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True Blood Music Video of the Day

By your side by Tenth Avenue North LYRICS

Annubis Airline from All Together Dead : trip to Rhodes

What we learned about Anubis air in Book 7

Bk 7

I whipped a little notepad out of my purse as Eric went over the date of our departure, the date of our return, the time our chartered Anubis Airline plane was arriving from Baton Rouge to pick up the Shreveport contingent, and a rundown of the clothes we would need.

Our sporadic conversation died by the time we neared the airport. There didn't seem to be anything else to be said. We were right by the main Shreveport terminal, but we were going to a small private hangar. If Eric hadn't booked an Anubis charter plane weeks ago, he would've been up a creek, because the summit was definitely taxing Anubis's capabilities. All the states involved were sending delegations, and a big hunk of Middle America, from the Gulf to the Canadian border, was included in the American Central division.

.. There were a few small planes parked inside, but we proceeded as Pam had instructed to the large opening in the west wall. The Anubis Air jet was parked outside, and the coffins were being loaded onto the luggage belt by the uniformed Anubis employees. They all wore black relieved only by a stylized jackal's head on the chest of the uniform, an affectation that I found irritating. They glanced at us casually, but no one challenged us or asked to see identification until we got to the steps leading up to the plane.

I couldn't help feeling a little anxious, since I was cutting my ties with my familiar life, at least temporarily. The Anubis Air employee in the cabin said, "Choose your seat, Miss Stackhouse." She took the hanging bag from me and put it away. The interior of the aircraft was not like that of any human plane, or at least that was what the Anubis website had alleged. The Anubis fleet had been designed and outfitted for the transportation of sleeping vamps, with human passengers coming in second. There were coffin bays around the wall, like giant luggage bins, and at the front end of the aircraft there were three rows of seats, on the right three seats, and on the left two, for people like me.or, at least, people who were going to be helpful to the vamps at this conference in some capacity. At present, there were only three other people sitting in the seats. Well, one other human and two part-humans.

The Anubis Airline attendant came through and offered drinks and snacks from time to time on the three-hour flight north, and after I'd finished my session with the trial lawyer, I got up to use the bathroom. That was an experience; I'd never been in an airplane bathroom before. Instead of resuming my seat, I walked down the plane, taking a look at each coffin. There was a luggage tag on each one, attached to the handles. With us in the plane today were Eric, Bill, the queen, Andre, and Sigebert. I also found the coffin of Gervaise, who'd been hosting the queen, and Cleo Babbitt, who was the sheriff of Area Three. The Area Two sheriff, Arla Yvonne, had been left in charge of the state while the queen was gone.

It was mid afternoon when we arrived in Rhodes. There was an Anubis truck waiting to onload the coffins and transport them to the Pyramid of Gizeh.

"There's an Anubis plane flying out in three hours. It'll go to Dallas first, then Shreveport. . "Make it to the Anubis terminal in time, and you'll both go home with us. If you don't make it, I'll assume something happened to stop you and you'll have to call to make some other arrangement..

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True Blood Episode Twelve : 'You'll be the death of me ' recap from HBO site

** you should now have all 12 episodes, you can find them all here

Rene visits Jason in jail, the two of them talking through the bars of his cell. Jason still can't figure out how he could have done all this, but he sure feels guilty enough for it. "They were all fangbangers," Rene tells him. "If you hadn't done it, it was just a matter of time ..." Jason immediately cuts him off, insisting that his Gran was not a fangbanger. Rene backs off, just as Sookie bursts in, forcing herself past the deputy to Jason's cell. She reaches through the bars, holding Jason's hand as she tells him the story of Drew Marshall, with Rene listening intently. Andy comes over to ask what's going on, and she asks him about the fax that came from the police department in Bunkie, which he's heard nothing about.

Tara wakes up to a royal breakfast at Maryann's house, and when she puts on a robe and explores her temporary home, realizes it's more like an estate.
On the patio, she meets Maryann, who tells her that she should take this time to figure out what she wants in life - not to mourn what she's already lost. "Maybe your life has been cleared of all the things that weren't working for your," Maryann suggests. She says she wants to help Tara simply because the young woman deserves it. Upstairs, as the servant Karl makes Tara's bed, he notices her phone ringing with a call from Sam, turns off the ringer and slips the phone into his pocket.

Jason receives another visitor in jail, this time a representative from the human-purity movement Fellowship of the Sun, who tells him that a legal defense fund has been set up for him. Not that the Fellowship can condone murder as a means of ending human fraternization with vampires, but Jason's actions were still "a service to your race and to Jesus." The man, Orry Dawson, leaves Jason with a pamphlet and tells him the church will save him.

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Episode Twelve ( S1) HBO Recap

Charlaine Harris was asked what some of her favorite films were ....

What are some of your favorite films, and what makes them unforgettable to you?

· Lawrence of Arabia -- Peter O'Toole is just great in this beautiful film about an incredibly complex man.

· The Last of the Mohicans -- The music, the scenery, a good script, and Daniel Day-Lewis. You can't go wrong with this much-changed version of the James Fenimore Cooper book.

· The Pink Panther -- I always laugh, no matter how many times I've seen it. All the Peter Sellers Panther movies are funny, and I love to laugh.

· Blazing Saddles -- This is just a funny movie, and it set the pattern for many to follow. "The Piano" A feminist fable with an awful lesson.

· Saving Private Ryan -- A heartstopping depiction of war and the test it lays on men

· The Birds -- Way to be scared!

Did you know it was based on a short story by Daphne Du Maurier ?

Interesting 5 minute featurette with Hitchcock talking about his new upcoming movie " The Birds "

True Blood Music Video of the Day

I'm your lady sung by Celine Dion LYRICS