Tuesday, August 30, 2011

SEason 4 finales ..and the denizens of Bon Temps brace for a new crisis with a familiar face

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Terry's friend shows up with Steve ??


Sippin’ Ice Tea with Sookie: The Sookie Stackhouse Companion by Charlaine Harris

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It’s been ten years and eleven novels since a sweet, naïve, smalltown Louisiana telepath named SookieStackhouse served a bottle of blood to a vampire named Bill. Since then, the places and people of Bon Temps, Louisiana, have become household words for many of us — from Merlotte’s (in whose parking lot the bodies are usually dumped, crucified, or staked) to the creepy community of Hotshot to Viking vampire Eric Northman.
Now, with only two books left to go before Harris’ recently announced series end at book thirteen, we have the ultimate companion to All Things Sookie.

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Remembering Amnesia Eric: Top 5 Cutest Pre-Memory Moments

After weeks of blood swapping and snow sex, Eric Northman finally ditched Jason's smelly blue hoodie and got his memory back.

We're happy for him, we really are, but we're already missing that sweet, gentle vampire who crawled in bed and small-spooned Sookie after a having a bad dream.

Ah well, at least we'll always have the memories …  well, unless we come across Marntonia, in which case these pictures will surely come in handy.

5. Eric Eats Sookie's Fairy Godmother

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True Blood 4x10: Bloodbath at the Tolerance Festival

Sookie breaks a spell, frees Eric and quiets the violence -- but Bill and Antonia have another battle looming

At the Festival of Tolerance, the sight of the vampire security forces massacred by necromancer Antonia's gang of witches and zombie vampires sends the human audience fleeing in panic. Antonia still has control of Eric's mind and she's commanded him to Kill Bill. A straight-up hockey brawl breaks out -- vampires attacking humans, witches killing vampires, Nan stabbing a zombie vamp, Eric attacking Bill. But Sookie weaves her way through the panic and jumps on Eric's back -- girl's got an odd approach to foreplay -- so Bill can pull back and shoot Eric with a silver bullet.If Antonia's necromancy is so tight, how come she can't control Bill and Nan right now? Are they wearing tin-foil wigs?
Eric pulls the silver bullet out like a champ and goes back to rumbling with Bill. Sookie pleads with Eric to fight off Antonia's spell, but he tries to stake Bill instead. Eric is our favorite for a reason. Sookie, sensing her ménage à trois will never happen unless she takes charge, fairy-bombs Eric before he can shank Bill through the heart. When the impact releases Eric from Antonia's spell, he regains his free will along with all of his memories, including sexy time with Sookie. Pay attention to that little flashback, because that's all the naked you get in this episode.
Sookie's fairyhands didn't just free Eric, they broke Antonia's spell and the bloodshed stops. When Antonia sees how many humans were harmed in the massacre, she is aghast. Lady, this was your party. Antonia escapes out of Marnie for a second, then is reabsorbed. Bill and Eric call a truce, and Marnie vanishes with her entourage.

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'True Blood' EP Alexander Woo Discusses Sunday's Dramatic Death (Video)

"Death is a part of the life of this show, so characters do die," the exec producer tells THR.

On Sunday’s episode of HBO’s True Blood, the series said goodbye to Tommy Mickens (Marshall Allman) in a very dramatic scene in which he made peace with his brother, Sam Merlotte (Sam Trammell). Since last season, viewers knew Tommy to be part conman, part seeker for where he belonged in life. In the end, he skinwalked as Sam to spare his brother from the beating that ultimately took his life.
“I think we needed to redeem Tommy at the end,” True Blood’s executive producer and writer, Alexander Woo, tells The Hollywood Reporter about the manner in which they ended Tommy’s story line.

“Despite all the terrible things he does, we always felt he had a good heart on the inside,” Woo adds. “He has done so many things that have hurt others and hurtful to himself, but ultimately we thought it was important to emphasize the basic humanity at the bottom of that character.”

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True Blood lets the leather-jacketed, supernatural war of Louisiana begin! by Meredith Woerner io9.com

This week on True Blood, we got our favorite vampire back, FINALLY. But have Sookie's underbits damaged his brain for good? Possibly, only time will tell! Until then, cue the vampire slo-mo, it's time for the Pro/Con list.
Let's be honest. This episode existed for one reason and one reason only — as a set up for next week's vampire versus witch showdown. Everything else (including one character's death, some werewolf stuff and an important V-juice intervention) was just getting in the way of the death match. Poor Tommy.
Pro: We're still at the Vampire Tolerance Fair. And much like the many sit-ins and marches that came before this fair, the all-important mylar Tolerance balloons are still intact.

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'True Blood Vol. 3' soundtrack full stream featuring PJ Harvey, Gil Scott-Heron, Neko Case, and more: Hear it here! -- AN EW EXCLUSIVE STREAM

Gather ’round, wolves and waitresses and werepanthers, vampires and fairies and whatever you’re supposed to call Arlene’s baby’s demon doll: The third volume of the soundtrack for True Blood, everybody’s favorite gypsies-vamps-and-thieves sex-and-gore fest has arrived.
Actually, not quite yet; the official release won’t come until Sept. 6 (though you can preorder it here).
In the meantime, EW has an exclusive full stream of the album, including covers of classic songs interpreted by Neko Case and Nick Cave, Siouxsie and the Banshees, PJ Harvey and the Violent Femmes’ Gordon Gano, Damien Rice, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Nick Lowe, Jakob Dylan, Massive Attack, and the late, great Gil Scott-Heron.
After the jump you’ll find the stream, as well as some background from the show’s music supervisor Gary Calamar — he also currently oversees the music selections for House and Dexter, and famously placed Sia’s “Breathe Me” in the Six Feet Under finale — on how he chose the songs for TB Vol. 3:

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First a Vampire, Now a Leading Man: Alexander Skarsgård Can’t Be Tamed

“Use your phone and shine a light over here,” says Alexander Skarsgård, whose indefinitely appropriated Southern twang echoes off the walls inside one of the many vast stages at Hollywood Center Studios in Los Angeles. It’s True Blood’s final day of production before the show’s annual hiatus (they’ll reconvene in November for season five), and the near-empty lot we’ve been wandering feels like a schoolhouse abandoned by its students for the summer. Most of the cast and crew have driven out to Malibu this afternoon to film the pyre-heavy final scene of the HBO series’ fourth season, but Skarsgård and his costar Stephen Moyer have been directed here to re-shoot a close-up. “Follow me,” he says as we edge closer to the darkest part of the hangar-size room. 1digg
“I wish I could find a fucking light switch,” he adds, before eventually flipping one. The chamber we’re in—done up like a dank basement with black columns and intimations of evil—suddenly becomes awash in the glow of overhead lights. “This is where I tortured Lafayette,” he says with a satisfied grin, referring to the show’s second season, in which his character Eric Northman, the sheriff of Area 5, chained Nelsan Ellis’ drug-abusing, cross-dressing fry cook to a post. He waves me through another door into what looks like a nightclub filled with barstools, dusty liquor bottles, and a poster of a vampiric George W. Bush. “Welcome,” he says with exaggerated gravitas, “to Fangtasia!”

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True Blood Sucker Punch: Season 4, Ep. 10

People have been losing control of their bodies and their identities all season, but in "Burning Down the House," almost all of those issues are resolved. A few characters even face permanent consequences, without getting help from vampire blood or glamouring! Woo!
In the very first scene, we say goodbye to Forgetful Eric. Just as he's about to kill Bill at the Tolerance Rally -- which was thrown into chaos when Martonia sent her vampire zombies on a murderous rampage -- Sookie blasts him with 1,000 volts of FaerieLight. She not only gets him away from Bill, but also returns his memories in a (literal) flash.

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'True Blood' ep. 10 recap: Vampires, witches ready to brawl, human-vamp relations fruaght as ever

We seem to be on the brink of war.

This week's episode of "True Blood" opens back at the vampire tolerance rally, where things were just about to get really bloody.

While Antonia is chanting, urging still-bewitched Eric to kill King Bill, Sookie is trying to keep that very thing from happening. Just when it looks like all is lost -- mayhem has ensued and Eric's about to stake Bill -- Sookie blasts him with her fairy magic and saves her royal ex from the True Death. (In other staking-and-the-tolerance-rally news, Nan uses a pencil to bring about the final expiration of a possessed vampire, thereby winning back some of our affection.)

In the process, she also shocks Eric's memories back into him – all of them, including the exceptionally naked ones we've all been privy to over the past few weeks. Oops. This is conveyed through a series of knowing lovers' glances, making everyone realize that nothing between those two will ever be the same again. At any rate, Antonia's hold over Mr. Northman is broken, and her plan is more or less foiled.