Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Loving True Blood in Dallas and Talk Blood Radio fundraising raffle

Please buy a $20 raffle ticket (each ) and help us pay the costs of running the blog and producing the radio show this year. I have created a very sensible budget for this year and am raising the money through Talk Blood episode sponsorships and the raffle. It is the only way I can keep this all going, we ain't there yet so please help...

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Recap of True Blood Season 4, Episode 2: ''You Smell Like Dinner'

Oh, Bill. It’s only been a year since this vamp got his black heart broken and now he’s doing what he does best: f**king like only vampires can. His words, not ours.
The season premiere of True Blood might have been a hot mess, but episode 2 clears everything up. For starters, we find out why Bill is hanging out throne-side, and whether Jason’s still trapped in an ice box with some rancid meat as his only companion. Catch up on last night’s fan(g)tastic episode with Wetpaint’s recap!

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True Blood Episode 4.02 "You smell like dinner " Music

“Dominatrix” by Zack Tempest

“And The World Laughs With You” by Flying Lotus feat
“Trash The Place” by See Spot Kill
“Lift Off” by John Etkin-Bell and Mike Farmer
“Make Some Noise” by John Etkin-Bell and Mike Farmer
“A Life on the Ocean Wave” by unknown marching band
“Fat City” by Tom Heyman
“Trampolines” by Eric Corne
“Wheels” by Kanude
“Family Man” by Craig Campbell
“Clown Darker” by DJ Acucrack
“Coming Down” by DJ Acucrack
“Well OK Honey” by Jenny O
“Shoot First” by unknown
“You Smell Like Dinner” by Jinx Titanic and Super 8 C*m Shot

Here are the free YouTubes I could find -- enjoy!


True Blood Episode 4.03 "If you love me why am I dyin'? " (Video 3)

True Blood Episode 4.03 "If you love me why am I dyin'? " (Video 2)

True Blood Ep 4.03 "If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin'? Video 1

True Blood unleashes the sex panther (in your pants) by Meredith from io9.com

Meredith will be co hosting Talk Blood this weekend !

True Blood unleashes the sex panther (in your pants)True Blood's back with another historical vampire flashback that highlights Bill's punk years. It was kind of like watching your father do a beer bong while visiting you at college. But more importantly, WHERE IS REVEREND STEVE NEWLIN?
To the True Blood Pro/Con-mobile!
Pro: Jason awakes up to a good were-panther licking. Of course this is how the good folks of Hotshots clean themselves! I can just imagine the directing in this scene. "CUT. It's just not working, it's not catty enough yet. I don't feel like the unwashed-hillbilly-methface-V-juice-junkies are actually panther people as well. Can we get him to lick Jason on the head? Perfect."

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