossary, this book is a humorous, yet authoritative look at pop culture's current fixation on all things fang-tastic.

"Taxonomy" begins with an overview of vampire origins, and then delves right into the gory detail of five definitive vampire types: Romantic (aka Edward Cullen, Bill Compton — see an illustration after the jump), Villainous (Count Orlok, Dracula), Tragic (Angel, Jasper Cullen), Halfies (Blade). We like the Tragic vamps best, in large part due to an adolescent crush on "Buffy" heartthrob Angel (it wasn't the same after he left!), and also because we are suckers for those tortured souls. Er, tortured soul-less? Ha. Who knew there were so many puns to be had in writing about vampires? Anyway, moving on.


True Blood to resurrect its vampire sheriff?

Vampire sheriff Godric was one of my favorite characters from True Blood's second season. As played by Allan Hyde, Godric was a wise, sensitive and progressive bloodsucker who felt compelled to atone for his sins and for the sins of his people. Last time we saw the peaceful vamp, he was bursting into flame on top of a Houston high-rise.

"That's too bad," I thought at the time. "I really liked that guy."

Did anyone else feel the same way? If so, head after the jump for some spoilery news that's sure to make you smile.

It looks like we might see more of Godric in True Blood's third season. E!'s Kristen says the show's writers are considering exploring Godric's 1,000-year history with Eric though flashbacks.

This sounds like a great idea. I'd love to see how the wicked and feral Godric we saw in last season's flashback became a stoic and merciful leader. And I'd love to see Eric in the role of naïve student learning from one of the oldest vampires on the show


“Twilight” Parody “Nightlight” Mocks All Things Vampire

From Wall Street Journal ..

When pale and klutzy Belle Goose moves to Switchblade, Oregon, she becomes awestruck by Edwart Mullen, a computer geek who has no interest in girls and can play a mean triangle. So begins “Nightlight,” a parody of Stephenie Meyer’s “Twilight” written by The Harvard Lampoon. The book loosely follows Meyer’s storyline (girl meets boy, girl “unconditionally, irrevocably, impenetrably, heterogeneously, gynecologically, and disreputably” kissed by vampire-like boy), but adds a satiric twist. (Sample dialogue: Bella asks Edward, sorry, Edwart, why a giant wooden cross at the Mullen’s house is ironic. He replies: “Because we’re Jewish, of course–nonpracticing.”)

Though the Lampoon, which is run by Harvard students, publishes a humor magazine five times a year, “Nightlight” is the organization’s first novel parody in 4o years, the last book being “Bored of the Rings,” a send-up of J.R.R. Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings.”

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True Blood Music Video of the Day: Touched by Vast

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