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HBO Is Hiding Little About ‘Big Love’

this article in the NYT this morning is about HBO viral marketing of Big Love but True Blood is mentioned and it's fascinating !

FANS of shows like “24,” “Lost” and “Big Love” are finally being rewarded for their patience with new episodes. But given the long hiatuses between seasons and further delays because of the writers’ strike, some might have trouble remembering what they liked about these shows in the first place.

HBO’s “Big Love,” which last showed a new episode in August 2007, is beginning an aggressive ad campaign to remind its audience just what was happening to the polygamous Henrickson family. “The big challenge, quite frankly, is the fact that it’s been off the air for so long,” said Courteney Monroe, HBO’s executive vice president for consumer marketing.

The theme of the “Big Love” campaign is secrets. HBO, which likes to include splashy elements and stunts in its campaigns, is installing street-level billboards this week that include dozens of audio jacks. People passing by can plug their headphones into each jack to hear a recording of a different secret about people pictured on the billboard.

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True Blood - Episode 2.02 - Keep This Party Going - Casting Call

25 years old, enthusiastic, he's a red-blooded American male who hates vampires...GUEST STAR / RECURRING (16)

18-23. This pretty, young, flirty and devoutly Christian girl hands out "honesty rings" at the Rising Sun Leadership Conference. Amanda fronts an all-female Christian rock band "that combines Courtney Love's rock and roll aesthetic, Katy Perry's teen sensibility, and Hilary Duff's squeaky-clean sex appeal." She and her band sing a song about abstinence that has all the boys in the audience mesmerized and lusting...1 song,sptv050769 2 lines, 2 scenes / POSSIBLE RECURRING. ACTRESS MUST BE ABLE TO SING

40 - 50, Jessica's grief-stricken and tearful mother, she appears on the news begging for information on Jessica's whereabouts. Mrs. Hamby is an uncertain woman who completely submits to her husband's decisions and can't make a move without consulting him...GUEST STAR / POSSIBLE RECURRING (14)

Late 40s - early 50s, stoic and intimidating...GUEST STAR / POSSIBLE RECURRING (14)

9 years old, she is Jessica's awkward sister...GUEST STAR / POSSIBLE RECURRING (42)

40 years old, flirtatious, and hot for vampires, she suggestively offers to model some clothing for Bill in the dressing room...1 scene (34)

This saleswoman is thrown by Bill's request for "proper" clothing...1 line, 1 scene (35)

This large woman is insulted by Eric's derisive remarks but quickly scurries away when she sees his fangs.sptv050769..1 line, 1 scene (45)

Seen on TV, this female anchor discusses Mrs. Hamby's latest plea...1 speech, 1 scene (14)

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True Blood Fan Art

by rene420

You know you've watched too much True Blood when:

You start trying to solve problems with "what would Eric do?"

You stop eating garlic....just in case.

When your husband forgets some items on the grocery list and you point at him and proclaim "You are a dead man."

and, you start saying ya'll and you aren't even Southern.

When you look at the sky at twilight and think "The vampires will be rising soon."

When your house begins looking like Jason's basement

You know you've watched too much True Blood when you look to see if any of the dogs in your neighborhood look like Sam's collie! (Alainanoel)

True Blood Author Charlaine Harris Will Be Signing In Houston

I am so glad that the lovely OD will be accompanying me to Houston !

The woman who wrote the comedic vampire books that inspired the HBO series True Blood is author Charlaine Harris. In what will be her only appearance in support of the reissue of her book Living Dead in Dallas, the second Sookie Stackhouse title, she's set to speak at the Central Branch of the Houston Public Library tomorrow.

The book is named Living Dead in Dallas, so a stop in the Big D would seem a natural, but Harris chose to come to Houston instead and she talked to Hair Balls about why. "My favorite book store in America is in Houston, Murder by the Book on Bissonnet. The owners and staff of MBTB supported me when there was no career to support, starting twenty-plus years ago. So if I sign anywhere for a book, it'll be in Houston."CharlaineHarris01.jpg

Set in the Louisiana town of Beau Temps, True Blood, like the book series it's based on, centers on a telepathic waitress named Sookie Stackhouse and her vampire boyfriend, Bill. Harris has had limited involvement in the production of True Blood, but she's been happy with the show's adaptation of her novels. "I have no input into show, other than the fact that I provided the basic schematic in the form of the Sookie novels. In return, Alan doesn't tell me how to write my books. We're each doing what we do best," she says. "I've never been a control freak and when you ally with a great talent like [series creator] Alan Ball, you have to let go and see what happens. That's why I accepted his offer over the others on the table. I'm fascinated with the choices Alan and the other writers are making."

As with many other vampire novels, Harris's books use the undead as a metaphor for "otherness," exemplifying racism, homophobia and class delineations. Harris says that while she does have those issues in mind, mostly she just wants to entertain. "Sure I have an agenda. But my main goal is to entertain the reader, to give the reader a little vacation."

So what's next for Sookie? Harris won't say much, except, "The next book is Dead and Gone. It comes out in May. Sookie is in Bon Temps for this one, and it has some pretty grim action in it."

Charlaine Harris appears at 7 p.m. Central Library, 500 McKinney. For information, call 832-393-1313 or visit Free.

-- Olivia Flores Alvarez

True Blood Episode Five : 'Sparks fly out' recap from HBO site

I'm posting the episode recaps from the HBO site. I think we should have them in our archive; they are really long so I will also post them in their entirety as a word document to our scribd site. I think they are worth carefully re-examining for clues!

After watching Bill's frightening ordeal with the police officer, Sookie's shaken and irritated when the vampire drops her off at home. The vampires, the fangbangers, Bill's weird music - it's all gotten to be to much for her.
"You cannot be frightened by all the things you don't know in the world,"
Bill tells her, but she's had far too long of a night to embrace adventure.
Bill leaves, promising not to call on her again. The next morning, Sookie shares her dilemma with Gran, who suggests that Sookie enjoy the opportunity to meet someone who's different. Never mind that Gran's been answering hateful phone calls all morning from townspeople who don't want Bill to speak at her Descendents of the Glorious Dead meeting.

Tara, also dealing with vampire complications, bursts into Lafayette's house in a whirlwind, ripping knick-knacks from the shelves and throwing them around. She's furious that he's been selling V, particularly that he's been selling it to Jason. After hearing the news of her emergency-room visit with Jason, Lafayette apologizes and promises to check on their friend. When Jason stops by, though, Lafayette talks him into trying V again - this time the "right way."

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Episode Five ( S1) HBO Recap

Alan , Anna and Stephen interview Face Time G4TV@Comic- con

Nice interview with Alan , Stephen and Anna at last years comic-con

Death's Excellent Vacation

According to Publisher's Weekly, New York Times best-selling author Charlaine Harris has sold the No. 4 book of her Harper Connelly series to Berkley Prime Crime for publication in the fall. Harris also sold Death's Excellent Vacation, an anthology crossing genres with co-author Toni Kelner. Each story in the anthology revolves around death and a holiday, in the similar spirit of the author's earlier anthologies Many Bloody Returns (Vampires and birthdays) and this holiday season's Wolfsbane and Mistletoe

(werewolves and Christmas). The anticipated publication date of the new anthology is spring, 2010.

Harris is the author of the best-selling Sookie Stackhouse series, which has been made into a HBO TV series titled True Blood, set and filmed in northern Louisiana.

One of the authors will be Jeaniene Frost

Another might be :

Greg Herren

True Blood Music Video of the Day

Pain by Three Days Grace