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The Top Ten Hottest Homoerotic True Blood Moments

With the third season of True Blood now behind us, we thought it best to acknowledge some of the series' most outstanding work to date: its sexy, steamy homoerotic scenes. Arguably the show’s greatest, yet least discussed, strength is the use of homoerotic imagery and innuendo (for both humor and heat). It is important to note that we are focusing on homoerotic moments here. So we will not be including love scenes from Lafayette – as yummy as they are. We will be including scenes that involve at least one, if not more than one “straight" man.

1. Sam and Bill Steam Up The Shower
“I hear the water in Arkansas is very hard”... easily one of the greatest homoerotic lines ever uttered on this show. The whole conversation was an innuendo and the scene played out pretty much like the beginning of a really hot gay porn, which is really, other than the thought of Bill and Sam, what brings this item to the top of the list. Spoiler alert: it was a dream sequence (which didn't make it any less hot).

Anyone and everyone watching this episode was a little more than surprised to see Sam saunter over to the motel door and open it to find Bill shirtless and breathing heavily. We're getting the feeling that something is not quite right... until Bill begins to take off his pants and eyeballs Sam's lips repeatedly. Then it's confirmed. By the time they were bound for the shower together the answer was clear and jaws were on the floor. We rewound it...twice.

Recap: True Blood, season 3, episode 12 – ‘Evil Is Going On’

The wonderful Becca shares her take on S3Ep 12

Last week on True Blood … Eric: [to Russell] Be brave. We’ll die together.
And we’re back. Did you have fun over the Labour Day weekend? I went to a fair and won a rooster crow counting contest and then ate a funnel cake the size of my head.
Here we go! The Where, Why, Wuh? of the third season of True Blood, along with our hopes, predictions and wildest dreams for season 4. (Yes, that Alcide will finally get lucky.)
• Eric has always been a badass, but this time, it’s personal. As he fries in the sunlight outside Merlotte’s, handcuffed to Russell, he learns that Russell killed Eric’s entire family because he needed goats for his werewolves. In today’s currency, that’s, like, well, a whole lot more goats. To recap: Eric has been exacting revenge for 1,000 years over goats. So that viking crown was just a memento? I’m the same. After I’ve stolen my goats … GODRIC! Finally, the little dude shows up to tell Eric that all is love and forgiveness on the other side, even for goat thieves. Who knows if that’s the last we’ll see of Godric, but he looked pretty pouty when Eric told him that Godric had made him the way he was. From the start? Or from the point that he betrayed Eric by giving himself to the sun?

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How would you fix True Blood in Season 4 ?

How would you fix True Blood ? Post in comments !

True Blood‘s producers had been raising the stakes all season, packing each episode with shocking revelations, brutal gore-fests, and sex scenes that treaded the line between steamy and creepy. We came into last night’s finale wondering whether we’d see both Eric Northman and Russell Edgington, the vicious vampire king of Mississippi, go up in smoke. And while we did get the answer to that question, we were far more confused and ambivalent after the credits rolled than before it. That’s why we felt compelled to share our five-point plan for making sure one of our favorite shows keeps our attention next season.

Bring supporting characters back into the main plot line. Ryan Kwanten is one of our favorite actors on True Blood. We loved Jason in season two, falling for a fundamentalist Christian anti-vampire sect and then seeing the light and turning against them. While he spent a lot of time off on his own adventures, his path and the Sookie/Bill/Eric story line eventually converged in a satisfying way. In this season, he was entirely wrapped up in the quest to become a cop (along with the totally one-note Andy Bellefleur) and find happiness with Crystal, the unfortunately named (and also kind of one-note) were-panther scion of an inbred, backwoods methamphetamine empire. He barely shared any screen time with any of the other main characters, and it was hard to care about any of the new characters that were introduced. The Sam and Arlene side plots were equally shrug-worthy.

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True Blood Season 3 finale " Evil is going on" : Let's look at necklaces ! Part 3

OK-- how about Lettie Mae's angel and Maxine Fortenberry's polished stones...

Obituaries: "True Blood" Season 3 Finale Killed by Alan Ball Disease

Wow , but I gotta say this is what everyone is talking about 
I sure hope the very talented writers are reading some of this ..there is no need for this 

Alan Ball Disease, a chronic but highly treatable autoimmune disorder in which a television show eats itself alive from the inside out without treatment, at last claimed last night's season finale of "True Blood." Characterized by a rapid production of unrelated plotlines and an obsessive, almost paranoid attention to their pointless unraveling and their attending tableaux, Alan Ball Disease is now recognized as the number two killer of quality television. (Coked-Up Pandering Network Exec-itis is still #1, according to the CDC.) The prime issue in diagnosing Alan Ball Disease is denial. Throughout a television season, a producer and a viewer both engage in a strange dance of mutually-agreed obliviousness.
"There just couldn't possibly be too many plotlines in which the characters do not engage each other," everyone thinks, ignoring the horrible stench and rot. The signs of the disease are quite clear to a neutral third party, however, simply by viewing the "Last Week On…" opening teaser. When what is intended to be a simple refresher for regular watchers or a brief introduction for new viewers becomes twisted and gangrenous, this is a clear indicator of advanced Alan Ball Disease.
There is no reason for producers and viewers to allow this travesty to go undiagnosed and fester before the public! TV doctors all over the country watch the third season of "Six Feet Under" for a case study in this tragic affliction of quality television.
And yet, to this day, sometimes television shows needlessly come sputtering to a sad halt before our very eyes: plotlines shredded, foreword action stalled, minor characters trotted out to provide a sense of conflict, tacky conclusions tacked on—season finales with neither a cliffhanger nor a satisfying resolution appended. What a tragic waste.


True Blood's Sookie Reads Star!

In last night's action-packed season finale of True Blood

, Star had a cameo!
With all the vampires sleeping during the day on the HBO series, Anna Paquin's Sookie Stockhouse faced off against Denis O'Hare's Russell — the 3000-year-old vampire king of Mississippi. While he tried to talk her into setting him free, by offering her everything from money to murder, she sat back in a chair and flipped through her Star magazine!
Well Star loves True Blood too — we've done several stories on the popular cast members, including — most recently — Anna's wedding to her costar Stephen Moyer, who plays vampire Bill Compton. 

'True Blood' season finale: The story behind the episode's titular song 'Evil (Is Going On)'

Another spectacularly bloody, true-death-gooey season of fangs, flesh, and fairies came to an end last night, and—no spoiler alerts!—EW spoke with the show’s music supervisor, Gary Calamar, to get the backstory behind their rerecording of the classic blues song for which the finale episode was named.Calamar, who also handles all the music for Dexter, House, and Men of a Certain Age, as well as holding a long-running DJ spot on LA indie station KCRW, tells EW of covering Howlin’ Wolf’s iconic song “Evil (Is Going On)” with CC Adcock and “Bad Things” singer Jace Everett: “We were looking for a sort of signature song, and we wanted to have our own. We love Howlin’ Wolf, but we just wanted to have something a little fresher, something exclusive.”

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True Blood: Season 3 Ends With A Touch Of "Evil"

Thw wonderful Jef lets us in on music from last night's finale 

It's weird, y'know? When Alan Ball was doing Six Feet Under, he turned out what may be the absolute best season/series finale of all time in that show's fifth season. He just can't seem to get there in True Blood - thus far, every season has ended on a very "meh" kind of feeling.
This time around, Sookie (Anna Paquin) has thrown Vampire Bill (Stephen Moyer) out of her life again, the season's big bad was encased alive in concrete, which cannot possibly come back to haunt our protagonists, and basically a whole bunch of storylines come to their absolutely predictable endings.
Oh, and Sookie dresses like frakkin' Tinkerbell and disappears into fairy light in a graveyard that we swear was lifted straight from the set of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
All and all though, it was a hell of a season with good stories, good boobs, good blood and good music.

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True Blood Season 3 finale " Evil is going on" : Let's look at necklaces ! Part 2

Tommy !
Is Tommy wearing a St. Christopher medallion when he is being chased by Sam ? If not what is it ?

St Christopher is venerated as a patron saint of travelers. His prayer and assistance is often invoked by those undergoing long or dangerous journeys.

True Blood Season 3 finale " Evil is going on" : Let's look at necklaces ! Part 1

No I'm not kidding ...I was intrigued

Of course, Dallas loves yellow roses -being she is from Texas !

So Summer's yellow rose necklace was pretty

This one is on Amazon  -any better ones?

What did they say ? True Blood S3E12 " Evil Going on " subtitles


'True Blood' season finale review: 'Evil Is Going On,' and on, and on... Entertainment Weekly

True Blood closed out its season on Sunday night with a series of double- and triple-crosses. The series didn’t so much end with a cliffhanger than it left multiple subplots dangling, as though creator Alan Ball decided he’d just clean up this messy season next season.

Let’s focus first on Sookie’s arc in this hour, because it’s a good example of the way True Blood was both extravagantly dramatic and frustratingly foolish in Season Three. Sookie stomped around angrily throughout much of the finale… whenever she wasn’t sobbing unhappily. Furious at Bill and the Eric left burning in the sun, pre-opening credits, Sookie listened to Bill tell her, “I pretended to betray you… again.” Then she dragged Eric, dazzled by his Godric vision, back into the house before he turned into a flaked ember, and let him feed on her to revive himself.

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True Blood Recipes: Lafayette's Cajun Oyster Stew

1 tablespoon minced garlic
1 medium onion, finely chopped
1 medium carrot, finely diced
2 tablespoons Cajun seasoning, plus more to taste
2 pints oysters (with liquor), drained and liquor reserved
1 quart seafood stock
1 (10-ounce) can Rotel tomatoes, pureed
1 quart half-and-half
1/4 cup white wine or brandy Garlic croutons


In a large (2-gallon) stockpot, melt butter over medium-high heat. Add garlic, onion and carrot and cook, stirring constantly, until onions are translucent. Add 2 tablespoons Cajun seasoning and stir to combine. Add oyster liquor, seafood stock and tomatoes and bring to a simmer. Cook 10 minutes. Add half-and-half and bring back to a simmer. Add oysters and cook until their edges begin to curl. Add wine or brandy and adjust seasoning to taste. Serve at once in hot soup bowls garnished with croutons, green onions, parsley and paprika.
Note: It is not difficult to make your own seafood stock. This method makes about 2 1/2 quarts. Use 1 quart for this recipe and freeze the remainder. Place about 2 pounds fish heads and/or bones and/or shrimp shells in a large pot with some trimmings from onions, celery and carrots in 3 quarts water, or enough to cover. Bring to a boil and simmer 35 to 45 minutes. Strain. 

Before They Were True Blood Stars

Vampire Diaries Episode 2 Clip

'True Blood' recap: Keep your eyes on the road -LA Times

No matter what happens, a "True Blood" finale should make the viewer feel something. We should be weeping that it's all over and cursing that we have to wait until next summer. We should be intensely angry and disappointed, saying, "THAT was the finale?" We should be ecstatic from how excited we are at what just happened. We should feel one of the above or some combination of them. But the "True Blood" finale pretty much made me feel nothing. It felt, for all the world, like a tiny pause in the storyline before we barrel forward toward something else, as though the show would be back in a few weeks' time, and we'd head toward the real end of the story at this point. A season finale is a period or an exclamation mark. This was a comma.

Over the course of the third season, it's become clear that what I like about the show and what you guys like (and what the producers like) sit on opposite ends of some canyon that's impossible to cross. I think the show works best when it's streamlined, moving forward constantly like a shark. Many of you love the diversions and side-trips we take into storylines that don't have much to do with the main plot (beyond featuring characters that all live in the same small town in Louisiana). I like the show best when the characters are all working toward some sort of impossible plan. Many of you like getting lost in the flavor and color of the world. And that's fine. We don't all have to like TV shows for the same reasons. The best I can do here is explain why I've liked enough of this third season to be entertained but also explain why it's failed on levels that made me feel vaguely dissatisfied.

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True Blood Music Video of the Day: Queen Of The Night Whitney Houston

Queen Of The Night (Whitney Houston) : Queen Sophie Ann True Blood (HQ)
From: EricTheSheriff