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Alexander Skarsgard look alike needed for Straw Dogs stand-in

Glorioso Casting is currently accepting submissions for STAND-IN's and PHOTO DOUBLES for Straw Dogs!

Please read the following descriptions and how to submit carefully:

James Marsden Stand-In/ Photo Double: (Please Submit if you are close to the following SPECS)18-35 YRS, SHOULD HAVE BROWN HAIR, MUST BE MALE, SHOULD BE 5'10", WEIGHT 150-155LBS.

Kate Bosworth Stand-In/ Photo Double: (Please Submit if you are close to the following SPECS) 18-35 YRS, SHOULD HAVE BLONDE HAIR, MUST BE FEMALE, SHOULD BE 5'5" - 5'5.5", WEIGHT 110LBS.

Alexander Skarsgard Stand-In/ Photo Double: (Please Submit if you are close to the following SPECS) 18-35 YRS, SHOULD HAVE BLONDE HAIR, MUST BE MALE, SHOULD BE 6'4", WEIGHT 170-180LBS.

**To Submit for these positions, you should live in or around the Shreveport area. These positions would work for approximately 8 weeks starting 8/17/09 (Maybe a few Test dates the week before).



PLEASE EMAIL TO: Staff@GloriosoCasting.com

True Blood / Alan Ball : Fascination For Death

How sad and fascinating fromGalaxie Blog

There’s usually a reason behind why people are obsessed with death.

For True Blood creator, Alan Ball, he blames his fascination with death on a horrifying childhood experience -- when he watched as his sister was killed in a car crash. The writer has tackled the macabre in all of his film and TV projects, including American Beauty, funeral parlour drama Six Feet Under and vampire series True Blood. He insists death has stayed with him since the adolescent tragedy.

Alan Ball, 52, explains to Entertainment Weekly, “When I was 13 years old, I was in a car accident with my sister who was driving the car. It was her 22nd birthday and she died. She died in front of me. She died all over me.
(Death) stuck its big old ugly face in my face and my life changed. That’s why death seems to be a theme that appears in all my stuff.”


Valerie Cruz on Her "True Blood" Character: "I Modeled Her Accent After Penelope Cruz."

From Latina.com

I promised myself I wouldn't watch Alan Ball's acclaimed HBO drama True Blood until they came to their senses and hired a Latina to appear on the show. The show (finally) came through for me on Sunday night, and I happily tuned into True Blood as it welcomed its first Latina (and first Latin vampire), Cuban beauty Valerie Cruz (Nip Tuck, Dexter) to the show in the recurring role of Isabella Beaumont, an elegant, 600-year-old Spanish vampire-with-a-soul (think Rob Pattinson in Twilight) who rolls with the super-scary Dallas coven of vamps! I called Ms. Cruz to get all the deets on her biting new role, and the gracious (and super-intelligent) actress (who is perhaps best known for her role as Silvia Prado (Jimmy Smits's wife on Dexter), gave me the 411 on all things True Blood, including why the evil Dallas vamps are NOT to be messed with; why her character may be on Bill and Sookie's side after all, and why a certain Oscar-winning Spanish actress may have served as the inspiration for her character's Spanish accent.

Your character Isabel isn't your typical vamp, is she?
As far as vampires go, no. She has a penchant for humans and a vulnerability. She wants to try to find a way to co-exist with them.

So in a crowd of evil vamps, Isabel is like the Edward Cullen of True Blood—a vampire with a soul?
Yes, definitely! That is actually a very accurate description.

Except that she lived during the Spanish Inquisition and she's 600 years old! Does she feel old?
I think she does in the sense that she's become a little world-weary.

How did you come up with Isabel's Spanish accent?
I've been doing accents for a long time. The people I modeled it after would have to be Penelope Cruz or Antonio Banderas, or somebody from Spain. That was very important for me {to get the accent just right}, because when you have a character on a show that has a big cast, every bit of that character matters--from her hairstyle and accent to the way she dresses.

Speaking of Isabel's wardrobe, that white dress she had on Sunday night was really elegant! Would you ever wear something like that in real-life?
No! Probably not. It takes a lot of confidence to wear that thing. I'd be too self-conscious. Unless I'm feeling especially saucy that day. And that outfit is pretty tight! But the wardrobe designers and the hair and makeup people on the show are amazing. I told them my ideas and they ran with all of them. I wanted to really define where she came from—what region. I had read stuff on the Spanish Inquisition, and jotted stuff down. There's a sophistication in Old Spain and that was an element we brought in--that Isabel never lost that sort of, that heritage. You will see a Spanish element (to Isabel) throughout.
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The Fangtasia calendar : Eric is- Mr.January and Bill is Mr.February

The Fangtasia calendar ..
Just click on them and the will open large and you can save a copy of them onto your own computer or print them out.

Thanks BloodMistress

True Blood Season 2 finale: Sookie and Bill dance the jitterbug

Nice little tidbit of news can be found about the True Blood season 2 finale in the 'Sookie and Bill take on the heat of Louisiana" article this morning.

After the Clinton shoot, production shifted indoors to the Stockade Bed and Breakfast in Baton Rouge. Once a Civil War stockade, the B&B is listed on the National Register of Historical Places as an archaeological site.

The Stockade's great room — an open space with a balcony, baby grand piano, large wood-burning fireplace and floor-to-ceiling glass wall — was transformed into a restaurant for the shoot. A nearby breakfast room, filled with antiques and hummingbird and botanical prints, became a makeshift studio for directors and script supervisors to watch the scenes unfold on monitors.

The sequence shot on this day was a dance scene. Paquin, in a sundress with her hair in a sleek up-do, and Moyer in black suit, do a modified jitterbug to the Jerry Lee Lewis song "Before the Night Is Over." Between takes, the actors chill out in a back room at the B&B where stylists touch up their makeup.

Footage from the Louisiana shoot will appear in upcoming episodes and the season finale, set to air on Sept. 13, which is expected to include the dance scene.

Here is the beautiful room in the Stockade Bed and Breakfast in Baton Rouge [http://www.thestockade.com/]

Here is Jerry Lee singing "Before the Night Is Over"

Anna on Regis and 'not Kathie Lee' tomorrow

Anna will be on Live with Regis and Kelly -
Wednesday, July 22, 2009 at 9:00am ET on the ABC.

Eric Northman / True Blood / Speedpainting

Thanks Unikisa- wow, you are talented

Hey Reviewers : It is Lorena, Bill's maker played by Mariana Klaveno

News Alert: The lady we see walking down the hotel hallway in the end of Episode 5 is Lorena, Bill's maker played by Mariana Klaveno.

This is a HUGE cliffhanger. She is really, really bad ...and she will play a BIG part in True Blood Season 3 ( based on Club Dead )

Everything I have on Lorena here

Of course we saw her in epsiode 5 from Season 1 watch here

Rising vamp: Anna Paquin back in the limelight

From Daily Mail UK by Lorien Haynes ( do you know who this is ?)
Since her Oscar-winning performance in The Piano at the age of 11, Anna Paquin has worked hard and kept her head down. So how is the reluctant A-lister coping with the phenomenal success of cult vampire series True Blood?

Anna Paquin arrives at Gjelina’s, her favourite LA restaurant, on a pale pink pushbike, asks for her usual lemonade, smiles and starts to chatter. Not nervous, over-your-head chatter, but wry, offbeat, barbed wit.

The actress, who for many will for ever be the elemental child Flora in Jane Campion’s 1993 film The Piano, is laughing about the superhero doll made after her. ‘There’s a Rogue [her character in X-Men] action figure at Toys ’R’ Us! You have to get a kick out of that. I’m nonbiodegradable.’

Chattiness ‘is what people least expect of me, I know,’ says Anna. ‘At one point, in my early 20s, I was so shy that people were surprised I actually spoke.’ Since winning an Oscar at only 11 for The Piano, Anna, now 26, has had a consistent and acclaimed career – from Zeffirelli’s Jane Eyre, via Almost Famous, to Spike Lee’s 25th Hour, The Squid and the Whale, and as Rogue (the superheroine whose kiss kills) in the X-Men franchise – but has avoided the public eye. She rarely gives interviews and even more rarely talks about her private life. Her reputation is, she confesses, ‘Being incredibly serious about my work.’

Her head-down, work-hard approach has paid off with industry respect, no tabloid tittle-tattle and a recent Best Actress win at the Golden Globes for True Blood, the steamy vampire comedy-drama TV series that is now airing on the FX channel and will be shown on Channel 4 in October.

True Blood behind the scenes: Sookie and Bill take on the heat of Louisiana

BATON ROUGE, La. – Sookie Stackhouse and her brother Jason are returning from Dallas to the tiny Louisiana town of Bon Temps. But something is wrong: Newspapers drift in the steamy air; fruit stands and flower stalls are overturned; graffiti assaults signs and a courthouse statue; and trash and clothes litter streets and lawns.

A force of nature? Or something brewed by Maryann, the dark, mysterious newcomer in HBO's hit vampire drama, "True Blood"?

Cast and crew of the show, based on Charlaine Harris' best-selling Sookie Stackhouse stories, were in Louisiana to soak up the antebellum atmosphere of Clinton, a community of 2,000 people, 30 miles north of Baton Rouge. Main Street and the town's courthouse, surrounded by sprawling, moss-covered oak trees, were perfect as backdrops for the tale of vampires living among humans, thanks to the invention of mass-produced synthetic blood.

The sticky heat, mossy greenery, white columned houses and slow-moving lifestyle also added to the allure, and gave a dimension and authenticity to the series that can only be captured here.

"The moment you step off the plane, you feel you're in the world of the show," said "True Blood" writer Alexander Woo. "You don't have to imagine you're there."

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Vampire Bats Biting More People Due to Amazon Development

From Sam @MerlottesBar

The decimation of the Amazon due to increased logging, mining and road construction is causing vampire bats in Peru to feast more regularly on the blood of humans.

National Geographic has reported that as human population grows and local wildlife numbers decrease because of development throughout the region, vampire bats have no where else to turn but human blood. As a result, outbreaks of rabies are increasing, and it’s killing people in places where its occurrence has previously been ra


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True Blood Gives Furries A Whole New Meaning

i09 has posted some great pros and cons from Episode 5 here are some of my favorites.

I CANNOT believe that so many reviewers don't know who these characters are . I've read 2 reviews when the reviewer wondered who that lady vamp was at the end
in hallway listening to Bill and Sookie ? Umm you guys will have to crack a book.

To Meredith's credit she knew ...also Meredith hit the nail on the head for THE WORST written moment in all of True Blood. No,
that would be when the whole story line went off the rail in ep 10 last year but this is #2.

The GOD AWFUL racks and balls on the pool table banter ....

Pro: Godric is pretty fantastic. This would be the first True Blood flashback that didn't make me want to claw my eyes out — the first being the Civil War slut scene between Bill and his maker. I would like to meet more of these ancient vampires, and I'm pretty sure we will this season.

Con: Oh god my ears. Just after that lovely flashback scene, you give me the balls and rack pool pun. You are better than this, Alan Ball. You can even see the disdain in the actors eyes while delivering it. It's like their skin is peeling. Just awful. See look I've already totally forgotten the things Daphne was saying about other

Pro: Maryann dressed up as the grandma, oh dear. This really made me laugh in a creepy, "Ok sure why not" kind of way. Tarahis stupid not to see through this ridiculous act. If I came home and the weird rich 40-something woman who always dressed up in beautiful dresses and jewelry was in a drab grandma dress, I would kick her the hell out immediately. At least they are attempting to make her more interesting. Let's hope this works.

Pro: Hoyt and Jessica's phone conversation. Sigh, I miss those days "really, really." This is super cute. Darn the whole star-crossed lovers nonsense, I'm rooting for these two. They are the most realistic thing on this show.

Pro: So this is Bill's ex-girlfriend, right? Okay, just checking. Not sure what else to think of her, besides that. We'll have to wait until next week, I guess. Not really the awesome cliffhanger we're used to.

Pro: Eric the viking: surprisingly masculine. They are really setting him up to just steamroll over boring Bill, aren't they?

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True Blood Music Video of the Day: Firecracker by Ryann Adams

Firecracker by Ryan Adams LYRICS
Thanks, Sariebearie