Thursday, March 12, 2009

True Blood Specialty font

Camm's web page isn't up yet but maybe soon you can buy this font for your own computer.

Camm Rowland was the Type Designer behind the gorgeous font used in the opening credits of 'True Blood'. He was influenced by makeshift signage that he saw along the roadside.

To create the 'True' family fonts he drew each letter by hand, cut each letter out with an x-acto knife, and then scanned them in to the computer. He created 8 font families altogether!

The fonts used in the opening sequence of the show were a mixture between “True Gothic” and “True Blade” which had alternate characters and weights - so it adds to the hand made quality.

From Dead to Worse ( No.8) released in paperback

Dead to Worse will be released as a paperback at the end of the month.

The price is $7.99 , you can now preorder. This title will be released on March 31, 2009.

New daily comic featuring a suburban vampire

Vampires just can't get any hotter in pop culture. We've got the "Twilight" blockbuster/budding franchise. We've got the HBO series "True Blood." We've even got vampires populating "Candorville" in recent days.

Now, the digital entertainment site UClick announces that it's adding the comic "Scary Gary" -- about the woes of Leopold, a suburban bloodsucker -- to the lineup at

True Blood / Living Dead in Dallas more on Isabel and Hugo

Hugo's betrayl of Isabel and of the Dallas vamps to FotS is not a pretty tail and does not end well for either of them ...

Book 2
"At the time, I thought if Stan Davis wanted to live on Green Valley Road, or in the Hundred-Acre Wood, that was his right as an American. So I defended him against the neighborhood association, and I won. I was real proud of myself. Then I got to know Isabel, and I took her to bed one night, feeling real daring, really the big man, the emancipated thinker."
I stared at him, not blinking or saying a word.

"As you know, the sex is great, the best. I was in thrall to her, couldn't get enough. My practice suffered.
I started seeing clients only in the afternoon, because I couldn't get up in the morning. I couldn't make my court dates in the morning. I couldn't leave Isabel after dark."
This sounded like an alcoholic's tale,to me. Hugo had become addicted to vampiric sex. I found the concept fascinating and repellent.

When we last see Isabel she is not so lovely
Except for the dark blue wall-to-wall, the room was bare. Isabel was chained to the wall on one side of the room—with silver, of course. Hugo was on the other. He was chained, too. They were both awake, and they both looked at the doorway, naturally.
Isabel nodded as if we'd met in the mall, though she was naked. I saw that her wrists and ankles were padded to prevent the silver from burning her, though the chains would still keep her weak.
Hugo was naked, too. He could not take his eyes off Isabel. He barely glanced at me to see who I was Stan said, "She cannot feed off him, though she is hungry. He cannot have sex with her, though he is addicted. This is their punishment, for months.

then finally and chillingly
Stan shrugged. "Three or four months. We will feed Hugo, of course. Not Isabel."
"And then?"
"We'll unchain him first. He will get a day's head start."

** above are some photos of Valerie Cruz who will play Isabel Beaumont in True Blood Season 2

More on premiere date of 'True Blood' season two

While HBO remains vague about the premiere date of 'True Blood' season two, Sookie Stackhouse book series author gives out June 14.

A date had popped out, suggesting the return of vampire flick "" on TV. While HBO had set the premiere target to be in either June or July, a more particular date, June 14 has been thrown out as the airing of first episode in the second season.

Allegedly, Charlaine Harris, author of the book the series is based upon, has mentioned the date on her website in a post dated March 9. She was informed by the assistant of the show's creator Alan Ball. Yet, the date remains unofficial until HBO releases a statement. "In terms of a premiere date - we actually don't have a date set in stone, but it is looking like mid-June," the network responded.

The production itself has been taking place since January this year. Alan Ball dished out on the second season, "There are new romances for Tara, Jason and Sara. Bill and Sookie have a lot of issues to sort out - including having made a new teenage vampire that's living in their house. Bill and Sookie also go to Dallas to find one of their own who has gone missing."

On another dose of "True Blood" news, Valerie Cruz ("") has been cast as an elegant Hispanic vampire named Isabel

All About The Women On True Blood

by Bill Caplan

True Blood is the absolute hottest thing to hit the television world in years! If you don’t love this HBO series, then you must have already had blood sucked dry from your veins! Since it’s launch on September 7, 2008 the show has been killing (no pun intended) all competition.

The majority of this fact probably is centered around the fact that there is such an incredible show. Another fact is that HBO had an incredible marketing plan to gain interest. One thing that should not be taken for granted is the fact that there are incredibly hot women on True Blood that bring in a lot of views from the guys!

The show was created and also produced by Alan Ball. It was actually based on a series of books. This book series was centered around Sookie Stackhouse and was written by Charlaine Harris. Harris was able to hit upon vampire mystique and life in a way that had never been done. The coexistence between vampires and humans is the main focus of the plot.

The chosen setting for the show is a town in Louisiana. This was a very good pick for a show such as True Blood. The voodoo history and look of the area really add to the believability of the show as it is watched. To tie it all in, the cast had to be able to add spice and mystery as well. This is exactly what the women of True Blood get done. They are also very hot and sexy!

Anna Paquin is the main character on the show. She plays the role of Sookie Stackhouse herself. Sookie Stackhouse is a waitress in a local restaurant. She has been born with the ability to actually listen to the thoughts of others. Sookie falls in love with a vampire and the story goes on and on from there. Theres no doubt about Anna Paquin rating very high on the sexiness scale.

New cast for True Blood Valerie Cruz to play Isabel Beaumont

Valerie looks like the perfect Isabel Beaumont- remember Isabel is the second to Stan Davis ( Sheriff of Dallas) and whose current human man is vamp lawyer, Hugo Ayers.

Valerie Cruz ("Dexter") has landed a recurring role on HBO's incredible vampire drama True Blood where she'll play Isabel, an elegant Hispanic vampire. She is repped by Artists and John Carrabino Management.

Here is the scene in Living Dead in Dallas, Book 2

Some people think all vampires look terrifying. To me, it depends on the vampire. I remember thinking, when I first met Bill, that he looked incredibly different; but I hadn't been frightened.

The one that was waiting for us in the lobby of Silent Shores, now,she was scary. I bet she made ole Barry wet his pants. She approached after we'd checked in, as Bill was putting his credit card back in his
wallet (you just try applying for a credit card when you're a hundred sixty years old; that process had been abear) and I sidled a little closer to him as he tipped Barry, hoping she wouldn't notice me.

"Bill Compton? The detective from Louisiana?" Her voice was as calm and cool as Bill's, with
considerably less inflection. She had been dead a long time. She was as white as paper and as flat as a board, and her thin ankle-length blue-and-gold dress didn't do a thing for her except accentuate both whiteness and flatness. Light brown hair (braided and long enough to tap her butt)and glittery green eyes emphasized her otherness.

"Yes." Vampires don't shake hands, but the two made eye contact and gave each other a curt nod.
"This is the woman?" She had probably gestured toward me with one of those lightning quick
movements, because I caught a blur from the corner of my eyes.
"This is my companion and coworker, Sookie Stackhouse," Bill said.

After a moment, she nodded to show she was picking up the hint. "I am Isabel Beaumont," she said,
"and after you take your luggage to your room and take care of your needs, you are to come with me."
Bill said, "I have to feed."
Isabel swiveled an eye toward me thoughtfully, no doubt wondering why I wasn't supplying blood for my escort, but it was none of her business. She said, "Just punch the telephone button for room service."

True Blood Music Video of the Day: Left to my own Devices by the Pet Shop Boys

Left to my own Devices by the Pet Shop Boys LYRICS

thanks ToriG0901!