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True Blood Fan Art- Bill's last moments as a human, he dies at the hand of Lorena

Poignant art for this week -don't ya think ?
Many of these artists sell their work and or sell prints of their items, click on the link below to see their other works and how to contact them ...

True Blood by *RevisionOfLines on deviantART

True Blood : Release Me - Episode 7 - Poor, poor Sookie is in a cage ....

Everything I know about episode 7 can be found here

True Blood: we Talk Blood, check out all the podcast and chatroom transcripts !

Wow this is amazing !

True Blood Eps 1-6
Catch up if you've missed any shows and enjoy the hilarity of the chatrooms during our shows

Check this out


From Blood Copy

Sarah Newlin recently presented her latest “Reflections of Light” video on the FOTS website. Being a vampire, you might assume I’d automatically despise anything she says out of principle. But in this instance, she actually makes one valid point, specifically her objection to vampirism as a “hip trend.” Here, I couldn’t agree more. Vampire have existed for centuries, and though humanity at large has only recently been made aware of us, the notion of people flocking to join our ranks or emulate us simply because it’s new and exciting is both dangerous and imprudent. Living as a vampire is a permanent and serious choice, and not one to be taken lightly.

Of course, the rest of the video is pure schlock. For those of you who don’t want to waste a few minutes of your life listening to bigotry, here’s the crib notes version:

Hi I’m Sarah Newlin look at me I’m pretty and have blonde hair and perfect teeth just like all those girls you wished you took to prom. My husband uses more hairspray than I do but that’s okay because we are righteous and good and have lots of friends unlike those evil, mean nasty vampires who want to eat your babies. And as I finish we’ll fade to white as a metaphor for goodness and light just in case you didn’t get the message because why be holy when you can be holier than thou?

True Blood goes to the movies : Majority Report starring Louis ( Gran ) Smith

Based on a Philip K. Dick short story, Minority Report is about a cop in the future working in a division of the police department that arrests killers before they commit the crimes courtesy of some future viewing technology.
John Anderton has the tables turned on him when he is accused of a future crime and must find out what brought it about and stop it before it can happen



Tom Cruise- Chief John Anderton
Max von Sydow -Director Lamar Burgess
Steve Harris -Jad
Neal McDonough -Fletcher
Lois Smith - Dr. Iris Hineman
Patrick Kilpatrick-Knott

Gran stars as Dr. Iris Hineman ! You can see her here at 1:30

Theatrical trailer

True Blood's Michael ( Rev. Steve Newlin) McMillian writes comic book “Lucid”

Reverend Steve is that you ?

True Blood’s Michael McMillian (Rev. Steve Newlin) attended Comic-Con 2009 in San Diego last week, but he was not present at the True Blood panel. Michael had another reason to be there. Saturday afternoon he attended the Archaia Studios Panel where Zachary Quinto (Heroes and Star Trek) announced that his company, Before the Door Productions, is partnering with comic book publisher Archaia Studios to launch a series of new comic book projects.

The first two books to arise from this deal are M. Murder is Dead, written by Victor Quinaz, and Lucid, written by Michael McMillian. Quinto and his partners, Neal Dodson and Corey Moosa, helped develop the two stories and remained heavily involved in all aspects of production.

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what chickens you people are ...

I canceled the Gvoice contest for lack of participation- Donna you are the one person who did it and i'll will give you a consolation prize - email me and you can choose one of the Sookie books !

I still urge everyone to try it ...i will still give out a prize to someone who posts a comment in the month of August using it.

You can also post an audio comment on any article you see on the blog. I may use your comment on our Blogtalk radio show. Let me know what you think ....

(214) 302- 7080

Vampire Wannabees Converge on Dallas

* Dallas zips lip and hides *

from NBC Dallas

"Twilight" convention brings out the vampire fans

Since we're not staffed with 12-year-old girls, or their mothers, the opening of the unofficial "Twilight Saga" convention, TwiCon, snuck up on us.

Thursday was the first day fans could go to the Sheraton Dallas to talk about creative writing topics like: "Twilight All-Human Fic: No Vampires? What's the Point?!" or attend "Cardio with the Cullens." But, the real meat and potatoes for fans will likely come during Saturday's cast sessions with Kellan Lutz, Peter Facinelli, and Billy Burke, among others.

Note: we say "for fans" because we had to IMDB all of those names (though we'd seen them in other stuff). Causal "Twilight" fans might enjoy seeing some of the convention, but it's the hardcore members who frequent sites like that will really feel their wannabe-vampire hearts pumping.

While we're not quite "fans" of the source material, we do know how much fun a convention can be. Our trip to A-Kon just a few months ago reminded us. So for those of you on the fence, maybe a trip to the official site will help whet your appetite.

TwiCon 2009
Sheraton Hotel Dallas
July 30 - Aug 2

Neil Gaiman: Why vampires should go back underground

From Entertainment Weekly

For this week’s cover package about vampires (on stands today!), we chatted with writer Neil Gaiman about how vamps have changed through the years, what they stand for and why they should go away. For more on vampires, including our picks for the top 20 greatest vampires of all time, pick up this week’s issue of EW.

EW: How have vampires gone from being monsters to anti-heroes? For example, in contemporary pop culture, we’ve seen vamps make that move from horror flick fear agents to misunderstood social outcasts.

NG: I think mostly what it has to do with is what vampires get to represent. Dracula was a great novel of sexual seduction, full of repeated sexual seduction and rape and sex. So it makes complete sense that your solid Victorian vampires were fundamentally evil. And you can have that nice big stake hammered through them as a way of putting them to rest. After that, I think the next big, huge, cultural, “somebody’s just written a vampire story” is probably Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot. Steve basically wanted to do Dracula again, only in a small town in Maine. At that point you got vampires still sort of representing the “other.” Then Anne Rice wrote Interview with the Vampire, which as a teenager I thought was a rather drippy book. I have to say as a teenager who loved vampire fiction and wanted vampire fiction, I thought they all sort of sat around being miserable.

But I think then the thing that changed everything and that gave vampire fiction a new lease on life and death was AIDS, because you hit the early ‘80s, and suddenly you have something in the blood that is an exchange of blood that kills and is altogether fundamentally about sex. And vampirism essentially came out of the closet as a metaphor for the act of love that kills. Stephen King once said, using the Erica Jung quote, that vampirism is the ultimate zipless f—. And then a sort of continuous transmutation, you had Lost Boys, which is essentially vampirism as wish fulfillment. Finally, of course there’s Sesame Street, which I think may well have created the sympathetic vampire for the world in Count.

EW: Can you touch on the theme of thrill and fear of power?

NG: I don’t think vampirism, at least from my point of view, is ever about power, because it’s always about people exiled to the fringes. Vampires, I think, should be outsiders. They should probably be sexual outsiders. They need to be charismatic. They need to be elegant. They need to be attractive in some way. But they aren’t buying nice suits and calling the shots. And if they are, the book is about something else.

EW: Is there anything else that you’d like to add?

NG: Vampires go in waves, and it kind of feels like we’re now finishing a vampire wave, because at the point where they’re everywhere it’s probably time to go back underground for another 20 years or another 25 years.

EW: So you think they’ve reached the saturation point.

I think so, and it definitely sort of feels like classical vampires have been around enough that if they could go back in their coffins 25 years and come out the next time as something really different, that would be cool.

Best Sookieverse story ever : Dancers in the Dark

Our friend from north of the border, the SciFiGuy reviews some great anthology's and includes Night's edge, that contains Charlaine Harris's Sookieverse story 'Dancers in the Dark'

This is FINALLY been re-released copies of this last year were selling on ebay for $85 buck and now you can buy it from Amazon below for under $5 bucks.

This is MY favorite Sookieverse story ( it's actually more than an short story it is a novella) NO MORE excuses about how hard it is to find and expensive to buy.

Buy the book and read it today and encourage anyone who loves Sookie books to read it too ( you will be so glad you did ) - Sookie meets Sean and Layla in All Together Dead !

Night's Edge
Charlaine Harris, Maggie Shayne, Barbara Hambly
(Reprint) 08/01/09

DANCERS IN THE DARK by Charlaine Harris
Dancer Layla Rue Le May's childhood prepared her to handle just about anything, including her aloof partner, Sean McClendon, a three-hundred-year-old vampire. But when she acquires a stalker, Layla Rue is surprised to find that Sean is the only one she can trust.

Charlaine has said ...I enjoyed writing third person, and it was a treat to create these characters. If I can ever find time to write about them again, I will.
Charlaine Harris

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True Blood Music Video of the Day: Love will tear us apart by Joy Division

Love will tear us apart by Joy Division LYRICS

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