Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fans at University of Houston: Vampires ready for third season

From the University of Houston "Daily Cougar" which is the alma mater of a human that is close to Dallas !

HBO likes to tease our large, fang-banger hearts, and with the premiere of the third season of True Blood creeping up on June 13, anticipation is steadily growing monstrous.

The countdown began with the release of the 12-week promo posters two weeks ago, which will be released once a week until the day of the premiere. HBO’s Web site has been showing 22-second “Waiting Sucks: In Production,” clips that will leave any fan hungry for more True Blood. The clips are also showcased after every Sunday night episode recap of season two currently playing on HBO.

And if all the promotional stunts are not enough to satisfy fans’ thirst, the latest installment of the clips features Jason Stackhouse getting his groove on in the woods with a fresh face. That begs the question, what is in store for the series this season?

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Wait - who is the waiter in this commercial ???

True Blood Fangtasia and Merlotte's Neon Sign

I am frequently critical of HBO TB store merchandise choices but these are cool


Simulate Louisiana's first vampire-friendly bar, Fangtasia, in the comfort of your own home with a miniature neon sign replica (just don't keep Lafayette in your basement).
Approximate size: 16" wide

check them out here

Ethical Vampires, Part II

Part I of this essay explains how the vampires of our historical moment–exemplified in Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight and Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse novels–have had a crisis of conscience and changed their ways. They’ve become more human (wearing Grateful Dead t-shirts, driving Mustangs) and more humane (not murdering people to feed on them). This reformation means different things for Harris and Meyer. Harris uses it to explore the dark, vampiric side of human nature, while Meyer, mistakenly, thinks that she can vanquish the vampiric altogether (she can’t and doesn’t, though possibly she doesn’t realize this).

coverThrough her contact with vampires, the danger and intrigues and moral conundrums they bring into her life, Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse discovers her own primitive, uncivilized self—and a capacity for violence. Sookie may be friendly, hard-working, kind, and generous most of the time, but when she drinks from vampire Bill a second time, she begins to feel her own vampiric longings and potential:

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True Blood Season 3 promo poster #4: Sam takes shape

Funny, this is Sam from the books but not from True Blood - have the poster makers watched the TV show ?
Just askin'..................

True Blood: Season 2 Blu-ray Character Perspective - Hoyt

True Blood Music Video of the Day: Mercy by Duffy

Mercy by Duffy
Eric sook