Sunday, March 8, 2009

Anna Paquin named as one of the Hottest On-Screen Comic Book Character from CBS sports ?

Following the success of Spider-Man in 2002, it was pretty obvious that fans of comic books were more than ready for their childhood heroes to appear on the silver screen.

Movies like X-Men, Iron Man and the newly released Watchmen, have millions of fan boys lining up for tickets and flooding internet message boards with "inside info" about the film.

At SPiN, we feel it's important to address the popularity of any such medium -- especially one with so many beautiful women.

Also being SPiN, it's important to address this month's biggest event. At, home of March Madness, a bracket battle seems like a perfect match.

Therefore, we introduce Urbs' March Madness Bracket: Comic Book Hottie Edition.

In order to keep things from getting out of hand, we'll limit the field to eight.

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Louisiana and our visit to Bon Temps was just wonderful !!!

We thoroughly enjoyed our day trip to North Western Louisiana. We visited many of the True Blood filming locations, some we had visited before and 3 new ones!

We went to the actual geographic location of Charlaine Harris's Bon Temps as well as the Alan Ball'S True Blood location...

If you follow me on Twitter, I am actually still there ( as "Dallas" role playing with the True Blood twitter gang) and staying at Sookie's house. When we got there late last night, we seemed to have disturbed Eric and Sookie's game of Scrabble. If you follow them on Twitter you know exactly what Scrabble is an euphemism for. :) When we felt like we were possibly disturbing them , we left and went to theBon Temp Sonic for milkshakes.

When we came back later, we were greeted by both Sookie and Eric. Eric was very gracious and even kissed us all on the cheek when we arrived. The ladies who accompanied me on the trip all swooned and vowed they would not wash that side of their faces in the morning.

We all spent the night @ SookieBonTemps house and the other girls headed back to Dallas this morning, I am staying to do some more interviews for the blog. We have more twitter goodies brewing, so stayed tuned to @trueblooddallas and @SookieBonTemps for more excitement.

Thanks (as always) to the wonderful ObjectDesire and our out-of-town guests this weekend
(who flew all the way in specially from North Carolina and Ohio) our friends from the HBO True Blood Fan Wiki, Arianwyn and Nocturnalnnc.

The weather was gorgeous, the company was so much fun and a great time was had by all...

More photos coming, as well as another one of Object Desire's hilarious road trip travelogues ...

If you don't twitter you need to ...I tweeted all along yesterday. You can set up a free twitter account here :

and find me here:

(*note Sookie's house as it appears in True Blood is in California not in Bon Temps, LA but you can pretend ;D)

Louisiana Book News: Stackhouse releases paperback

Good new for Sookie Stackhouse lovers. The paperback version of From Dead to Worse by Charlaine Harris, the No. 8 book in the Southern Vampire Series and the literary origins of the HBO series True Blood, will be released in paperback at the end of March.

Hot on its tail will be the hardback release of Dead and Gone, the ninth book of the series.

From Dead to Worse finds Sookie back in Bon Temps, Louisiana, after the terrorized attack on a vampire convention. The small town has its own problems, however, with a political split in the werewolf pack of Shreveport, the Louisiana vampires regrouping after Hurricane Katrina devastated the queen's home in New Orleans and an old and beautiful fairy with streaks of the frightening visiting Sookie. Jason, Sookie's brother, is up to his usual irresponsible antics, Sookie's boss Sam shifts into something besides a dog this time and another witch joins Sookie's roommate to add to the mix.

If this all sounds convoluted, you haven't read a Sookie Stackhouse book. Harris throws at this poor telepathic girl every paranormal being in mythology and fiction, placing us in her shoes and being equally astonished at what she sees, yet provides us with good laughs and endless entertaining suspense.

HBO releases wonderful True Blood set photos!

We need to look carefully into some of these...
I can also tell you I was at Bill's house( the real one) yesterday...

Sheriff Bud Dearborn William Sanderson, The Actor, The Legend

** note and the second season begins airing in June!!

Catching up with an old friend is a popular thing to do. Recently, I caught up with actor William Sanderson, whom I am not only friends with, but a huge fan of his great career. Sanderson is unlike most stars in Hollywood. He’s a well-read, highly educated man who chose a career in acting after filling his life and mind with education and many amazing life experiences. That’s what makes him one of the best actors of all time. He’s filled with rich life experiences which he’s able to convey in his many varied roles over a long and distinguished career. One that, after decades, shows no signs of slowing down at all

His wife Sharon seems to be a grounding force in his life, which is probably why Bill is able to go from one incredible run on a series, like he did recently on “Deadwood,” to an amazing turn of a totally different type of show and character, which he now plays on HBO’s “True Blood.” That’s right, the man now is part of a vampire television series and he’s winning over critics and fans all over again. He seems incapable of getting anything in his career wrong. The prolific actor is the most versatile actor today.It requires a performer of tremendous ability to make an indelible impression in a supporting role, but actor William Sanderson has made a career out of creating characters who are seared in memory. From hit sitcoms to the hottest dramas on HBO, his work spans a wide variety of genres and styles in which he renders his often simple-minded, small-town characters with precision.

Currently Sanderson can be seen as Sheriff Bud Dearborne on the award-winning HBO series “True Blood,” created by Alan Ball, a part which critics say he performs as a “master of understated comic delivery.” The show’s award-winning first season will be released on DVD in May, and the second season begins airing in June. The role follows his three seasons as the skittery hotel proprietor E.B. Farnum on HBO’s epic “Deadwood,” which saw him starring opposite Ian McShane. Later this spring, Sanderson will also guest star in the blockbuster series “Lost,” playing a Hunter S. Thompson-type character. He can also be seen in the recently released DVD of the Emmy-Award winning 1997 miniseries “George Wallace,” sharing the screen with no less than Gary Sinise and Angelina Jolie.

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The 2009 Vampire Film Series & Festival returns home. New Orleans - Autumn 2009

Home is Where the HEART Is... The 2009 Vampire Film Series & Festival

Welcome to the official site of Vampire Film Series & Festival, an international film festival dedicated to advancing the vampire film genre and vampire culture.

Vampire movies have been part of the movie going experience since the era of Nickelodeons and the earliest days of silent films. From Nosferatu to the current Twilight series, vampire movies have an enduring place in popular culture that is as timeless as the vampire itself.

Whether the allure for generations of movie goers with the vampire is based on the universal fear of death or a sexual fascination with these suave creatures of the night, the vampire continues to be a dominant character on both the small and large screen. Great vampire films are immortal and like the vampire itself, will never die.

Our first two festivals were in the City of Angels, Los Angeles, but now Vampire Film Festival returns home to New Orleans and takes place this autumn in the city most attached to the American vampire myth, New Orleans, Louisiana.

New Orleans and all those those who love this magnificent city have suffered greatly. The producers of Vampire Film Festival have made it our mission to help rebuild this magical city, educate the world about vampire culture and present a movie experience with a real bite.

True Blood Music Video of the Day: Behind Blue Eyes by The Who

Behind blue eyes ( originally ) by The Who LYRICS

OK --correction: Oh goodness, you guys really keep me honest. Thanks Lou

OK, it's "Behind Blue Eyes" written by Pete Townshend of The Who for his Lifehouse project. It first appeared on The Who's 1971 Who's Next album.

This version is by the band Limp Bizkit."Behind Blue Eyes" is covered by Limp Bizkit on their album Results May Vary, released in 2003. The song was released for the film Gothika starring Halle Berry.

OK, here is live The Who in 1979- you tell me which is the best version!