Friday, January 30, 2009

WOW !! Anubis Air arrives in Dallas

Wow , checkout what landed at Dallas International Airport !

We love Bubba : Elvis Has Left the Planet

Io9 does a great article on what may have happened to Elvis and why we keep seeing him show up in film and in literature ...

Sookie Stackhouse Mysteries by Charlaine Harris: Elvis hasn’t made it into True Blood yet, but in the source material, the King was discovered very slightly alive by a vampiric morgue attendant. The misguided vamp decides to make the overdosed Elvis undead, but the resulting creature, answering only to “Bubba,” is somehow brain damaged by the process. The other vampires treat him as a dimwitted errand boy, and try to keep him clear of any household pets.

True Blood goes to the movies: Alexander Skarsgard in 'Kill Your Darling's'

Kill Your Darlings (2006)

A desperate young writer is lured on a wild ride through the desert by a mysterious woman in this darkly comic take on the all-American road trip. Along the way they cross paths with a hapless mobster, a 6 foot transvestite and a lovesick housewife, all on the way to their celebrity TV shrink in Las Vegas... Things quickly spiral out of control into a dangerous cat-and-mouse game... a writer's frantic search for inspiration becomes intertwined with a motley crew of quirky characters seeking love and adventure at any cost

Cast (in credits order)

Lolita Davidovich ... Lola

Andreas Wilson ... Erik

Fares Fares ... Omar

Alexander Skarsgård ... Geert

Julie Benz ... Katherine

John Larroquette ... Dr. Bangley

Greg Germann ... Stevens

Things I've learned while watching True Blood (4)

I learned that 4 ex-husbands are considered "fixer-uppers" while the fifth one is a keeper.

I learned that men are not self-conscious to stand completely naked in front of Sookie.

I learned that Maxine Fortenberry's dress looks like someone threw up a flower garden .

I learned that staking vampires with a fence picket works just as well as a beer tap.

I learned that Ms. Jeanette is a multi-tasker. She has a son in jail, son in Iraq, diabetic daughter, two grandbabies and with all that going on she can still work in a drug store during the day and practice her con artist voodoo priestess at night.

What else besides Sookie Stackhouse mysteries has Charlaine written ?

Aurora Teagarden Series
Real Murders (1990)
A Bone to Pick (1992) ]
Three Bedrooms, One Corpse (1994)
The Julius House (1995)
Dead Over Heels. (1996)
"Deeply Dead" in Murder, They Wrote (1997)
A Fool And His Honey
Last Scene Alive (2002),
Poppy Done to Death (2003)

Lily Bard (Shakespeare) Series
Shakespeare's Landlord (1996)
Shakespeare's Champion (1997)
Shakespeare's Christmas (1998)
Shakespeare's Trollop (2000)
Shakespeare's Counselor (2001)
"Dead Giveaway" published in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine (December 2001)

Harper Connelly Series
Grave Sight (September 2006)
Grave Surprise (September 2007)
An Ice Cold Grave (October 2008)

Sweet and Deadly (1981), republished in UK as Dead Dog
A Secret Rage (1984)

Find her other books at your local library -search here:

More here: Library Thing

New and used from Amazon

According to Worldcat( these are old statistics) she has written Works: 62 works in 197 publications in 7 languages and 36,273 library holdings

Who's your Daddy?

Who's Daddy is this ?

No not Mork the other guy ?

Vamp Meals on Wheels : Fangbanger room service from Living Dead in Dallas

"I am Isabel Beaumont," she said, "and after you take your luggage to your room and take care of your needs, you are to come with me."

Bill said, "I have to feed."

Isabel swiveled an eye toward me thoughtfully, no doubt wondering why I wasn't supplying blood for my escort, but it was none of her business. She said, "Just punch the telephone button for room service."

Measly old mortal me would just have to order from the menu. But as I considered the time frame, I realized I'd feel much better if I waited to eat after this evening's business was finished.

After our bags had been put in the bedroom (big enough for the coffin and a bed), the silence in the little living room became uncomfortable. There was a little refrigerator well stocked with PureBlood, but this evening Bill would want the real thing.

"I have to call, Sookie," Bill said. We'd gone over this before the trip.

"Of course." Without looking at him, I retreated into the bedroom and shut the door. He might have to feed off someone else so I could keep my strength up for coming events, but I didn't have to watch it or like it. After a few minutes, I heard a knock on the corridor door and I heard Bill admit someone—his Meal onWheels.

There was a little murmur of voices and then a low moan.

Unfortunately for my tension level, I had too much common sense to do something like throw my hairbrush or one of the damn high heels across the room. Maybe retaining some dignity figured in there, too, and a healthy sense of how much temperament Bill would put up with. .....

Soon I heard the outer door open and close again, and Bill knocked lightly before coming into the bedroom. He looked rosy and his face was fuller.close again, and

True Blood Gets Even Sluttier. No, Really.

From I must admit the "barely legal " room service is what jumped out at me too. Now, in the book, Living Dead in Dallas Bill does call for 'room service' in the Silent Shore but no we will see Jessica doing it.

The promiscuous vampires of Alan Ball's True Blood series will be taking a road trip, according to some newly leaked plot details. Sounds like the vamps are about to get a whole lot skankier. Spoilers!

A casting call for an episode in season two calls for Jason to become a soldier! Ooh, Jason in uniform — nice. Also Bill, Sookie and annoying baby vamp Jessica go on a road trip to Texas where they find another mind-reader and pick up some hookers.

Check out the casting details from Spoiler TV:

30 to 45, this suspiciously pushy driver, whose thoughts are violent and dark, is sent by Fellowship of the Sun to abduct Sookie when she arrives at the airport. Instead, he is glamored (hypnotized) by Bill and Jessica, and experiences a wide spectrum of emotions and outbursts, from fear, to relief, to embarrassment as his will is usurped and his behavior is dictated. He is ultimately released to return to his superiors and tell them that Sookie "never showed up" (which is what he now believes)...GUEST STAR (33)

This uniformed, 19-year-old bellboy at a Texas hotel brings Sookie and Jessica room service (a handsome guy to feed off of). To Sookie's surprise, Barry can read her mind, and he grows increasingly freaked out as they communicate silently sptv050769...CO-STAR / RECUR(?) (54)

21 years old and very handsome in his hotel bathrobe, he is Jessica's polite, barely legal "room service" (B negative blood)...CO-STAR (54)

So does this mean Jessica and Sookie become friends? Because I can't see anyone tolerating her incessant whining, but then again they both like to be painted the martyr. I can't wait for the hot hooker room service blood-letting!

True Blood Nominated for 2009 Golden Reel Award Nominees: Television

Best Sound Editing: Short Form Dialogue and ADR in Television

CALIFORNICATION “The Raw and the Cooked”


CSI: NY “Hostage #421”


LOST “Confirmed Dead #402”

MAD MEN “The Jet Set”

THE TUDORS “Episode 210”

TRUE BLOOD “The Fourth Man in the Fire”

The Motion Picture Sound Editors 56th GOLDEN REEL AWARDS

will be held February 21, 2009

True Blood Music Video of the Day

Haunted by Evanescence