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Interview with a vampire Stephen Moyer is feasting on "True " fame

New York Post


You expect Bill Compton (sorry Stephen Moyer) to speak in a soft 19th century Southern drawl. To be slightly stiff, pale, preoccupied. Instead, on meeting him, you find yourself in the presence of an East End Essex boy.

English in the Guy Ritchie sense of the word. With freckles and flirty chatter about his spaniel collie cross Splash and kids (from two different mothers) Billy, 9, and Lilac, 7.

He's so at ease, it's hard to believe he and co-star Anna Paquin, are the hottest television couple on TV.

It's not just the 200-ft. "True Blood" billboards on Sunset Boulevard, but the fact that the season two opener trumped all HBO's ratings, bar the finale of "The Sopranos." This is not only due to a strong marketing push, but down to the sexual chemistry between Compton and Sookie Stackhouse (Paquin).

Their chemistry has traveled off-screen, with Moyer, 39, and Paquin, 27, an item for the past two years and this month denying rumors of an engagement.

Truth be told, they are very much together, living in Venice, Los Angeles, committed to a mutual relationship with Stephen's children and a future that's filled with Season 3 and potential offspring of their own.

For Moyer, this success is a far cry from being a working British actor with relative renown in the America ("Quills," "The Starter Wife," "88 Minutes").

"True Blood" has shot him into popular consciousness, where many have compared him to his younger competitor, Robert Pattinson from "Twilight," who Moyer has called "the Slim-Fast, Diet Coke" version of his Compton self.

Sitting down over coffee (he says a good brew is "a work of art"), we bled him dry for a few more juicy morsels.

NYP: Female audiences and readers have embraced stories about vampires with a rabid passion. Are women mobbing you on the streets the way they are Robert Pattinson from "Twilight"?

SM: The interesting thing about "True Blood" is that it's appeal is not contained to teenage girls. I get stopped in the street and questioned by 70-year-old men whose wives and daughters are making Bloody Marys and throwing "True Blood" parties. Yes, I have teenage fans but nowhere near Pattinson's standards. I have no idea how I'd handle that. He was hit by a cab the other week in New York, trying to avoid a mob.

NYP: What is it about the sexual energy of Bill that women respond to most?

SM: I think it's the fact that he is obviously dark, but that he's also always trying to be a good man, so the tussle of decency is what appeals. Second, I think that women in the modern world are attracted to the courtly manners of the 19th century, a time where men from the upper classes charmed women, but at the same time, men had to be men. This combination of being treated with respect by the man who can overpower you physically, that's very sexy.

NYP: How do you prepare for the graphic love scenes on "True Blood"?

SM: I do some stretches (like a boxer coming into the ring) then I take off my clothes and put on my flesh coloured sock (which actors wear for sex scenes). What's great about the sex on the show is that it's real. We don't shy away. We show you what's not been seen before. You know, after sex, it's usually hot and the covers are off but never on TV. We've tried to do away with that.

NYP; What intrigues you about the storylines?

SM: What I love about Bill is that it's no accident our hero kills as many people in the first season as the murderer. He's a killer. He can't help himself. And I like the fact he's historical. As a Confederate soldier he doesn't like working on a computer and he keeps hearkening back to period.

He's also a man who has lost everything; from a war to his family, to his mortality and so he has pathos; his melancholy and yearning are attractive to play. Bill becomes a moral barometer for the show. The drug and sex addicts are human.

NYP: You work closely with Anna Paquin. What can you tell us about Anna that people don't know?

SM: She's rubbish without her coffee in the morning, she has never been blonde before this show and she would never go out in the street in Sookie's skin-tight T-shirts and short-shorts with her bust out.

NYP: How often do you see your children, Lilac and Billy? Do they know you are playing a vampire?

SM: I see them every day on Skype and as soon as this season finishes filming, I'm going back to London to take them both on holiday. Billy is very aware I'm playing a vampire and because he's called Bill, he thinks the character is named after him (so he finds it very upsetting that he doesn't get to see it.) Lilac, who hasn't seen it either, does a very good impression of Kirsten Dunst in "Interview with The Vampire." She pretends to cry, you say "what's wrong?" And then she comes at you with her fangs out.

NYP: Are you worried that playing a vampire will typecast you?

SM: No. Bill's pallor is white, he speaks with a Southern accent, he has dyed black hair -- he's very different from me. And one of the reasons you come to LA and sign on a series for seven years, a huge TV job, is that it opens doors for other projects. I look forward to playing Bill for years to come but I look forward to doing other jobs too. I have to say, though, I did write a thank you card to ("True Blood" creator) Alan Ball, after the pilot, saying I'd be happy to play Bill Compton for the rest of my life!

Celebrity Interviewer Knows More About True Blood Than She's Letting On

What ?? Dont give me any crap about posting this - we gotta know this kind of stuff

A tipster pointed out that the scribe of today NY Post's puff piece on Stephen Moyers failed to disclose that she and the True Blood star have a child together. How does our tipster get this juicy info?

Because Lorien Haynes (pictured) was the subject of a Star article last week along the lines of "A Hollywood Starlet Stole My Boyfriend!"

It was love at first, um, bite for Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer after the British hunk aced his True Blood audition opposite the Oscar winner in early 2007, but they kept their instant attraction a secret from everyone, including his girlfriend of seven years - the mother of his young daughter, Lilac.

That September, Stephen told a British newspaper that his move from London to L.A. for the series had resulted in the end of his relationship with British journalist Lorien Haynes, saying: "Nobody has left anybody for anybody else." But those words ring hollow now that Stephen and Anna - who now live together - have admitted that sparks flew the moment they first met!

For what it's worth, Haynes also interviewed Paquin for the Daily Mail, which ran the story yesterday also without any disclaimer, and did not sound very jilted:

Sexual chemistry is arguably what has made True Blood such a success. Anna's Sookie falls for Bill Compton, a vampire whose thoughts she cannot read, played by British actor Stephen Moyer (Ny-Lon, Lilies, Quills). While filming the first series, Anna and Stephen developed a real-life relationship, which they tried to keep quiet. When they eventually went public it was, says Anna, ‘the worst kept secret on the planet'.

Ashley "Daphne" Jones interview tonight

Ashley Jones couldn't have picked 2 polar opposite characters to play!

Besides being the ever popular Bridgette Forrester on The Bold & the Beautiful she also portrays ,"Daphne" a newly employed waitress @ Merlottes bar in the fictional Northern Louisiana town of Bon Temps On HBO's SMASH HIT True Blood!

Come on bye as we discuss these 2 roles and find out what is in store for both of her characters!

Listen here

Crazy Dallas Vampires : Stephen Moyer dishes a little about Episode 6 !

Alcide, you can come out now: The clawing appeal of werewolves -- there's something about hairy

From LATimes blog

Linton Weeks has an article over at NPR about the full-moon fever for werewolves these days. Here's an excerpt of the lengthy piece that goes on to analyze the paw prints of this pop-culture stirring. (Note: We added the links...)

Lon_Chaney_Jr as Wolf Man Seen The New York Times best-seller list lately? It's awash with werecreatures — half-human, half-beast thingies. There are weretigers in Laurell K. Hamilton's novel Skin Trade. And a werepanther in Charlaine Harris's novel Dead and Gone.

Werethings are showing up everywhere. There's ["The Wolf Man"] movie in the works starring Benicio Del Toro. And word of a remake of John Landis' 1981 movie "An American Werewolf in London." A new series on BBC America premiering in July features a weresomething-or-other.

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True Blood Ep 5 : What book is MaryAnn reading? What book is Eggs reading and what book did Charlaine recommend in Chicago ?

MaryAnn dressed up like Gran sitting at the kitchen table is reading 'Heart Sick ' by Chelsea Cain

Eggs laying in bed "like the King of Sheba" is reading 'Lovers & Players' by Jackie Collins

and Charlaine has caused quite a stir by saying how much she loved the book 'Rosemary and Rue' by Seanan McGuire.

True Blood Time Widget

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Haha - I thought you did...

True Blood Playlist - Episode 2.05 ' Never let me go '

Thanks to Boad!
“Never Let Me Go”
Episode # 5, original air date: Sunday, 07/19/2009 1. (Scene: Daphne & Sam walk in woods.) 2. "Ebben, Ne Andro Lontana" Courtesy of Extreme Music (Scene: Sookie chases after Barry down the hotel hallway.
3. "Bill & Sookie's Love Theme" by Nathan Barr (Scene: Sookie and Bill in hotel.) 4. (Scene: Hoyt answers phone call from Jessica) 5. "Take Me Home (remix)" by Nathan Barr (Scene: Tara wakes up with Eggs, looks at childhood picture and thinks about Gran.) 6. "Tomorrow" by Lisa Shaw (Scene: Sookie encounters Barry at breakfast.
7. "Fly On The Wall" by Kelly Pardekooper (Scene: Terry dodges arguments between Daphne and Arlene.
8. "Bill & Sookie's Love Theme" by Nathan Barr (Scene: Sookie and Bill in hotel.) 9. "Wild Love" by Kelly Pardekooper (Scene: Lafayette arrives at Merlotte's.
10. "Gnossiennes NR. 4" by Erik Satie (Scene: Isabel and Hugo visit Bill and Sookie at Hotel Carmilla.) 11. "Hellbound Train" by Three Bad Jacks (Scene: Tara loses her cool while bartending at Merlotte's.) 12. "Cello Suite #5 Allemande Movement" (Johann Sebastian Bach) Courtesy of Naxos (Scene: Eric tells Bill about his connection to Godric.) 13. "Everybody Needs Somebody" by Silas Hogan (Scene: Sam and Daphne play on the pool table after hours at Merlotte's.) 14. "Badunkadunk" Pressure Zone courtesy of Extreme Music (Scene: Plays at the Hotel Carmilla.) 15. "Take Me Home (remix)" by Nathan Barr (Scene: Maryann waits up for
16. "Bill & Sookie's Love Theme" by Nathan Barr (Scene: Sookie and Bill in
17. "Never Let Me Go" by Katie Webster (Scene: End Credits)

True Blood Sucker Punch: Episode 5 from Mark Blankenship

Welcome to Sucker Punch, the only blog post that ranks the gaudiest moments on this week's episode of True Blood.

So... Are you guys excited for Turned By a Twink: The Eric Northman Story? Because after watching last night's installment, "Never Let Me Go," I'm positive that's gonna be the name of Eric's memoir.

Set in some ancient Viking forest, Eric's transformation at the hands of Godric, a ripped and barely-legal teenager with no shirt and a torso full of runic tattoos, is a homoerotic fever dream. It's also a compelling new vision of how vampires are made. We've seen Lorena turn Bill with deceitful selfishness, and we've seen Bill turn Jessica with a tidal wive of guilt. When Godric makes Eric, however, he does it with admiration. He's so impressed by Eric's warrior soul that he decides he can be a "companion of death". He bestows vampirism like a gift on a great man who is about to die.

Since Lorena rolls up in the final scene, baring her fangs when she hears Bill and Sookie hooking up in a Dallas hotel room, this episode consciously contrasts the different roads to vampirism. I don't know how that's going to play out, but for now, it's interesting to see that while some vampires are made through violence, others are made through a weird kind of love. For some people, becoming a vampire isn't a curse, but a salvation.

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True Blood Ep 6 : Hard-Hearted Hanna video promo

True Blood Vamp Kristin Bauer ( Pam) Is A Whale Warrior

From ecorazzi( green gossip- not kidding !)

She may play a blood-sucking, pumps-wearing vampire on HBO’s hit series True Blood, but outside of acting Kristin Bauer is all about preserving life — especially as it relates to whales and their habitat. Celebrity gossip blog Starpulse recently caught up with the actress and spent a surprising amount of time going in-depth into her animal activism — including her thoughts on Sea Shepherd and the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW). Below are some highlights:

On seeing the documentary Shark Water and learning more about “de-finning”:

“It is fantastically sad and ridiculous. I believe that about 90 or more percent of our sharks have their limbs cut off, and it is really hard to fight for such a non-popular creature. We are all primordially afraid of sharks, but they are responsible for the air we breathe; they are part of the underwater eco-system that creates oxygen from the plankton. If sharks are diminishing, then we run out of plankton and that is a problem.” (Razzi note: I think she means to say that Shark populations have declined by 90% — not that only 10% have all of their fins.)

On deciding to take a stand on an issue — even if it’s something overwhelming and hard to change:

“You can do that so easily, and I think it really defines who you are as a person. Say we are on the Titanic. I am not going to be someone who says, ‘Ah, screw it.’ I am going to be someone bailing the boat until the last second. I think it is hard in life because we are so overwhelmed, and we don’t have time to research companies, but you can look at it and ask yourself who you are. It is a big question, and someone who doesn’t want to know where their food came from, that is a deciding moment. Ok, that is fine, but don’t by default support something that if you saw you would not support it, but because you don’t see it, don’t care.”

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True Blood Music Video of the Day: Bad things by Jace Everett

I just had to do this in honor of Jace Everett calling into our radio show last night.
It's nice to know he's a fan of ours, we sure are of him. You simply must join us on Sunday nights after True Blood airs, I said last night that we have so much fun I'm surprised it's not illegal.

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