Monday, March 16, 2009

French Quarter and being tired and happy

We are just back to the room after a 2 hour walking vampire tour ...we learned so much.

We are working on Sookie sites tomorrow in the morning after Cafe Du Monde ...

I cannot even tell you how fabulous the tour was and I actually made some great connections for our True Blood meetup to be held here in November.

So much more , soon.

No Blogtalk Radio show tonight - we are on the vampire tour in the French Quarter in New Orleans!

The show resumes next Monday night ...and I'll let you know what we found on the tour!!

I am tweeting and posting as we go along on the also check the tweet feed below on right or here

More after the tour...gotta run

Dallas and OD

Vampires staking a bloody claim on audiences' hearts

..... Ball's previous show was the acclaimed Six Feet Under, about a family of morticians, and the show is based on a series by murder-mystery novelist Charlaine Harris.

True Blood vampire Bill Compton maintains there's nothing demonic about vampires, who, he says, "can stand before a cross, or a Bible, or in a church, just as readily as any other creature of God".

He just wants to rejoin human society.

He drinks synthetic O-negative, romances a human girl and defends himself against vampires who disagree with his desire to mainstream.

The show satirises the debate between mainstream and isolationist vampires as standard identity politics, with a vampire lobby group (the American Vampire League) facing off against a bigoted anti-vampire TV preacher whose wife looks like Tammy Faye Bakker.

The townspeople aren't too sure what to make of the undead in their midst either, particularly when the immortals start catching the eyes of attractive women.

As one character grumbles: "You know what I really wish would come to Marthaville? Buffy or Blade."

It's said wistfully.

Vampires are out of the coffin, and they're not going back in.

No matter how mundane their politics or morals, vampires will always be cool, because sex and death never go out of style.

More and more, vampires are not hard to sympathise with: They eternally have to choose between loving us and feeding on us.

Given that rapacious dilemma, Hollywood can't help but to keep feeding us the morally ambiguous vampire.

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You've watched too much True Blood if

...when that really annoying person at work pisses you off, the first thought in your mind is "jihad this!" consider vacationing in Louisiana just to hear people talk cute Cajun a la Renee.( yes, we've heard some and yes, we are in Louisiana on vacation)

....when you rent and remain riveted for the whole episode through their incomprehensible English accents waiting for glimpses of Stephen Moyer.

You start commenting to people at work, "Don't worry about it, chere."

Louisianna trip day two : River Road plantations..

We stayed here at the St Francisville Inn and we highly recommend it ..yummy cheesy grits.

We are leaving our hotel headed to Rosedown Plantation and the Myrtles later for coffee.

You know the Myrtles if you watch Ghost Hunters. I'll let you know if anything spooky happens. ( see below)

Still still drizzling but it's beautiful...I'll take photos and post tonight.

We will then take the "River Road " down to Norlin's

True Blood Music Video of the Day

Till I can make it on my own by Kenny Rogers and Dottie West ( you guys let me know if I'm wrong) LYRICS