Friday, October 2, 2009

True Blood: Submit Your Questions for Stephen Moyer from Channel 4 UK

True Blood actor Stephen Moyer, who plays vampire outcast Bill, will be answering your questions about the show.

So get involved! If you've got some burning query you would like to put to Stephen, get stuck in by submitting it on the comments form below.

And do so before noon on Tuesday 6th October! For that's when we'll present him with a list of all the best questions.

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True Blood behind the scenes: MaryAnn's house

How the house appears in the series (L) and how it appeared last weekend (r)
Tons of great photos here

**The house is located on Locksley Drive in Pasadena, CA. ( this is a private home)

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True Blood goes to the movies: "How She Move " starring Rutina Wesley

Following her sister's death from drug addiction, a high school student is forced to leave her private school to return to her old, crime-filled neighborhood where she re-kindles an unlikely passion for the competitive world of step dancing.

Tre Armstrong ... Michelle (as Tré Armstrong)
Boyd Banks ... Mike Evans
Clé Bennett ... Garvey
Ardon Bess ... Uncle Cecil
DeRay Davis ... Himself
Shawn Fernandez ... Trey (as Shawn Desman)
Nina Dobrev ... Tall Girl in Bathroom
Romina D'Ugo ... Selia Sydney
Van Delft ... Short Girl in Bathroom
Rutina Wesley ... Raya Green

** Note this is 'True Blood meet Vampire Diaries' as Rutina is from True Blood and Nina Dobrev stars in Vampire Diaries as Elena.

VampBlood comes to iPhone for TrueBlood fans

Impress other True Blood fans with your very own virtual True Blood drink called VampBlood…

Vampires need not prey on the innocent any longer, and humans can enjoy drinking the synthetic blood without any of the aftertaste.

• Tilt to drink. Behaves like a the real stuff!
• Shake to refill your drink.
• Tap (i) to select different blood types.
• Tap (i) and click link to order the real stuff – TruBlood.

Onion writer jumps on the vampire bandwagon: “The New Vampire’s Handbook”

By Willie Clark for Campus Times University of Rochester

There seems to be no shortage of vampires nowadays and with all the vampire-infiltrated books, movies and TV shows, it can be hard to find the right one to bring back to your lair or castle.

But, luckily, you won’t have to look that hard. Brought to you by writers of The Onion and The New Yorker, “The New Vampire’s Handbook” offers a humorous look at the genre, while presenting rules for new aspiring vampires (or real ones) to abide by.

We were lucky enough to talk to Joe Garden, of The Onion fame, and discuss the book he contributed to and vampires in general.

First and foremost, what made you decide to write this new vampire book?

Joe Garden: Well, it was kind of a combination of things. Obviously vampire books and stuff have always been popular. Everybody has been talking about the new vampire craze and that’s really not totally accurate because vampires have always been popular. Ever since “Dracula” in the ’30s or even the old “Barnie the Vampire” books in the 1800s.

But there were a couple of things. There was the popularity of the “Twilight” novels, in which there are the vegetarian vampires who don’t really want to kill humans and who sparkle in the sunlight. And that is sort of repulsive for a long-time vampire fan. Vampires are not supposed to be romantic; they are supposed to be frightening.

The second thing was when you start watching vampire movies, you notice that there are a whole lot of scenes for the vampires that are, like, “What have I become? What’s happening to me?” for the new vampires. And it seems funny that that was never put down in book form, and it’s also funny because it always changes. Every vampire movie, every vampire book, they all have their own rules. I thought it would be fun to quantify what the rules were and, in the process, I try to throw in some of our own things.

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Free pdf excerpt HERE

True Blood Music Video of the Day: In the City by Kevin Rudolf

In the City by Kevin Rudolf LYRICS

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