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Eric's dream from " 9 Crimes " does the script sound familiar ???

True Blood ep 4 scene
SS: Can all vampires fly?

EN: Can all humans sing?

SS:Are you kidding?
Couldn't carry a tune in a bucket with a lid on it.

Dead until dark
"If you say so. Can I see you levitate?"
"Right here?" Bill sounded amused.
"Sure, why not? Unless there's a reason?"
"No, none at all." And he let go of my arms and began to rise.
I breathed a sigh of pure rapture. He floated up in the dark, gleaming like white marble in the moonlight.
When he was about two feet off the ground, he began hovering. I thought he was smiling down at me.
"Can all of you do that?" I asked.
"Can you sing?"
"Nope, can't carry a tune."
"Well, we can't all do the same things, either." Bill came down slowly and landed on the ground without a thump.

Blood Work! “True Blood” vlog 3.04: Ring ring, hookah!

The postman always rings twice, but in this week’s Blood Work!, very special guest Joe Zaso doesn’t have that luxury!
Yes, the Alpha Horror Himbo himself is back to visit and deliver a very special Wolf Bag. After we wipe the drool off our chins we dig into the latest True Blood, in all its shot-glassed, Debbie-Pelted, RuPauled glory.

True Blood's Stephen Moyer on Regis and Not Kathie Lee

Time Magazine :Ask Anna Paquin

Why do you think people are so fascinated with vampire stories?Enrique Feliciano, SAN JUAN, P.R.
I honestly don't know. I get asked that a lot. I wish I had a really great answer. They're usually portrayed as being sexy and kind of dangerous. But I don't really know. (See pictures of vampires on the big screen.)
You've worked in both film and television. Which industry do you enjoy more?Stephanie Kadlicko, AMES, IOWA
I like both. The way HBO shoots — the way the stories are structured and the attention to detail — is like in film. So there's very little difference. I get to go to more places with my character than I would in a two-hour film. That's really exciting, creatively speaking.
I know people usually ask what the perks are of working alongside your fiancé Stephen Moyer. But what do you like least about working with him?Okimasi Takim, ST. PAUL, MINN.
[Laughs.] There's nothing I don't like about it. So I guess that's the answer.

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Sookie Stackhouse fans swarm Charlaine Harris in Mississippi

I don't know about you, but I'm loving this season of HBO's True Blood. If you're missing it, I suggest you catch up before a spoiler bites you on the neck.
This week Charlaine Harris, author of the Sookie Stackhouse books that inspired the series, dropped by the Hernando Public Library in Hernando, Miss., to greet fans. Pop reader David B. (aka knowjack) attended the event.
"We were thrilled to have her come back to our area to visit, and apparently so were a lot of other people -- we had about 600 people to show up!" he says. (David works at the nearby First Regional Library.)
He adds, "She was very entertaining and stayed until the very last person got an autographed book. It was very cool to hear her talk about her writing process, HBO and the relationships she has made with the True Blood cast. She told the audience that Kristin Bauer (Pam) just got married to a 'gorgeous' guy, Rutina Wesley (Tara) is one of the nicest people she's ever met, Deborah Ann Woll (Jessica) gets even more beautiful up close and a lot of other juicy tidbits.

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True Blood's Stephen Moyer opens up in the August issue of REDBOOK

From Redbook :
True Blood's Stephen Moyer opens up in the August issue of REDBOOK (on newsstands July 20), and in the interview he discusses his engagement to co-star Anna Paquin, their onscreen chemistry, viewers' fascination with vampires, and more. Please see below for quotes, and if any info is used,  the link to must be included.    
On his onscreen chemistry with fiancee Anna Paquin: "Everybody on set now gets to see what goes on behind closed doors. We leave nothing to the imagination! But our love scenes actually work really well. Since the crew knows we do have chemistry and are together in real life, I feel like it takes away from the nerve-racking tension that can occur when people have to watch two actors who are just getting to know each other engage in an intimate scene.
On the moment he knew Anna Paquin was "the one": "It was when I was away from her. When we were filming the pilot, we were the only two actors who didn't live in Los Angeles, so we ended up going to dinner almost every night. When we finished filming, I went to London and she went to New York, and it felt so weird not to talk to her. So we began Skyping and have been together ever since!"   
On why people love vampires: "Vampires are so old that they don't need to impress anyone anymore. They're comfortable in their own skin. It's this enigmatic strength that's very romantic and old-fashioned. I think it goes back to something of a Victorian attitude of finding a strong man who's going to look after his woman. Bill represents the kind of guy who is bad and dark, but ultimately, he'll defend you with his life if it comes to it."

From Meredith's "What not to miss at Comic-con "

What you can't miss at Comic Con 2010

Spotlight on Charlaine Harris-
Author and Comic-Con special guest Charlaine Harris gathered a huge fan base with her novels and stories featuring her characters mystery-solving librarian Aurora Teagarden; Shakespeare, Arkansas resident Lily Bard; and the telepathic barmaid who befriends vampires, werewolves, and various other odd creatures, Sookie Stackhouse. Once Sookie and company moved to the small screen with HBO's True Blood, Harris entered the superstar realm. Be a part of the very first Spotlight panel devoted to Charlaine and hear what she has to say about what comes next for Sookie and everyone else!
Where: Room 6BCF
When: 1:00-2:00

True Blood Panel and Q&A session-
Mixing romance, suspense, mystery, and humor, True Blood kicked off its 12-episode third season June 13 on HBO. The series, which has earned two Golden Globe nominations for Best Television Series-Drama, follows the romance between waitress Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin, Golden Globe winner for True Blood season one; Oscar-winner for The Piano), who can hear people's thoughts, and her soulmate, 173-year-old vampire Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer). Alan Ball (creator of the Emmy-winning HBO series Six Feet Under) created and serves as executive producer of the series, which is based on the best-selling Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris. The series also features Nelsan Ellis as Lafayette Reynolds, Sam Trammell as Sam Merlotte, Rutina Wesley as Tara Thornton, Deborah Ann Woll as Jessica Hamby, Kristin Bauer van Straten as Pam, Denis O'Hare as Russell Edgington, the Vampire King of Mississippi, and Joe Manganiello as Alcide Herveaux. (Note: names in bold will be appearing on the panel.) Moderated by Tim Stack of Entertainment Weekly.
Where: Ballroom 20
When: 5:15-6:15

Being Human-
Creator/writer Toby Whithouse and cast members Russell Tovey, Lenora Crichlow, Aidan Turner, and Sinead Keenan are on stage for a fan Q&A and exclusive inside peek at the new U.S. premiere season launching the same weekend as Comic-Con. The Los Angeles Times declared, "Buffy fans — come out of the Twilight and sink your teeth into this import." Don't miss the chance to get the inside secrets on the double-lives of a werewolf, a vampire, and a ghost, joined this season by George's friend Nina, who's got a mysterious secret of her own.
Where: Room 6A
When: 6:00-7:00

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HBO releases True Blood S3 episode descriptions ep 7-11

HBO released the descriptions for the True Blood episodes airing in August, revealing some interesting plot points:

Episode 307: “Hitting the Ground” (previously “Let The Bodies Hit the Floor”)
Premieres August 1
Imperiled by Lorena, Sookie goes to extremes in her attempt to save Bill – with unforeseen consequences. Sam infiltrates a dog-fighting ring to extricate Tommy from his parents’ greedy influence. Jason heads to jail to uncover the truth about Crystal; Summer makes a homecooked play for Hoyt’s affections; Debbie vows revenge on Alcide; Eric uses Hadley as bait to get information from Sophie-Anne; Russell turns his back on the Authority, and on the Magister. (Written by Brian Buckner; directed by John Dahl.)

Episode 308: “Night on the Sun”
Premieres August 8
Shaken and disillusioned, Sookie rethinks her relationship with Bill. Sophie-Anne takes up a new residence as Russell plots his next move. Jessica and Bill reconcile; Jason throws down the gauntlet in hopes of saving Crystal; Lafayette gets a surprise visit from his mom, Ruby Jean; Sam tries to keep Tommy in check; Merlotte’s gets a new waitress; Eric proves the depth of his allegiance to Russell. Sookie finds herself in a vulnerable position when Alcide needs to deal with a family emergency. (Written by Raelle Tucker; directed by Lesli Linka Glatter.)

Episode 309: “Everything Is Broken”
Premieres August 15
With the ratification of the Vampire Rights Amendment at hand, Nan Flanagan detours to Fangtasia to confront Eric about the Magister’s disappearance. A grief-stricken Russell vows revenge against his foes, vampire and human. Awakening from a slumber, Bill uncovers the truth about Sookie’s true identity. Jason gets unexpected help as he goes up against Felton and Calvin. Sam is distressed by Tommy’s attitude; Tara encounters a new ally and an old tormentor; Hadley introduces Sookie to a new family member; Arlene despairs about her future; Hoyt confronts his true feelings. (Written by Alexander Woo; directed by Scott Winant.)

Episode 310: “I Smell a Rat”
Premieres August 22
A reluctant Bill warns Sookie about the dangers she will face. Jesus is intrigued by the mysterious qualities of V. Sam’s recent fit of rage triggers dark memories. Eric takes precautions and fulfills a wish; Arlene turns to Holly for help with a pressing problem; Jason deals with the unexpected, with both Tara and Crystal; Jessica is torn between Tommy and Hoyt. After communing with Talbot, Russell promises to extract vengeance on his enemies. (Written by Kate Barnow & Elisabeth R. Finch; directed by Michael Lehmann.)

Episode 311: “Fresh Blood”
Premieres August 29
Bill tries to earn back Sookie’s trust, but ends up bringing her face-to-face with fresh dangers. Knowing he’s no physical match for the King, Eric tempts Russell with the “ultimate vampire dream.” Jason tries to wrap his head around Crystal’s revelation. Sam embraces his dark side, alienating everyone except Tara. Hoyt and Jessica take their romance to the next level; with Holly’s help, Arlene puts her future in the hands of a goddess; post V-trip, Lafayette struggles with new demons. (Written by Nancy Oliver; Directed by Daniel Minahan.)

True Blood Music Video of the Day: Franklin's Story by Massive Attack

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True Blood - Franklin's Story

massive attack feat. elizabeth fraser - black milk