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True Blood's Ryan Kwanten Gets Cat Scratch Fever- TV Guide

Call it animal magnetism. The much buzzed-about True Blood panther finally prowls into Bon Temps—and heads right for Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten) on Sunday (9/8c, HBO). As if the wannabe cop doesn't have enough to worry about trying to protect sis Sookie (Anna Paquin) and bounce back from a spat with new love Crystal (Lindsay Pulsipher).

"He's dealing with his little simple life thrown upside down," Kwanten says. There are complications Jason can't even imagine when Crystal defies her father, Calvin (Gregory Sporleder), and makes a major choice that will affect her and Jason's future. "There are a lot of things working against that relationship," says executive producer Alan Ball.

But before the couple has a chance to reunite, Jason meets the panther. "It's just as vicious, if not more vicious, than a werewolf," says Kwanten. When man and beast go toe-to-paw, will the claws come out — or will they hiss and make up?

True Blood’s 30 Sexiest Men

With just three episodes left and the just released hot & controversial Rolling Stone magazine cover featuring Sookie, Bill, and Eric naked & sprinkled in blood, we decided to compile a list of 30 of the hottest and sexiest men, past, present & future of  HBO’s vampire hit, True Blood. If you have been following the series or reading the Sookie Stackhouse novels by author Charlaine Harris, then you know that True Blood is about more than just vampires. Telepaths, shape-shifters, and wolves, are but a few of the supernatural beings that make up this exciting series. Let’s take a look at some of the men, that make this series so fun to watch:
Sam Trammell


True Blood : Bill uses his blood to heal Sookie in shower scene - but he heals something else in the books!

OK , remember Bill and Sookie shower scene from last episode when he used his blood to heal the bite marks on her neck ?

The healing takes place in 'Dead until Dark' but he uses his blood to heal a very different part of her ...

"Will I be sore?"
"I know you'll think this is odd, but I don't remember. The only virgin I was ever with was my wife, and that was a century and a half ago ... yes, I recall, you will be very sore. We won't be able to make love again, for a day or two."
"Your blood heals," I observed after a little pause, feeling my cheeks redden.
In the moonlight, I could see him shift, to look at me more directly. "So it does," he said. "Would you like that?"
"Sure. Wouldn't you?"
"Yes," he breathed, and bit his own arm.
It was so sudden that I cried out, but he casually rubbed a finger in his own blood, and then before I could tense up he slid that finger up inside me. He began moving it very gently, and in a moment, sure enough, the pain was gone.
 Thanks," I said. "I'm better now."
But he didn't remove his finger.
"Oh," I said. "Would you like to do it again so soon? Can you do that?" And as his finger kept up its motion, I began to hope so.
"Look and see," he offered, a hint of amusement in his sweet dark voice.
I whispered, hardly recognizing myself, "Tell me what you want me to do."
And he did.

Has True Blood taken things too far this year? "E" Video

An interview with a vampire (sympathizer): Becca Wilcott, author of the unofficial True Blood guide

Team Talk Blood member Becca Wilcott interview. She will be on with me Sunday night on Talk Blood Radio!

What happens when a Truebie (a.k.a. a True Blood fan) with a penchant for writing sets her sights on a book deal?
Becca Wilcott is the author of Truly, Madly, Deadly: The Unofficial True Blood Companion (ECW Press). Sharp eyes will recognize Becca as our own past guest host of the CBC Book Club. That's right! It's none other than Julie Wilson. Becca is her pen name for this series.
You can catch her weekly recap of season three episodes at the National Post where she's a correspondent for the newspaper's arts and culture blog, the Ampersand. She'll also be appearing on the panel "From Nosferatu to Twilight: Vampires: Film and TV" at Fan Expo Canada in Toronto on Sunday, August 29, at 3 p.m.
SPOILER ALERT: Portions of this interview contain details about the books and TV series.

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Blood Work! “True Blood” vlog 3.09: “… Tiffany?”

Team Talk Blood members Andy & Brian have posted their vlog for this week 

Denis " Russell Edgington" O’Hare on Good Day New York today -video

More Rolling Stone photos

True Blood " I Smell a Ray " Ep. 34: Clips with Tara, Jason and Jessica

Ep. 34: Clip - Tara helps Jason clean up


Ep. 34: Clip - Jessica confronts Arlene

I Smell a Rat Ep. 34: Clip - Pam questions Eric

Jace Everett 's video for his new song 'One Of Them' from his latest album Red Revelations.

I bet we see this in True Blood ! We love Jace!!

Ok we are looking forward to a Sookie Vampwich with Bill and Eric !

We get the message already -photo on left from EW and of course Rolling Stone on right ....

INTERVIEW: Lindsay Pulsipher (Crystal Norris) from True Blood

True Blood is well into its third season, and it has been fantastic so far. It’s probably the craziest and wildest season yet, and I am enjoying every minute of it. One thing creator Alan Ball doesn’t shy away from is the introduction of new characters. This season we’ve seen new (and sexy) werewolves (ahem Alcide), a new Merlotte’s waitress, and a wolf pack who are into drugs and vampire blood. Crystal Norris (one of those new characters) is a love interest for Jason, but there’s still an air of mystery surrounding her. She comes from the Norris family, who are involved with drugs and she appears to have a fiancee. But what is the real deal with Jason’s new crush? I recently had the chance to chat with Lindsay Pulsipher, who plays Crystal, about the mysterious role, what’s coming up for Crystal and what draws her character (besides the obvious) to Jason Stackhouse.
What originally drew you to the role of Crystal Norris?
I haven’t read the books, but after I got to know her through the writers of True Blood — through their eyes — I was just fascinated with her mystery. She was written with a lot of mystery, and she has several layers going on. And as we’ll soon see later in the season, she’s got a lot of things that she’s trying to cope with and deal with in her life, and I just loved the aspect of being able to play such a complicated, mysterious character. It was really exciting for me.

Definitely. Crystal also has a very interesting background. Can you tell us a little bit more about her family and where she came from?
Little things are revealed throughout the season — more and more about her past and her history — but she’s from this family that cooks meth and they’re meth heads basically (laughs). She’s never really left this compound. It’s all she’s ever really known. She doesn’t really have a social life outside of the compound, so the world outside of that is just so big and intimidating to her I think.

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Carrie " Arlene" Preston on Good Day NY

True Blood promises the ins and outs of werewolf sex !

Question: What the bloody hell?! You haven’t had anything about True Blood—the hottest show on television—in forever. Has the mighty Ausiello lost his mojo in getting a good scoop? —Angi
It’s not lost, just a little rusty. This should turn things around: If you’re at all curious about the ins and outs of werewolf sex, then be sure to watch this season’s final two episodes.

That"s Joe (left) walking Thunder, the real life wolf that plays him  in True Blood ...

New Vampire book :Adam Rex's 'Fat Vampire'

While I'd call myself a vampire fan, I'm not obsessed with bloodsuckers the way some folks are.
However, a new vampire-themed young adult book devoured my attention so completely that I almost missed my stop on the subway last week. Adam Rex's Fat Vampire: A Never Coming of Age Story is funny, dark, surprising and jam-packed with unexpected pop-culture references. (You won't find shout-outs to Dame Darcy's Meat Cake and Rocky Horror in the Twilight series.)
And yes, it's about a chubby vampire -- specifically, a poor dude named Doug who is doomed to spend his life as an awkward 15-year-old. His human best friend Jay is the only person who can help him deal with major crises, like when he turns into a bat.

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Denis O'Hare from the HBO show "True Blood" will be on Thursday's Good Day New York.

MYFOXNY.COM - Denis O'Hare from the HBO show "True Blood" will be on Thursday's Good Day New York.
O'Hare plays the character Russell Edgington. Edgington is described as the flamboyant - and deadly - vampire king of Mississippi.O’Hare is a veteran actor and has appeared in more than 50 movies and television shows.True Blood airs Sunday nights on HBO. The show was nominated for multiple Emmy awards this year.

True Blood is created by Alan Ball and based on the Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris.

True Blood Music Video of the Day: Before the worst

Before the worst (Alcide/Sookie)

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