Friday, June 26, 2009

RUTINA WESLEY from True Blood Exclusive Interview

From Daemonstv

Recently I got a chance to speak withRutina Wesley who plays Tara on one of the Best show ion television , HBO's True Blood.

Rutina Wesley is one of the Emmy hopefuls this year, and if you have seen True Blood then you know this is definitely an award-worthy show and Rutina Wesley is one of the people that help make it that way.

Rutina Wesley talked about what is coming up this second season for Tara, how she got into acting, and much more. So enjoy her interview below.

Congratulations on getting such good ratings for season two. How does it feel?

Rutina Wesley: It feels really, really good, and I'm telling you, I'm sort of shocked at the ratings. I knew that we had a huge following, but the fact that so many more people are loving the show, it's all great and positive.

Had you originally read all the books, or have you read them since doing the show?

Rutina Wesley: Well, I read the first book. Tara is very different in the books than they've decided to take her in the show. So after the first book I sort of didn't read anymore so that I could then create my own character along with the rest of the creative team since they had taken her in a different direction. But my mother has read all nine [laughs].

Did she like them?

Rutina Wesley: Yes, she loved them.

Do you think you'll eventually read them, maybe at the end of the show?

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True Blood Evan Rachel Woods on Jimmy Fallon

see whole episode HERE

ERW at 28:00

She's darling and has "extra long fangs " ??? wow !

True Blood Eggs Benedict / Mehcad Brooks

Your hot afternoon treat ;-) From MadProfessah

Steaming hot Mehcad Brooks has done the impossible, growing even hotter in his appearances on HBO's True Blood. MadProfessah has been ogling Mr. Brooks since 2005, when he appeared on Desperate Housewives.

Brooks is one of the best things to look at on the intriguing HBO show which is already chockful of hot man flesh. His character's name on True Blood is Eggs Benedict Talley.He has clearly been spending time in the gym and now features what looks like an "eight pack."

What I like most about him is his smile. Really!

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Lafayette swamp rocker’s career gets new ‘blood’

From the Advocate

After making swamp-rock and -pop for years with his band, the Lafayette Marquis, as well as Acadiana super-group Lil’ Band O’ Gold, C.C. Adcock is getting the greatest mainstream exposure of his career through a song featured on the recently released True Blood soundtrack CD.

Adcock’s “Bleed 2 Feed,” the first single from the soundtrack, is infiltrating rock radio. The soundtrack album, too, has sold an impressive 50,000 copies and the newly launched second season of True Blood, that racy HBO series about vampires in rural Louisiana, is drawing big ratings.

Adcock and the Lafayette Marquis appeared in episode 10 of True Blood’s first season. Playing themselves, they performed five songs at Merlottes, the bar where main character Sookie Stackhouse works. There’s also a “Bleed 2 Feed” music video.

“I’ve always been in the cracks, between the lines, so to have something played at rock radio is kind of funny for me,” Adcock said from Lafayette this week. “But it’s on the strength of the show, and maybe the strength of the song.”

Adcock, knowing that True Blood creator and executive producer Alan Ball was already interested in his music, wrote “Bleed 2 Feed” specifically for the show.

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True Blood's Stephen Moyer appears on Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien

Stephen Moyer appeared last night ....

True Blood's Daphne (Ashley Jones) will be on the radio this morning ...

Today on the show we're going to be speaking with Ashley Jones, she's on the HBO hit series True Blood. She'll be on the show this morning in the 7am hour.

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Vampire Inspired Cocktail

True Blood's appeal ? Ghastly ghoul and familiar fiend

From the Daily Texan (UT Texas) Gooo Texas !

People find vampires and fantasy comforting during periods of turmoil

When hard times have the world by the throat, one UT distinguished teaching associate professor says people turn to an unlikely hero — the vampire.

Tom Garza, chair of the Slavic studies department — who has served as a vampire expert for projects ranging from a History Channel special to the 2007 horror film “30 Days of Night,” — points to the global recession as the driving force behind the rise of the “undead” in pop culture.

“Anytime we get into a period of strife — that can be economic recession, war, culture wars or any combination of those — we, as a human organism, tend to want to retreat into a safe world of fantasy or extreme fiction,” Garza said. “The vampire story comes out, the zombie story comes out — any kind of revenant story. The idea of coming back from the dead is a positive idea, the notion that we will survive this, we will get through this.”

He sited a rash of vampire stories over the last five years, from the “Twilight” and “True Blood” series to foreign films like 2008’s “Let The Right One In,” as a coping mechanism for the general public. The second season premiere of “True Blood,” which aired earlier this month, was the most-watched HBO original program since “The Sopranos” finale in 2007. When the “Twilight” movie hit theaters last November, it enjoyed the biggest opening weekend ever for a vampire film.

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True Blood Music Video of the Day: Jesus asked me out today by Amanda Jane and the God Rockets


Jesus asked me out today by Amanda Jane and the God Rockets