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Black Panther actors in Hollywood

Brian McMillan’s 3 spotted leopards and 2 black panthers are experience animal actors and can work on your film set safely with your crew and cast on stages or on location.
Hand raised and trained with our affection training methods and positive reinforcement has made our leopards and panthers the best animal performers in the entertainment industry. Our leopards and black panthers trained behaviors include:
Simulated attacks (play) Smile (snarl) Runs, Jumps, Go to a mark, Lie down, Swat, Sit up, Lick, Roll on their side, Work with a variety of props and equipment and much more

They have worked on some of the biggest animal films, commercial and print ads on locations around the world and have current international permits.
Our spotted and black leopards and panthers are physically fit and love to work on the set or on location. They can work together or double each other on long shoots or when there is a lot animal action.

Whether you require fast action, natural poses or intense looks for your production we have the panther for you. Our black leopards enjoy working - so you can count on them as reliable professional animal actors. Our animal are raised in our homes with lots of TLC, which help create the unique bonds that we have with each animal.

Brian and his team of trainers have a special close bond with each animal due and can perform on film incomparable stunts and animal action in a safe and productive environment.

Panther fact sheet here

I don't know what animal actor agency tbey are using for panthers ---Dean the dog comes from http://www.boonesanimals.com/

Maglinyedi makes a good comment about African black leopards and what she means as panthers ...From Bk 4 
"The blood on the dock is probably feline blood, and there's a print in it, besides Jason's boot print,"said Andy. "We've kept this quiet, because we didn't want those woods crawling with idiots." I could feel myself swaying in an invisible wind. I would have laughed, if I hadn't had the "gift" of telepathy. He wasn't thinking tabby or calico when he said feline; he was thinking panther.
Panthers were what we called mountain lions. Sure, there aren't mountains around here, but
panthers—the oldest men hereabouts called them "painters"—live in low bottomland, too. To the best of my knowledge, the only place panthers could be found in the wild was in Florida, and their numbers were dwindling to the brink of extinction. No solid evidence has been produced to prove that any live native panthers had been living in Louisiana in the past fifty years, give or take a decade.
But of course, there were stories. And our woods and streams could produce no end of alligators, nutria, possums, coons, and even the occasional black bear or wildcat. Coyotes, too. But there were no pictures, or scat, or print casts, to prove the presence of panthers . . . until now.
Andy Bellefleur's eyes were hot with longing, but not for me. Any red-blooded male who'd ever gone hunting, or even any P.C. guy who photographed nature, would give almost anything to see a real wild panther. Despite the fact that these large predators were deeply anxious to avoid humans, humans would not return the favor.

More about Florida panthers here

Stephen " Vampire Bill" Moyer plans a fantasy dinner party

Off-screen, Moyer is engaged to his 'True Blood' co-star Anna Paquin, who recently came out as bisexual in while filming a PSA for the 'Give a Damn' campaign, which promotes equal rights for LGBT individuals. The British actor says that Paquin indulges his fondness for curry, which he misses from his days living in London. "Anna loves Indian food as well, so we've been searching for a good restaurant, but they can't compare to the ones in the U.K.," he says.

So, other than the residents of Bon Temps, who would vampire Bill want to have for dinner? Moyer says his ideal guest lists would include Paquin, Jack Kerouac to read poetry, Thelonious Monk to play piano and Sarah Vaughan to sing, because when you're a vampire, it's no big deal when half of your dinner guests are dead.


APM Music Podcast Series with True Blood's Gary Calamr, Nathan Barr and Jace Everett

The Film & TV Music Podcast #66 with Gary Calamar - True Blood’s Music Supervisor
Listen to the podcast with Gary Calamar
Ann Donahue, Senior Editor at Billboard, interviews Gary Calamar about his role as Music Supervisor for HBO’s True Blood.
0:03 – Intro – Ann Donahue, Senior Editor at Billboard, interviews Gary Calamar.
1:35 – Gary Calamar on how he got the True Blood job.
3:08 – Gary Calamar on the difference between Six Feet Under and True Blood.
3:58 – Gary Calamar on the Southern influences of True Blood and its impact on the music.
5:13 – Gary Calamar on how True Blood has changed his approach to other work.
6:09 – Gary Calamar on Alan Ball as a songwriter.
4:49 – Gary Calamar on the end credits music of True Blood.
9:11 – End

The Film & TV Music Podcast #67 with Nathan Barr, True Blood Original Music Composer
Listen to the podcast with Nathan Barr
Ann Donahue, Senior Editor at Billboard, interviews Nathan Barr about composing for HBO’s True Blood.
0:03 – Intro – Ann Donahue, Senior Editor at Billboard, interviews Nathan Barr.
1:25 – Nathan Barr on how he got involved with True Blood.
2:00 – Nathan Barr on how he won the job for True Blood.
2:25 – Nathan Barr on his inspirations for the music in True Blood.
3:13 – Nathan Barr on how he composes the music for True Blood and the benefits of playing his own instruments.
3:50 – Nathan Barr on the recurring sonic themes in True Blood.
4:49 – Nathan Barr on the unique instruments he uses.
5:50 – Nathan Barr on his collaboration with Lisbeth Scott.
6:35 – Nathan Barr on what else he’s working on.
7:46 – End

The Film & TV Music Podcast #65 with Jace Everett musician and writer and performer of True Blood’s title song “Bad Things”
Listen to the podcast with Jace Everett

Ann Donahue, Senior Editor at Billboard, interviews Jace Everett on HBO’s True Blood theme song.
0:03 – Intro – Ann Donahue, Senior Editor at Billboard, interviews Jace Everett.
1:05 – Jace Everett on how he got involved with True Blood.
1:55 – Jace Everett on how he found out that Alan Ball had chosen his song.
2:29 – Jace Everett on the excitement of hearing the news and what it meant to his career at the time.
3:16 – Jace Everett on how the True Blood inspired his new album
4:00 – Jace Everett on the inspiration of “Bad Things.”
4:54 – Jace Everett on his current tour.
5:12 – Jace Everett on the fan reaction he has received.
6:14 – End

More from Denis O'Hare on being the King of Mississippi

We’ve heard from other cast members that it is very difficult to speak with fangs in your mouth. Have you had the same experience?
Yes, the fangs are a challenge. Especially if you have a lot of "S" words. For instance, "Sookie Stackhouse" is a killer. We usually have to re-record some of the lines we say with fangs.

Were you already familiar with True Blood and/or the books of Charlaine Harris when you were cast for the role as Russel Edington?
Yes, I had read around 3 or 4 of the books after I got the job and enjoyed them very much. I'm also a big fan of Alan Ball's and so had watched True Blood from the beginning and was a big fan of the show and like everyone else, looked forward to the 3rd season and then, lo and behold, I was on it.

How have you prepared for your role as the King von Mississippi?
I always do a lot of research for all my roles. IN the case of Russell Edgington, because he is so ancient, there was a lot more history to cover. It was fun, though, and I indulged my inner history geek by doing tons of reading on Ancient Rome, Greece, the early early medieval period, Charlemagne's period, high middle ages, etc. I also did a lot of thinking and exploring about what it would be like to be immortal, to be a night creature, to be powerful.

Most of the cast members have been together since the first season of the show. How was you first day on the set working with all these people,who were already such a ensemble?
My first episode was their second episode so it was a little strange for me. We had a table read and we all gathered in a large trailer on location in Griffith Park in L.A. and I went around the table introducing myself. I was nervous but I found that I knew a lot of the cast members or knew people in common so it felt a lot more comfortable. A lot of us have lived in New York at one time or another and so have bumped into each other.

Do you yourself have any belief in the supernatural? Could there actually be vampires out there? Or at least ghosts, something paranormal?
I hate to disappoint but I'm hyper-rational. But I believe in the power of the imagination and in story-telling.

And now the question of all questions for your fans: Can you pleeeease give us a small preview of your role as Russell Edington? And perhaps a glimpse of what will happen in Season 3?
Russell is a fascinating character who has many many levels. As the season progresses, you will get to see his compassion, his ruthlessness, his anger, his pain, his love for Talbot, his dreams for the vampire kingdom, his contempt for humanity, his affection for werewolves and his fascination of Sookie. Russell want more power - he wants to rule more and more of America and he feels that he is the best person for the job and he will go about collecting power in many ways. He is not always predictable given that he is an "ancient" being who is governed by rules and morals that may be incomprehensible to modern people.

Do you share any traits with your character? Do you admire or dislike anything in particular about the character you are playing?
First off, I never judge my characters - that is not my job. I take them as they are and I try to understand why they behave the way they do. Everyone thinks they're right at all times. Everyone is invested in their own agenda and their own point of view and in that respect, I am Russell's champion. I think I am dogged and loyal like Russell. I"m a little out of step myself and I have a birds-eye perspective about humanity in the same way as Russell. I don't drink blood in my day to day live however.

Is there any other role on True Blood that you would want to take on, even just for one day??
Nope. Very happy with Russell.

True Blood has a reputation for being upfront about sex and skin; if you were required for the reality of the character to reveal a little more for your role, would you have a problem with that?
I already have. In episode 10 I have a scene in bed. I reveal some - not all.

Is there anything else your fans should know about you? Or that you would like to share with them??
Hmmmmmm....Well, I live in Brooklyn, NY with my boyfriend of 10 years, Hugo, who is a designer. We have a 12 year old Shiba Inu named Cleopatra.

True Blood: Season 3 - Truebies & Newbies: Lafayette & Jesus

True Blood: Season 3 - Mythological Creatures: Werewolves

‘True Blood’ adds panthers to the cast

HollywoodNews.com: SPOILER: Move over “True Blood” werewolves, here comes the panthers.
Per TV Guide, “True Blood” is introducing a panther character. One was spotted on the set and is scheduled to make its debut in mid-August.
Apparently, the panther character is connected to Sookie Stackhouse’s (Anna Paquin) brother Jason (Ryan Kwanten). In the Charlaine Harris’ novel “The Southern Vampire Mysteries,” which “True Blood” is adapted from, there is a moment when Jason morphs into a werepanther.
“I’ve been working with the panthers and they’re a lot cooler than the wolves,” exclaims Kwanten.
Alan Ball’s only acknowledgement of the panthers has been, “We have shot some scene with actual panthers in the same way we have shot with actual wolves.”

** don't tell me how wrong this is - I know ! ;-(
Of course, Jason is " infected " as a were in bk 4 Dead to the World" there IS NO book called " the southern vampire mysteries" .

True Blood Spoilers : Debbie and Russell

Kristin at E! Online gives us more on Debbie Pelt, plus what’s coming up with Russell Edgington:

Matthew in Carmel Ranch, Calif.: What’s the deal with True Blood’s new werewolf, Debbie Pelt?
She’s 100 percent wackadoodle, that’s for sure. But we haven’t seen the end of Alcide and Debbie. “Debbie doesn’t put too many rules on anything. There’s a little bit of a love triangle [between Alcide and Cooter],” Brit Morgan tells us. And get ready for more throwdowns with Sookie as time goes on. “Our paths definitely cross, and not in a nice way. Debbie’s not fond of Sookie. It’s not good.”
Patty in Hollywood, Calif.: I love Dennis O’Hare on True Blood. Anything ahead for the King?
Lots and lots of blood, so says Dennis. “Russell steps up to defend the Earth because he feels like humans abdicate it. He wants them to step back, and vampires will run things because they’ll do a little better.” Unfortunately, all does not go well for the Mississippi man. In fact, by the end: “I’m wearing a trench coat and flip flops and I’m much bloodier. I’ve fallen from grace. It’s a big character arch, where I end up going through a lot of pain and a lot of blood shed.” Dun-dun-dun.

“True Blood” Sucker Punch: Season 3, Ep. 4

Ring ring, hooker. Ring, ring. It’s your Sucker Punch calling, so pick up the damn phone.

This week’s installment, “9 Crimes,” features many delights, like Lafayette’s flawless telephone greeting, but the real story just might be Destiny-Camilla-Anne. You know, the stripper whom Bill “procures” and then devours in the back of a limo with Crazy Lorena & The Mississippi King.
When Bill glamours our young dancer in a topless bar, she says, “I know the truth about love. It’s a hell I’ll never get out of alive.” And damn if that’s not a valuable tool for examining this entire season.
See, I’ve been talking about the show’s fixation on power and weakness, but this episode makes me see another dominant theme: The unavoidable sacrifice of love.
In one way or another, almost every character is sacrificing something in order to obtain or protect a loved one. The sacrifice is not always noble and the love is not always pre, but the underlying motivations are the same.

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