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DJ Gary Calamar Reports on the “Out 4 Blood” Concert Presented by KCRW

Great photos of the True Blood gang from the fundraiser post by Gary Calamar !

DJ Gary Calamar Reports on the “Out 4 Blood” Concert Presented by KCRW

The Out 4 Blood concert here at the Echoplex on Friday Night was a blast, with great sets by John Doe, CC Adcock, Jace Everett, Chuck Prophet and The Pillbilly Knights with The Morning After Pills.

Many of the actors from Bon Temps were there — Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Chris Bauer, Michelle Forbes, and Tara Buck. They all joined in the fun and hit the stage to introduce the bands.

There were a few bad vamps in the audience who tried to start some trouble, but they ended up retracting their fangs, drank some True Blood and rocked the night away.


Lindsay Pulsipher has also been cast in the new season of True Blood as Jason Stackhouse's new romantic interest, Crystal Norris

Earlier today I got a chance to talk to LINDSAY PULSIPHER about The Beast, in which she played Rose Lawrence and which is being made available online at

Lindsay Pulsipher has also been cast in the new season of True Blood as Jason Stackhouse's new romantic interest, Crystal Norris. She talked about her experience shooting the first episode and the first weird encounter between her character and Jason....

Can you talk about your character in the show?

Lindsay Pulsipher: I can tell you a little bit of what I know. I still don't know. Like I said, with TV you kind of get thrown all these curveballs. But she's this mysterious girl that Jason Stackhouse sees. He sees her in the forest. You know how he is with the ladies. He's quite the ladies man. He sees her through the trees and his interest is piqued and then she runs away. They meet up again later in Bon Temps. They have this really amazing connection and then it goes from there.

What's the difference between working on something like 'True Blood' compared to 'The Beast'?

Lindsay Pulsipher: Well, every project is different. To be honest I've actually only shot one episode of 'True Blood'. I'm working again today. But everyone is so nice. I was a little intimidated coming into a show that's already well established and really popular and people love it. I was a little intimidated. It's like going to your first day of school, you don't really know anybody and are a little nervous but everyone is so cool and so welcoming and they love their job. You can tell that everyone loves their job. So all of that dissipated very quickly and I felt right at home instantly. Every project varies. That's not to say that 'The Beast' wasn't like that. That was amazing, too. You just tend to form these relationships with people because you're with them. You spend so much time with them. Everybody on 'The Beast' was great as well. I love the bonding. It's really great.

True Blood - Episode 3.05 - Trouble - Casting Call

What if Stellan Skarsgard, Alex's real life Dad was cast as the Guest Star in the roll of Ulfrick ?

[ULFRICK] In his 40s to 50s.. warm, a battle-scarred Swedish Viking king, he is Eric's (Alex Sarsgård) father, seen in a flashback to 900 A.D. Though they have a good relationship, there is some tension between father and son, because Ulfrick wants Eric to learn responsibility and behave in a manner befitting royalty...GUEST STAR (47)

[COLONEL JOHN FLOOD] In his 50s to 60s.. self-assured, dressed like a golfer with a military haircut, he is a Wolf Pack Leader. He doesn't respond the way Sookie and Alcide expect to recent events.sptv050769..GUEST STAR (27)

[ASTRID] In her 30s, warm, a Swedish Viking queen with a new baby, she is Eric's (Alex Sarsgård) mother, seen in a flashback to 900 A.D...GUEST STAR (47)

[SUMMER] In her early 20s, super positive, she's a nice girl from Hoyt's church who's attracted to Hoyt in a chaste way...2 lines, 1 scene (37)

Source: SpoilerTV

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