Thursday, April 9, 2009

True Blood is a: Fatal attraction

True Blood is one new series to sink your teeth into.

FOR a few years, my life has been bereft of a vampire series I can sink my teeth into. For seven seasons, Joss Whedon’s creative, imaginative series Buffy the Vampire Slayer (BTVS) rocked my world and ruled one day of my life each week.

It explored deeper themes of alienation, loss, gender issues and prejudices without losing its entertainment value or becoming too preachy, and balanced that with rich, lustrous mythical and pop culture references. Since it ended in 2003, no other vampire series has really grabbed my attention.

Angel was lacklustre, confusing and somehow soulless, (much as I watched it out of respect for its predecessor), Moonlight failed to elicit much more than a yawn and don’t even get me started on the dismal semi-B-grade fare Blood Ties (although Kyle Schmid really does make a very pretty vampire boy).

So when all the buzz started about True Blood, I didn’t pay much attention. Just another vamp series focused on the always popular blood and sex themes, I thought. Which just goes to show, I have my prejudices. And really, that’s kind of the point of True Blood. Because (and big hurrah here, because it’s about damn time) the series marks the return of the kind of deeper social and political commentary that drew many of us to BTVS week after week.

Yes, it’s a series about vampires, and other supernatural creatures do get thrown into the mix. But more importantly, it’s a show about the natural prejudices we all have and an exploration of xenophobia, fear, the darkness of the soul and the rights of sentient beings. And love and death and sex, and all that other messy life stuff.

True Blood stars Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin.

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True Blood premieres on Max (Astro channel 412) tomorrow at 10pm.

True Blood t-shirts : Louisiana Vamps and GrabbitKwik

Vampire Bar name ideas

  • Full Moon Saloon
  • The Vamptini Martini
  • Vlad's Place
  • Dark Pyre
  • Nightwalkers Lair
  • Midnight Sanguinary
  • Bill's Hideyhole

True Blood / Sookie Fan Art: Clear Willow

Sookie Stackhouse_ClearWillow by ~Tru-Blood-Fan-Club on deviantART

Lisa Mason talks about being on True Blood and in a 1920’s scene.

Lee says

So I worked on the show True Blood last week. It was so much fun! Unfortunately I was not a vampire for that episode but next time I hope to be! Somebody please turn me to the other side!

This episode has a 1920’s flashback scene where my ‘friends’ decide to hang out with the wrong crowd later on at the party. All I can say is ‘not good.’

As most of you know, I am ‘Miss Throwback’ of many eras. It was only perfect that I got to be apart of a 1920’s scene in True Blood. Here I am after hours of wardrobe, hair and makeup! They were such an amazing crew…

Lisa Mason Lee True Blood

Lisa Mason Lee True Blood

Lisa Mason Lee TB Makeup

Lisa Mason Lee TB Makeup

at the costume house

at the costume house

cool shoes n fans at costume house

cool shoes n fans at costume house

True Blood Music Video of the Day: Forever by Papa Roach

Forever by Papa Roach
Thanks, barbarellapesaro LYRICS