Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year - welcome 2012 !!

This year we will welcome Season 5 of TB and the penultimate Sookie book !

Being Human US returns January 16th !

Now on to Season 2 of the US version of Being Human !

Meredith writes ....

How does the second season of Syfy’s Being Human stack up to the first? Read our review!

Syfy's remake of the British show Being Human surprised us with its strong storytelling and its mostly solid cast. Now a second season is right around the corner — and can the show repeat its first-year achievements?
We've seen the first two episodes — here is our slightly spoilery run-down on the new season.
We watched the episodes "Turn This Mother Out" and "Do You Really Want To Hurt Me" back-to-back, and here is our first impressions of the new season.

The Good

Beautiful Monsters: After we watched Bishop's head fly magnificently into the good night one thing was certain, Being Human was starting to look good, real good. Gone away is the odd shaky lens that haunted the first few episodes.
This show has finally found a look all its own, and removed itself from "new TV show shot in Canada for Syfy" category. While still very simple and budget conscious, we noticed little touches of light and color, and the sets felt authentically Bostonian (which is where the series takes place). We're thrilled that whatever changed halfway through the first season (most likely $$$) hasn't been lost in the second.

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American Horror Story Season 1 finale and Season 2 spoilers

I sure hope you enjoyed American Horror Story - if you didnt watch it live you can now catch it as reuns on HULU and at FX chanel. Our buddies Brian Juergens of Camp Blood ( for After Elton) and Meredith Woerner for did excellent jobs recapping the episodes !

Season 2 will be a completley new haunting location and mostly (?) new actors and characters ! Yippee

There are already fascinating clues as to Season 2 location ..... South Dakota anyone ???

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