Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Joe " Alcide" Manganiello in US WEEKLY


Joe Manganiello has told US WEEKLY that his sexy scenes with Anna Paquin on set, may be getting Stephen Moyer a little jealous:
We goof around a litlle bit. But there was one point where Steve put his fingers up to his eyes like, “Hey, I’m watching you, pal!”
He also confesses, for the delight of his growing fan base, that he felt a little nervous while getting naked while morphing into a wolf.

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rue Blood‘s Alexander Skarsgard on EW's Summer Must List

True Blood‘s Alexander Skarsgard made the cut on our Summer Must List thanks to his devilishly delicious performance as uber-sexy vampire sheriff Eric (it also helped that Skarsgard handles the nude scenes on Blood with, uh, aplomb). Skarsgard talked to EW about acting in the buff, his storyline this season, and his opinion (or lack thereof) on Twilight.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What’s going on with Eric this season?
ALEXANDER SKARSGARD: I think it’s about vengeance. You find out pretty early on in the season that something happened centuries ago that Eric’s been carrying inside and suddenly he gets an opportunity to avenge someone. That’s kind of his arc during the season. This comes off something he’s been carrying, something we didn’t know before.

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Project Paranormal summer special: Charlaine Harris

Great Paranormal Summer Reads

This special summer episode of Project Paranormal catches up with #1 New York Times bestselling author Charlaine Harris, as she details her European book tour and fills fans in on a very special upcoming publication.... 


CBS Morning Show: Teen biting inspired by vampire shows and movies

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Vampire craze means good news for "The Vampire Diaries" author

The world's current fascination with all things vampire is good news for California author L.J. Smith, whose gothic output includes The Vampire Diaries and the Night World series of novels.

Where do you draw inspiration from ?
I'm not sure where I find inspiration for my characters, especially my bad boys. Maybe they come from a part of my unconscious. I love bad boys best, and Gabriel is a prime example. I wanted to do a vampire that didn't suck blood, but took energy directly. He was fun to write.

Have vampires changed over time?
Well, if you go back to the first vampire, Dracula by Bram Stoker, he was cruel and evil and not really very romantic. I think that over time vampires have become romanticized, and each writer adds little rules for their own special vampires.

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True Blood Music Video of the Day: Circus


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