Monday, October 5, 2009

True blood's Anna Paquin new video : Video Q&A: Los Angeles Trick 'r Treat Panel

On Sunday, October 4, under a full moon, a crowd lined up around the block for and the New Beverly Cinema's screening of Trick 'r Treat. Regardless of the fact that it was arriving on DVD and Blu-Ray on Tuesday, October 6, guests were eager to see the anthology horror film on the big screen.

Star Anna Paquin (True Blood) was spotted in the audience, as was Seth Green, Tahmoh Penikett (Battlestar Galactica, Dollhouse) and composer Douglas Pipes.

After receiving a thunderous applause post-screening, this writer took to the front of the theatre to join Dougherty, Penikett and Pipes for a Q&A. Audience members who chimed in with a question of their own scored a DVD copy of Trick 'r Treat.

Below, you'll find highlights from our discussion as Dougherty talks about the creation of the film, his iconic character "Sam," and sequel plans!

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Armchair Casting Director: 'True Blood' welcomes a Debbie Downer

From EW

You’re gonna have a field day with this one, people — I know I did. True Blood is looking for a twenty- to thirtysomething knockout to play season 3 werewolf Alcide’s psycho ex-girlfriend, Debbie Pelt. So who comes to mind when you hear that she’s described as sporty and spiteful, with black hair that wouldn’t be out of place on an Afghan at a dog show? Who comes to my mind is…

Milla Jovovich: Though she’s the heroine in the Resident Evil flicks, haven’t her angular features and kickass bod always made you think “bitch on wheels”? Just me? Really? Well, she’s still been known to try out the odd shag from time to time.

Katharine Isabelle: How perfect an option is this Supernatural alum? She’s gorgeous, snarky, and in the first of the Ginger Snaps movies, she didn’t just play a werewolf’s honey, she played the werewolf herself. Top that, Shakira!

Shakira: Come to think of it, the hip-swiveling ”She-Wolf” might not be a bad choice for the role. Certainly, her animal instincts are the stuff of legend. Then again, how would Alan Ball feel about a Debbie who talks like Charo?

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Alexander Skarsgard: Let Me Hear You SCREAM!!!

Alexander Skarsgard grabs onto a man’s chest in the most awesome shot taken during Fantastic Fest 2009.

The 33-year-old Swedish stud is set to make an appearance at the 4th annual “SCREAM” Awards, which will tape on Saturday, October 17 in Los Angeles. The two-hour extravaganza will premiere on Spike TV on Tuesday, October 27 @ 10PM ET/PT.

Other True Blood cast and creators who will be on hand include Alan Ball, Stephen Moyer, Anna Paquin and Sam Trammell.

Tobey Maguire will also present the tribute for the Comic-Con Icon Award.

The two-hour extravaganza will also feature the full cast of Twilight with a world premiere of footage from New Moon as well as the reunited cast of Battlestar Galactica.

Hey Truebies : Group reading of Bram Stocker's Dracula

It's time to read it again and here is a chance to group read it together

Infinite summer just did a group read of Infinite Jest and now is turning their sights on Dracula.

Check it out here

All the chapters are posted in very nicely readable pdfs ( for free -there is no copyright on the book) I've posted the first one below and have put the first 4 chapters on our scribd page.

Here is the forum I will open a thread on our forum if anyone is interested in getting a discussion group together on our page.

Here is the reading schedule

Fri, 10/02 Chapter 1: Jonathan Harker’s Journal
Sat, 10/03 Chapter 3: Jonathan Harker’s Journal
Sun, 10/04 Chapter 4: Jonathan Harker’s Journal
Mon, 10/05 Chapter 5: Letter From Miss Mina Murray To Miss Lucy Westenra
Tue, 10/06 Chapter 6: Mina Murray’s Journal
Wed, 10/07 Chapter 7: Cutting From “The Dailygraph”, 8 August
Thu, 10/08 Chapter 8: Mina Murray’s Journal
Fri, 10/09 Chapter 9: Letter, Mina Harker To Lucy Westenra
Sun, 10/11 Chapter 10: Letter, Dr. Seward To Hon. Arthur Holmwood
Mon, 10/12 Chapter 11 Lucy Westenra’s Diary
Tue, 10/13 Chapter 12: Dr. Seward’s Diary
Wed, 10/14 Chapter 13: Dr. Seward’s Diary
Thu, 10/15 Chapter 14: Mina Harker’s Journal
Sat, 10/17 Chapter 15 Dr. Seward’s Diary
Sun, 10/18 Chapter 16: Dr. Seward’s Diary
Mon, 10/19 Chapter 17 Dr. Seward’s Diary
Tue, 10/20 Chapter 18: Dr. Seward’s Diary
Wed, 10/21 Chapter 19: Jonathan Harker’s Journal
Thu, 10/22 Chapter 20: Jonathan Harker’s Journal
Fri, 10/23 Chapter 21: Dr. Seward’s Diary
Sun, 10/25 Chapter 22: Jonathan Harker’s Journal
Mon, 10/26 Chapter 23 Dr. Seward’s Diary
Tue, 10/27 Chapter 24: Dr. Seward’s Phonograph Diary
Wed, 10/28 Chapter 25: Dr. Seward’s Diary
Thu, 10/29 Chapter 26: Dr. Seward’s Diary
Sat, 10/31 Chapter 27: Mina Harker’s Journal

Chapters will be posted here too HERE

Chapter 2 HERE
Chapter 3 HERE
Chapter 4 HERE

Anna Paquin: interview for 'True Blood’

from Telegraph UK

It seems like only yesterday that Anna Paquin was a shy 11-year-old clutching her Oscar for 'The Piano’. But just look at her now – the star of the hit new vampire drama 'True Blood’, and blissfully engaged to her leading man.

Anna Paquin was nine years old when she first became famous for her role as Flora in The Piano, and 11 as she stood smiling and gasping in silence for a full 20 seconds at the podium to receive her Oscar for it. In True Blood, Channel 4’s new HBO hit, Paquin, now 27, has morphed into the telepathic barmaid Sookie Stackhouse. She runs around in tiny shorts, and has bleached blonde hair and a lot of steamy sex with a vampire named Bill.

The first episode sets out its stall to shock, featuring a couple getting amorous strung from a meat hook while watching vampire sex on video. But it has been a huge success in America, winning Paquin a 2009 Golden Globe for best actress in a television drama. It is now HBO’s third most popular series, after The Sopranos and Sex and the City. To add to the mix, and to the delight of the tabloids, in August Paquin got engaged in real life to her vampire lover, the English actor Stephen Moyer. He is 40, she is 27 and they divide their time between his house near Hampstead and hers in Los Angeles. The 'most serious 15-year-old ever’ – her own description – has certainly grown up with a vengeance.

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Loving True Blood In Dallas: Lullaby song by The Dixie Chicks

Lullaby song by The Dixie Chicks LYRICS
Thanks, FallnHavenInc