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True Blood Playlist - Episode 2.04 'Shake and Fingerpop'

Playlist: True Blood - Episode 2.04

1. "Beni Beni (Acoustic)" - Niyaz: Tara informs MaryAnn she's moving in w/ Sookie

2. "Wrong Path" - Stock music from 5 Alarm Music: discussing Miss Jeanette's autopsy

3. "Walkin' in the Shadow of the Blues" - Little Charlie & the Nightcats: Tara checks in on Lafayette

4. "Rhythm Bound" - Steve Byers (via HDMUSICNOW): Sookie finds out Sam is leaving through Terry

5. "Louisiana Hot Sauce" - Sammy Kershaw: Jason fantasizes Sarah dancing

6. "Nowhere to Go" - Stock music from Black Toast Music: Sam cuts Andy off at the bar

7. "Shake and Fingerpop" - Junior Walker: Sam shows up at Tara's birthday party

8. "Dig" - Headbone ft Tense Young Man: Tara's birthday party revs up

9. "Wellness Farm" - Saafi Brothers (from album Midnight Children): Bill & Sookie check into hotel

10. "The Duel With The Skeleton" - Bernard Herrmann (From The 7th Voyage of Sinbad - YouTube): Lafayette watches TV/Eric at window

11. "Finale" (From The 7th Voyage of Sinbad) - Bernard Herrmann: Lafayette feasts on Eric's blood

12. "Watch My Mouth" - Cazwell: Lafayette dances after Eric's blood takes affect

13. "Aqua Dub" - Peyote Sound System: Bill & Eric talk in the hotel lobby

14. "Dig" (reprise) - Headbone ft Tense Young Man - closing credits

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With a Little ‘True Blood,’ HBO Is Reviving Its Fortunes

From The New York Times

The slump at HBO is apparently over.

In “True Blood,” the pay cable giant has its first hit since “Rome,” and the numbers indicate it may be the biggest thing on the channel since “The Sopranos.” If that sounds surprising, it may be because few saw it coming — inside HBO or out.

In the three episodes measured so far this, its second, season, “True Blood” has amassed viewer totals that any network, including broadcast networks, would be excited to own: 12.1 million, 10 million and 10.3 million. And HBO has attracted those viewers from an audience base about a third the size of fully distributed networks.

“This is hopefully a long-running franchise for us,” said Michael Lombardo, the president of programming for HBO.

In just about every way “True Blood” is a buoyant story for a network that needed one. Two years ago, the channel removed Chris Albrecht, the company chief executive, who had been widely credited as the creative mastermind behind the string of commercial or critical series successes at the network, including “The Sopranos,” “Sex and the City,” “Six Feet Under” and “The Wire.” (Mr. Albrecht was fired after being charged with domestic abuse in Las Vegas.) Since then, the network has been fending off charges that its once vaunted programming lineup was a thing of the past.

The new creative team, headed by Richard Plepler and Mr. Lombardo, began with a cupboard mostly barren, as shows like “John From Cincinnati” failed to catch fire and one long-running quality drama, “Big Love,” had to overcome tepid support from the previous regime.

Rivals like Showtime, which had their own string of critical successes with “Weeds” and “Nurse Jackie,” began using a new term for the network: “HB-Over.”

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Interview: Charlaine Harris

Published: July 12, 2009

MAGNOLIA, Ark. Vampires typically roam the fogged streets of London or the humid nights of New Orleans, opulent worlds filled with beautiful monsters and formal balls.

Trailer parks and honky-tonks didn't fit -- until author Charlaine Harris took a chance with a telepathic barmaid named Sookie Stackhouse.

Now, Harris' Southern Vampire Mysteries series has hit The New York Times' list of best-sellers, gained fans far beyond her south Arkansas town and inspired a television series on HBO. Though fueled by sex, violence and hints of humor, Harris' novels hold a mirror up to a South where race and societal change permeate through her prose.

Still, the mother of three said her only concern at first was finding something that would sell.

"I'm no crusader," Harris says. "I just like to make a point. If people get it, good. If they don't, OK."

Stackhouse's fictional hometown of Bon Temps, La., resembles the South in which Harris grew up, filled with waitresses who wear Keds sneakers and shop at Wal-Mart. Trailer homes dot the rural pastures of the north Louisiana town and pickup trucks fill the parking lot of the bar where Harris' heroine works.

For Kevin Durand, an associate philosophy professor at Henderson State University in Arkadelphia, life in Bon Temps evokes where his family once lived in Louisiana.

"As she describes the place, it's a place I've been," said Durand, who specializes in pop culture ghouls and vampires. "I've seen all of those things before."

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True Blood Episode 4

From Daemonstv


In this episode, Jason continues to become friendlier with Reverend Steve and his wife, Sarah, which actually fuels jealousy from some of the other people at the camp, especially Luke. He also gets put on a new mission. Can't wait to see how that one's going to turn out.

Oh and I have to mention my favorite quote, which is typical Jason:

Luke: "God will make sure evil gets punished."

Jason: "Yeah, then explain Europe to me."

You just have to love him, he just can't help it.


Sam's plans to leave town are being pushed back a little. And if you remember, at the end of last episode we saw that Daphne had a big scar on her back (which looked like the same one Sookie got). We don't learn much more about her scar, but her relationship with Sam does evolve, and there is a small reveal towards the end of the episode.


Tara makes a big decision in this episode, which impacts her living arrangements. It's also her birthday and let's just say Maryann has some big plans for her.


Poor Lafayette is recovering from his few days of nightmare. But let me tell you, there is this hilarious scene between Eric and Lafayette you don't want to miss. This is why so many people love his character.


In the last episode, Bill interrupted Jessica and Hoyt's night together. Unfortunately, we won't see much of them in this episode, but something tells me it's not the end of their relationship.
Until then, Jessica ends up going to Dallas with Bill and Sookie. And I have to say, I really love her and I can't wait to see what kind of trouble she gets herself into during the trip.


Sookie and Bill head to Dallas, but there is a surprise waiting for them at the arrival.
Also this week's cliffhanger involves Sookie, and is pretty damn cool if you ask me. I definitely didn't see it coming and I doubt you will either.

So don't forget to tune in to True Blood this Sunday, July 12, at 9pm on HBO.

From Rope of Silicon

Episode 4 of the second season begins at the Light of Day Leadership Conference as Jason tells the rest of his bunkmates he's moving out and just prior to a tough guy speech he removes his clip-on tie in a moment of hillbilly awesomeness, but it's not the last time he sets everyone straight. Later in the episode he's having lunch with Luke and another one of the Light of Day followers (sorry, I don't know his name) and the following conversation takes place:

JASON: I don't know who Lazarus was, but he sure as hell was not the first vampire. Everybody knows it was Dracula.

LUKE: It's in the Bible moron. Jesus brought Lazarus back from the dead.

JASON: So Jesus made the first vampire? Maybe Jesus was the first vampire. Man, he rose from the dead too, and he told people, "Hey y'all, drink my blood it'll give you special powers."

LUKE: Jesus never said that -

THIRD PARTY: The first vampire was Cain. Being a vampire is the mark of Cain. It's God's punishment for bringing the first evil into the world by killing his brother.

LUKE: No, the first evil was Eve, for eating the apple. That's why they call it Eve-il.

JASON: That wasn't even… That was just skirtin' the rules. Evil is making the premedicated choice to be a dick.

LUKE: One thing you can count on – God will make sure evil gets punished.

JASON: Yeah? Then explain Europe to me.

And yes, he says "premedicated" and not "premeditated". I listened to it three times to make sure. It's classic writing that raises an interesting religious aspect to the conversation all while maintaining the show's ability to make you laugh. On top of that, this show has found a perfect balance between using hillbilly nature as a comedic device all while never taking it so far it becomes stale or insulting.

The writers realize the absurdity of what is going on in "True Blood" is enough to make for comedic dialogue if approached with sincetiry. The best example I can think of — off the top of my head — is Detective Belflour's dedication to learning more about the pig he saw at Maryann's. Every time he brings it up it sounds ridiculous and makes me laugh just by the way he says "pig," but it is a completely legitimate storyline allowing for the joke to also serve as a storytelling device. Smart stuff.

Beyond that this episode has Bill admitting he is a self-hating vampire to which he tells Sookie, "I am a vampire… I am supposed to be tormented." Legitimate excuse. Sam and Daphne are getting closer as their skinny dipping session from the end of the last episode continues, but toward the end of the episode Daphne tells Sam she knows what he is… but now just what exactly is Daphne?

However, despite all of this, my favorite moment comes as Bill and Sookie head off with Jessica to Dallas to investigate the disappearance of the vampire Godric. There is a shot of Bill and Sookie in a limo that makes them look like the godfather couple of the vampire underworld as Jessica makes her first attempt to glamour someone. It is such a perfect picture, I can only hope it's the direction this show ends up taking things in the future.

True Blood: Welcome to Dallas Sookie Stackhouse and True Blood ! Pt 2

Sookie Stackhouse ( Living Dead in Dallas )

...I'd forgotten the sprawl of Dallas, in the seven years since I'd graduated from high school. The lights of
the city were amazing, and the busyness. I stared out of the windows at everything we passed, and Bill smiled at me with an irritating indulgence.

The lovely Objectdesire and I using the Charlaine Harris book 'Living Dead in Dallas' last year came up with some actual Dallas locations that fit the places described in the book.
None of the places mentioned in the books are actual places in Dallas except DFW Airport and Dealey Plaza. ( which has to be mentioned in any thing set in Dallas)

These are also NOT filming locations, from what we understand all the "Dallas " True Blood scenes are being shot in California. But we might see a stock photo of the Dallas Skyline or Dealey plaza shot to authentically set the locations as being here ...but it's Hollywood magic.

So, what we had to do is use the distances and locations as described in the books and come up
There are 7 locations, I will post the first 3 today and the last 4 tomorrow.

4.) Stan Davis' house, University Park, Dallas TX

Isabelle drives Bill and Sookie from their downtown hotel down Elm Street past Dealey Plaza to Stan's house in University Park. UP is a small exclusive city located inside Dallas proper and is just a few miles north of Downtown Dallas.

Many of the new houses in University Park are boxy, beige brick and over-sized for the lot. I chose this one because of the big front windows that would have been fired into during the FotS raid on the house ...

We drove for at least twenty more minutes, leaving business areas and entering residential. At first the structures were modest and boxy; but gradually, though the lots didn't seem that much larger, the houses began to grow as if they'd taken steroids. Our final destination was a huge house shoehorned onto a small lot. With its little ruffle of land around the cube of the house, it looked ridiculous, even in the dark. I sure could have stood a longer ride and more delay. We parked on the street in front of the mansion, for so it seemed to me.

Bill opened my door for me. I stood for a moment, reluctant to start the—proj
ect. I knew there were vampires inside, lots of them. I knew it the same way I would be able to discern that humans were waiting. But instead of positive surges of thought, the kind I'd get to indicate people, I got mental pictures of . . . how can I put it? There were holes in the air inside the house. Each hole represented a vampire.

I went a few feet down the short sidewalk to the front door, and there, fin
ally, I caught a mental whiff of human. The light over the door was on, so I could tell the house was of beige brick with white trim. The light, too, was for my benefit; any vampire could see far better than the sharpest-eyed human. Isabel led the way to the front door, which was framed in graduating arches of brick. There was a tasteful wreath of grapevines and dried flowers on the door, which almost disguised the peephole: This was clever mainstreaming.

I realized there was nothing apparent in this house's appearance to indicate that it was any different from an
y of the other oversized houses we'd passed, no outward indication that within lived vampires.

5.) Fellowship of the Sun Church ( and headquarters)

Now, we did find a local church that fit the description it was chosen because it fit the criteria of distance from downtown, large parking lot located on major streets
I won't name it her- publicly because I'm sure they are very nice people who DO not want to be associated with FotS. We actually pass a church every time we go to 'Bill's house " in NW Louisiana that fits the description to a 'T' See photo at left.

Hugo slowed and put on his turn signal when we came to a major intersection. We were about to turn into the parking lot of a large church; at least, it had formerly been a church. The sanctuary was huge, by Bon Temps standards.

Only Baptists could count that kind of attendance, in my neck of the woods, and that's if all their congregations joined together. The two-story sanctuary was flanked by two long one-story wings. The whole building was white-painted brick, and all the windows were tinted. There was a chemically green lawn surrounding the whole, and a huge parking lot.

The sign on the well-tended lawn read THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE SUN CENTER—Only Jesus Rose from the Dead.

6.) Hospital
The hospital where Luna and Sookie are treated after car accident. We think it's :

Baylor Hospital
3500 Gaston Ave Dallas, TX

The hospital was like all hospitals. Luna stuck to me like white to rice, and when we were in the same cubicle and a nurse entered to take down still more details. Lunasaid, "Tell Dr. Josephus that Luna Garza and her sister are here."I couldn't believe the massively self-assured Dr. Josephus had ever come down this tunnel before, but he seemed to know his way, and the staff didn't act startled at the sight of him. At the end of the tunnel, he pushed open a heavy metal door. Luna Garza nodded to him regally, said, "Many thanks," and wheeled me out into the night. There was a big old car parked out there. It was dark red or dark brown. As I looked around a little more, I realized that we were in an alley. There were big trash bins lining the wall, and I saw a cat pouncing on something—I didn't want to know what—between two of the bins. After the door whooshed pneumatically shut behind us, the alley was quiet. I began to feel afraid again.

7.)Bat's Wing Bar

The bar that Stan owns and where Farrell is kidnapped.
We think it's :
Lizard Lounge
2424 Swiss Ave, Dallas, TX 75204

"Works in the club where he was last seen. It's one we own, The Bat's Wing." Bars were favorite enterprises for vampires, naturally, because their heaviest traffic came at night. Somehow, fanged all-night dry cleaners didn't have the same allure that a vampire-studded bar did. In the past two years, vampire bars had become the hottest form of nightlife a city could boast. The pathetic humans who became obsessed with vampires—fang-bangers—hung out in vampire bars, often in costumes, in the hopes of attracting the attention of the real thing. Tourists came in to gape at the undead and the fang-bangers. These bars weren't the safest place to work.

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