Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Eric Northman needs to bend "Vampire Sucks" over and give it the old double staking !

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Look we're all for good vamp parodies. But watching these clips from groanworthy spoof Vampires Suck (AKA Yet Another Scary Movie Again) we can confidently say that this film is where humor goes to get staked.
After watching these clips I want Eric Northman to bend Vampire Sucks over and give it the old double staking. You know what I mean.

Ellis enjoying 'True Blood' mother plot

Lafayette Reynolds from True Blood Nelsan Ellis has revealed that he loves exploring his True Blood character Lafayette in more detail.
Speaking to Digital Spy, Ellis explained that he is pleased Lafayette's mother Ruby Jean (Alfre Woodard) has now appeared on the show.
"It establishes him as a person with roots in this town," he said. "Outside of just being the person who takes care of his cousin Tara.
"He never really has scenes with his auntie, Tara's mom, so to give him a mother sort of establishes that this dude... it gives him a history."

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True Blood Crossword Puzzle : S3 Ep 3 " It hurts me too "

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It Hurts Me Too s3e3                                                            

True Blood Crossword Puzzle : S3 Ep 5 "Trouble "

Trouble s3e5(2)                                                            

Why it's a bad idea to "turn your backside" on a naked vampire in True Blood

Team Talk Blood member , Meredith reviews ep 8

We learned many valuable lessons from this week's True Blood, such as how dating a vampire never allows for enough time to make a shitty scrapbook, how to tan cry, and the ABCs of vampire hate-sexin'. Enjoy the NSFWness.
Pro: Sookie is still screaming, because Bill is at the foot of her bed hospital trying to steal her light or eat her or something. I'm not really sure what it is at this point — either way, it's loud.
Pro: The screams cause Alcide to make this startled puppy face.

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True Blood: Behind the Scenes with Costume Designer Audrey Fisher

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Season 3, Episode 8: "Night on the Sun" Houston Press

Talk Blood team member Jef weighs in on Ep 3.08 you can listen to us talk about it Sunday night  on Talk Blood by clicking on blue Blogtalk button right.

Ingest enough arsenic, and if it doesn't kill you it might leave you a raving madman with leukemia. There's isn't a cure for everything; sometimes we are forever damaged by what we consume.
Take Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) and Vampire Bill (Stephen Moyer). The number of times both have almost ended up dead through just a short relationship is in the double digits. They are as often the cause as the savior in each other's predicaments.
And even though this week's episode pretty much opened with the two admitting that their being together was ultimately poisoned, by the end of the episode they are back making love in a mess of blood and spent shotgun shells.

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True Blood’s Theo Alexander On His Gay Vampire Sex Scene with Alexander Skarsgard

I read that you and Denis O’Hare went on a hiking trip to nail down your characters’ history. Can you tell me about that?
Yes, we spent a lot of time together. We went on hikes, we went to dinners, we spent time together. Just spending time with Denis though… he is an amazing actor. Every time we met, I learned new things about acting and we bonded really fast and really deep because we had to create this immense love and relationship of 700 years. And even though our characters were fighting in the last few episodes, I think Denis’s performance in the next episode will show off how in love our characters were.

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Vamp Kristin Bauer Stays Thin With Carbs

Kristin Bauer wasn't kidding when she told reporters earlier this year that "heads will roll" on 'True Blood.' But more dark secrets will be emerging about her character's relationship with Eric, as life-or-death consequences take center stage.

"Vampires are hard to kill, but there are a lot more efforts in that direction and Pam will be right in the middle of it," Bauer tells PopEater. "Eric is put into a very dire situation with a huge physical and emotional conflict. We'll find out how deep Eric & Pam's relationship is, what her role is in his life and what lengths she'll go to defend and save him. When characters are really pushed to their limits and tested, we find out who they really are."

And viewers haven't seen the last of Pam's midriff-baring latex outfits -- even if the costumes have taken a toll on the actress' body image. "I realized as long as I'm in this business, I'm going to be hungry," Bauer says of her dieting regimen.

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True Blood Music Video of the Day: Before I'm Dead

Before I'm Dead - Sookie (True Blood)