Monday, June 20, 2011

'True Blood' Star Kristin Bauer Takes Us Inside the Wonderfully Wicked World of Pam

Bon Temps is full of baddies, but vampire Pam has been one of the most terrifying -- and consistently funny -- characters on HBO's 'True Blood' (Season 4 premieres Sun., June 26 at 9PM). We have actress Kristin Bauer to thank for that.

A background character who's stolen almost every scene she's been in, Bauer told AOL TV that this is Pam's year to shine.

"This year, the main thing that I felt was that I got to play her really edgy. It's a really different side of Pam. We haven't seen it, we've suspected it, but she hasn't been unleashed ever. This year I feel is her most raw."

Witches come to Bon Temps and turn Pam's world upside-down, but Bauer told us we'll see Pam get in on the action with a fighting style that resembles that of a "feral monkey."

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'True Blood' Season 4, Episode 2 Gets Early Release on HBO GO

Do you guys all get this ? If your cable TV provider allows access to HBO Go you will be able to watch episode 2 right after Episode 1 next Sunday night ...

According to the official Facebook page for True Blood, the episode will be available for those who register on HBO GO. HBO GO is free for HBO subscribers with participating cable companies and is available online or as an app available in both Apple's App Store and the Android Market.
Judging by the comments on the Facebook post, not all fans are happy. It seems that there are many cable companies (including cable giant, Time Warner) that aren't on HBO GO's list. If your cable company doesn't participate in HBO GO, you will have to wait until July 3 to see the episode titled, "You Smell Like Dinner."

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True Blood Season 4 "One Week" New video Promo

‘True Blood’ star: Bela Lugosi was the first sexy vampire

Baby vampire Jessica Hamby might not appear in any of Charlaine HarrisSookie Stackhouse mystery novels, but there’s no question the character, as played by actress Deborah Ann Woll on HBO‘s vampire series “True Blood,” fits seamlessly into the multidimensional world show-runner Alan Ball has crafted from the work of the bestselling author. Playing the good Christian girl turned angsty adolescent vamp gives the USC grad (and self-professed horror fan) plenty to explore week to week. Woll recently spoke by phone to Hero Complex contributor Gina McIntyre about the upside of portraying an impulsive young woman struggling to find herself — who just happens to have a taste for human blood — and what fans can expect from the striking redhead in the series’ upcoming fourth season, which begins June 26.

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