Monday, August 2, 2010

True Blood's Joe "Alcide" Manganiello On Wendy Williams today! Video

LOVE-- LOVE that Wendy read from the book!!!!
It's great to hear Joe talk and realize how differently he speaks  for Alcide and I don't mean the accent I mean the little growl he does with his voice as Alcide .
Do you guys know what I mean ???
Am I crazy ???

Go Ask Dallas : Please tell us more about the wolves ( real ones used in the show!)

Steve Martin's Working Wildlife provides the wolves for True Blood this yea.

On the web page you can see a number of candid shots with Thunder,  the wolf that plays Alcide

I think that may be Thunder in the middle ( right) but there are other photos of him on the web page.

You can also see Cody and Shadow who star is True Blood . Best article about the wolves here Wall Street Journal from June.

Here are some quotes from various article about Joe and Thunder: Below is Thunder/Alcide as he appears to Tara in the woods.

When asked about the wolf playing his alter ego, Joe sounded like a kid. It’s a live wolf named Thunder, a giant North American timber wolf with yellow eyes. According to Joe, he’s beautiful. ”We both play the same character – I turn into him and he turns into me.”
Explaining that certain protocol has to be followed in order to get near real wolves, Joe said he did visit their ranch. With supervision, he was allowed to take Thunder for a 45-minute romp. The wolf responded to his name and allowed Joe to pet him. Having gone through the acclimation period, it appears Joe met with Thunder’s approval.


"True Blood" star Joe Manganiello has bonded with the wolf that plays the canine side of his character — so much so that he recently began taking his co-star on walks.

The actor plays werewolf Alcide on the series. A North American Timber Wolf named Thunder is his canine counterpart.

Manganiello says Thunder is on a giant chain while they walk to ensure that the animal doesn't get spooked and run away.

Unlike his character, Manganiello admits to getting hit with "an amount of fear" when working with the undomesticated animals. Handlers have advised him not to have meat around Thunder or make any sudden movements.

He says the wolves are "suprisingly gigantic" with "wild-looking, piercing yellow eyes."

True Blood Ep 7 "Hitting the Ground " Music

  • The Benders - "Mountain Radio" 

  • Stone Temple Pilots - "Can't Drive Me Away

  • Jason Charles Miller - "You Get What You Pay For" 
Buy here  / Listen here

  • Zebra Junction - "Small H2O Blues" 

  • PJ Harvey - "Hitting the Ground" 

    True Blood's Vamps Wear Footwear From Neiman Marcus . . . and Goodwill

    True Blood fans know that the style is succulent — especially The Queen's — and the footwear is no exception. Costume designer Audrey Fisher goes through great trouble hunting down those hot heels featured in the show. "I shop everywhere for our show, from Goodwill to Neiman Marcus," she said. So how much power do those vampire shoes have? "I became so obsessed with getting Pam the perfect hot shoe for her [ladylike] and vampy costumes that they started putting her fabulous footwear into the script, and her shoes started getting cameos."
    Other favorite brands of Fisher's are Giuseppe Zanotti, Aldo, Bebe, Steve Madden, Pour La Victoire, Jeffrey Campbell, John Varvatos, and Target.

    read on 

    Great article about Pam's pumps from Season 2 here 
    These were Betsy Johnson shoes

    True Blood: "Hitting The Ground" With Gordon Gano & PJ Harvey

    Thanks to Team Talk Blood member, Jefwithonef for giving us his review from last night eppy

    When things have already gone too far, the only choice is to go much, much further.

    Through the course of this episode, Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Tara (Rutina Wesley) escape from vampires and werewolves by brutally murdering their captors, rescue Vampire Bill (Stephen Moyer) and drive off triumphantly into the sunrise to a brave and happy new world where there is no language but love and no farts, only daffodils.

    Or maybe everyone is beaten and covered in blood, thoroughly traumatized by the associated rapes, tortures and betrayal they've gone through in the last 24 hours. Maybe the tearful reunion between Bill and Sookie turns into a feeding frenzy when he awakens with her locked in the back of a moving truck and his more monstrous instincts take over in an attempt to heal the injuries he has sustained.

    read on

    True Blood : Pams's torture earings from Tiffanys

    The Magister's minions shop at Tiffanys for items to torture Pam with?  ? So now I suppose you want a pair ?

    I think these are the ones ...

    BUY here

    Baby Vamp Jessica’s Blog

    Bill and Lorena’s Undying Love

    Inside the Episode of “Hitting the Ground”

    True Blood Season 3: Ep 8 "Night on the Sun" preview

    New Sookie short story : "Death's Excellent Vacation" review - it's out tomorrow !!

    A lotta loves reviews.....
    What is it: Charlaine Harris, Katie MacAlister, Jeaniene Frost, Lilith Saintcrow, and more have worked together to create Death's Excellent Vacation, a new short-story collection filled with stories from the paranormal world. Similar to Wolfsbane and Mistletoe and Many Bloody Returns, the twelve original stories (including a brand-new Sookie Stackhouse story) in Death's Excellent Vacation are based along the same theme - vacations. 

    My Take: I am a fan of the Sookie Stackhouse novels, and own every Sookie story that has been published so far. The Sookie story contained within Death's Excellent Vacation is not the best story in the Sookie-verse, but it's still a fun read. Pam and Sookie venture off on what appears to be a girl's getaway but is actually something else entirely (not much of a surprise). The story provides information that I suspect will be fleshed out further in the next Sookie novel. If you have a passion for Eric (like me) you may be disappointed to find that he is barely in this story. A shame.

    Although, I was most excited about the Sookie story (as I'm sure many other people are), there are eleven other stories in this book as well. As with any compilation, some stories are better than others. I quite enjoyed Sarah Smith's The Boys Go Fishing, about a lonely immortal coming to grips with being the last of his kind, as well as Katie MacAlister's The Perils of Effrijim, about a demon whose vacation to Paris is ruined when he's banished to another reality.

    Although the stories were all written by different authors, I found the entire book an easy, quick read. It's the kind of book that makes for good summer reading while at the beach, the cottage, or just traveling around. Of course, I read it sitting on my couch, and it was equally enjoyable there as well.

    Death's Excellent Vacation is set to be released and available for purchase on August 3, 2010.

    Go ask Dallas: What was that prayer that Lafayette said at Sookie's hospital bedside?

    Dear Dallas
    What was that prayer that Lafayette said at Sookie's hospital bedside? 

    Dead DB 
    Here is what Lafayette said

    Prayer At Time Of Adversity
      An Inuit Indian Prayer
    I think over again my small adventures.
    My fears, Those small ones that seemed so big,
    For all the vital things
    I had to get and reach.
    And yet there is only one great thing,
    The only thing,
    To live to see the great day that dawns
    And the light that fills the world.

    prayer at 2:40

    What did they say ? True Blood S3E07 " Hitting the ground " subtitles


    Favorite quotes:

    * "I like you, Hoyt. I want to be your girlfriend. And I really want you to taste my biscuits." - Summer
    * "How'd you know I was a Tiffany's girl?" - Pam
    * "Love your place, love the vibe. We must talk franchising later." - Russell, on Fangtasia
    * "You can dish it out but you sure can't take it, can you Magister?" - Pam
    * "Let's see how this plays out, Pam. We can always taunt later." - Eric

    True Blood Music Video of the Day: Welcome To the Mad House

    True Blood: Welcome To the Mad House