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True Blood Trivia With Dallas : Club Dead

I always tweet some nightly trivia in the weeks leading up to a new season of True Blood. These are the Trivia Tweets from the past two weeks you can enter your answers by using the form at the every bottom of this page or send me an email with your answers.

Email: "Dallas" @ True Blood in Dallas

There will be prizes.

What kind and color of tattooing does Chow Have?

What car part did Sookie just have replaced and Bonus: what was the mechanics name?

What are the three rules posted on the wall of Club Dead?

What board game do Sookie & Alcide play ? Bonus: What was the score?

What kind of get-away car does Eric arrange for Sookie ?

Where did Sookie and Alcide bury the dead were ?

What does Alcide point out to Sookie on the capitol dome ?

What does Sookie make Alcide for breakfast ? Bonus - how does he like his eggs cooked ?

Where did Alcide go to college ?

Sookie had once before visited Jackson, MS with who did she go ? Bonus where did she eat ?

What Christmas present does Sookie have in layaway at the Sears in Monroe? Bonus: Who is the present for?

In Club Dead what does Sookie say had been the going price for one vial of "V" the last year?

True Blood Season 3 : Books you MUST buy!

'True Blood': Ken Tucker's 10 Favorite Moments From Season 2

HBO's vamp-tastic show returns tonight; our resident Bill-Sookie-Eric expert recounts the bloody best from our previous visits to Bon Temps

check out slide show here 

EXCLUSIVE INTERIVEW: Mariana Klaveno (Lorena) from True Blood

Waiting sucks. But on Sunday, the wait for season 3 of True Blood is over. I have seen the first three episodes and I can tell you they are fantastic. If you have read the books (or even if you haven’t) you know that Lorena (Bill’s maker, played by the lovely Mariana Kleveno) takes on a bigger role this season. There’s also werewolves and witches and more crazy action (and also some clothes-less Eric). Whatever the season brings, I am extremely excited for it. I recently had the chance to chat with Mariana Klaveno about Lorena’s complexities, how she’s able to relate to a vampire, and what makes Bill (and Stephen Moyer) so special.
What originally drew you to the project?
When I first read for it, it hadn’t started airing yet. So I all I knew was that it was Alan Ball’s new show, which that in and of itself was enough of a draw. I knew it was his new show, and that it was about vampires, and that it was set in the south. And that’s kind of all I knew, but I was such a fan of Six Feet Under, and I just love his creative genius, that I was drawn to it immediately just because I knew he was behind it.

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True Blood countdown - TONIGHT!

Charlaine Harris with Need To Know on PBS

Watch the full episode. See more Need To Know.


Racine's own Kristin Bauer is back for blood :Her vampire Pam figures big in new 'True Blood' season

I love when their home town papers write about the True Blood stars

She's still dressed to kill - and kill she will.
"I can rip your throat out if I need to when I need to. . . .  You pickin' up what I'm puttin' down?" says vampire vixen Pam into the ear of an unlucky human in HBO's "True Blood."
This snippet from Season 3 with Wisconsin native Kristin Bauer as the ruthless-but-stunning bloodsucker offers just a droplet of what's in store this year for the vampire drama.
Sunday night's premiere will set the tone for a season that creator Alan Ball said in an HBO preview is all about identity.
Oh - and the requisite "sex and blood and rock and roll."
Bauer's menacing-cool Pam is in the thick of the coagulating drama.
There's the scene in which fiercely loyal Pam is accused of blasphemy and anarchy by a higher-ranking vampire, and - what!? - is that Pam being tortured? She's seen testing the limits of her rank with hunky vampire boss Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard). And of course, there's Pam seducing a naked woman and playfully challenging Eric for the attentions of a bombshell dancer at her vampire club Fangtasia.
Let's just call this the Season of Pam. Even the show's Oscar-winning star Anna Paquin agrees.
When asked whom her character, Sookie Stackhouse, should end up with - Bill (Stephen Moyer) or Eric - Paquin didn't hesitate a bit in the preview show: "Pam."
We caught up with this former Racine resident, who is busy shooting "True Blood" and working on animal rights causes, on the eve of last week's Season 3 premiere in Los Angeles:
Q. It's been a long hiatus for "True Blood" fans. How are the residents - living and dead - of Bon Temps, the fictional Louisiana base of the series?
A. I have very little idea about the living in Bon Temps, but the dead are lively as hell - causing trouble, dealing with politics and avoiding the true death.

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‘True Blood’: Here Come the Werewolves

Just when you thought Bon Temps couldn’t get any weirder, the third season of “True Blood” brings to the heady mix of vampires, human shape shifters and maenads, yet another supernatural being: werewolves.

But the growling, violent beings that have clashed with vampires since the dawn of civilization, at least according to “True Blood” creator Alan Ball, weren’t all that intimidating to some of the actors who worked with them. Deborah Ann Woll, who plays recently “made” vampire Jessica Hamby, says the hybrid wolf-dog mixes she worked with on the West Hollywood set of the HBO series were cuddly and smiling.

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Talk Blood Radio Tonight : True Blood " Bad Blood "

Talk Blood Radio with Dallas and @SookieBonTemps returns tonight following the season premier episode of True Blood Season 3 ! We are joined by our friend Becca Wilcott author of Truly, Madly, Deadly: The Unofficial True Blood Companion. She will lend her knowledge to the discussion and we WANT to hear from you ! We will be taking emails, tweets and phone calls!

Let us know what you think of the episode and what you look forward to in Season 3. Chat room opens at 9:15 -show starts 9:30!

Call-in Number: (646) 929-0825

Talk Blood at Blogtalk Radio HERE

True Blood Music Video of the Day : Evil Night Together - Bill and Sookie

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