Monday, October 19, 2009

Sookie Stackhouse books: If Edward Cullen could dream, he’d dream of being Eric Northman

Red rocker writes an excellent overview of Sookie books for Hoghead Blog

If Edward Cullen could dream, he’d dream of being Eric Northman. Or so they say on the Internet.

Started reading Charlaine Harris’ Southern Vampire books in July because I needed some light reading for the cottage. Up to #7 now, and I’m hooked. Hooked on the parallel world Harris has created, the pantheon of supernatural creatures, the uneasy interface between our world and the world of the “supes” and Sookie Stackhouse herself – one of the most winning fictional heroines to come along since Eliza Bennett. And like any other lover of books, it’s not enough for me to enjoy the books: I want to share them with others. So what better time than Hallowe’en month for me to tell you a bit about the story of Sookie Stackhouse and the Confederate soldier Bill Compton, the weretiger Quinn, and yes, the 1,000 year old Viking warrior Eric Northman.
Sookie works as a waitress at a bar in a small town in northern Louisiana, called Bon Temps. She avoids people – especially men – because of her gift – or curse: she can read minds. Turns out telepathy isn’t an unmixed blessing when you always know what people want from you. Into Sookie’s world comes Bill Compton. Bill’s a vampire. In Sookie’s world the vampires outed themselves to the human world about six years ago. This followed the Japanese discovery of a synthetic blood substitute, True Blood, which means that vampires no longer have to prey on humans to survive. Nowadays they can pick up a case of True Blood at the local Wal-Mart, pop a bottle of O positive in the microwave, and they’re set. So vampires walk amongst us now: they own businesses, they pay taxes, they go to bars, they’ve joined the police force. Bill is the first vampire Sookie’s ever met, and to her delight she realizes that she can’t read his mind. She falls for him hard, starts meeting other vampires, and eventually they start making love and are a couple. Most stories would end there. Sookie’s story has barely started.

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True Love for True Blood Stud and Kate Bosworth?

from People Magazine

Is True Blood bad-boy vampire Alexander Skarsgard really sinking his teeth into Kate Bosworth?

Judging by the photos of the two making eyes at each other and then hopping into a car at Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood on Saturday night, it's obvious Skarsgard, 33, finds Bosworth, 26, delicious. The two are slated to star together in the remake of Sam Peckinpah's classic thriller Straw Dogs.

Sure, maybe it was just because she'd presented him with the best villain award at Spike TV's Scream Awards earlier in the night, but reports say the two were holding hands and flirting heavily after the presentation. Still, until we see bite marks on someone's neck, this potential coupling will have to remain bloodless and in the "unconfirmed" column. Which naturally sucks.
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True Blood : Sam and Alex at the Scream Awards

A little from EOnline about the Green Room at the Scream Awards

Sam Trammell, smoking cigarettes and chatting up his True Blood costars plus creator Alan Ball, who got personally thanked onestage by Best Horror Actor winner Stephen Moyer for being "a matchmaker"—with fiancée Anna Paquin staring lovingly from the audience. Too cute for words.

One TB hunk without his recent beau by his side was…

Alexander Skarsgård, talking to a superskinny (no surprise there) Kate Bosworth for a long-ass time in the green room. The blonds must have more than peroxide and perfect bods in common, since they were chitchatting closely for quite a while. Should a no-show Evan Rachel Wood be jealous? Or is Skarswood done before they barely began? We don't need to tell you what we're crossing our fingers for.

and from Radar Online about Stephen Moyer and the cane

The Best Horror Actor and Actress awards went to real life engaged couple Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin, who was wearing a gorgeous purple Marc Jacobs dress Stephen was walking with a cane and told us "I tore my meniscus; I didn't know what that word was until about two weeks ago." How did he hurt himself? The True Blood star told "Rolling around with my kids. I'd like to say it was some kind of thrusting, sexy injury, but it really isn't!"

True Blood Music Video of the Day:Backstabber by Keesha

Backstabber by Keesha lyrics

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