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True Blood Episode 1 Season 4 : What do you know about the Renard Parish Sheriff Department?

Here is the Renard Parish Patch that Jason is wearing in Ep 1. It says 'Sheriff Renard Parish ' and has a star with I think  Phoenix in the middle ...hmm ..Phoenix and rising form the ashes or dead.. I looked back and it's always looked like this, guess i just never looked at it carefully.

Also in Ep 1 Andy talks about how Sookie being missing made the Parish loose the "Lousiana Safe Streets " plaque to Webster Parish. He says ...
"For thirteen straight months, I've had that open case on my books. If it weren't for you, this year's Louisiana Safe Streets plaque would be on my wall, and not fuckin' Webster Parish!"

FYI -Webster Parish is where the town of Minden is located and is 28 miles East of Shreveport. ( or a little west) of the fictional town of Bon Temps and Renard Parish.

Patrick played by Scott Foley (Terry’s platoon leader in Iraq) introduced for Season 5 True Blood

Showrunner Convinced True Blood Season Five Is A Shoe In
True Blood creator/showrunner Alan Ball is so convinced True Blood season five is a cert (season four has only just begun airing in the States) he’s been talking to TVLine about a character whose major plot arc won’t even happen until the 2012 season: Patrick (to be played by Scott Foley – left): “He was Terry’s platoon leader in Iraq,” says Ball. “So they share a military history.” Foley will debut in the season four finale and then recur throughout season five. But will Ball still be in charge then? “I’m negotiating,” he says, when asked if he’ll be continuing as shorwunner, but he’s adamant that whatever the outcome, there’ll be more True Blood. “There are no plans for this show to end. I’m pretty sure there will be at least one more season, if not more. It seems like it has a lot of life in it still.” With ratings of 5.2 million viewers for the deliciously bonkers season four opener (not quite, but nearly the highest ratings the show has ever achieved) he’s clearly right there.

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True Blood Season 4: Critics Spot (HBO) video

True Blood Mythological Creatures: Faeries (HBO) video

Vampire Mythology -Sookie Stackhouse by Charlaine Harris


AUTHOR/CREATOR:Charlaine Harris


NATIONALITY:American (specifically from the South in Northern Louisiana)

PHYSICAL TRAITS: Vampires resemble humans and look as they did when they were 'turned' from human to vampire. However, Caucasian vampires will be paler than they were in human form when 'turned'. Any temporary scarring or bruises had by humans when 'turned' will heal when they become vampires. Vampires do not age.

Vampires have a cooler body temperatures than humans and are cold to touch. Vampires incisors extend into fangs when they are angry, excited, aroused, need to fight or see blood. Apart from when going through these emotions or events, vampire fangs are retracted back into their incisors. Vampires do not need to breathe and do not have the need to fidget or itch. They can stand as still as a statue and remain expressionless. SUPERNATURAL ABILITIES: Healthy vampires are a good deal stronger and faster than humans with heightened reflexes, stamina and senses. As they get older, their strength, speed, reflexes and senses increase further. They can also heal quickly. Fresh vampire blood is also able to heal wounded humans as well as increase that person's strength, speed, reflexes, senses, stamina and physical appearance. Stale or less fresh vampire blood can be used a narcotic by humans and while it does everything that fresh vampire blood does, it can cause people to become high, mentally ill or cause humans to go into aggressive frenzies, attacking or sookie killing others or themselves

Vampires are also capable of learning a number of supernatural skills. The most common of these is the ability to glamor humans. Glamoring is a form of hypnosis that requires a vampire to make direct eye contact and use their voices to hypnotize a human into doing their bidding. Glamoring does not effect other vampires or other supernatural creatures. Some vampires are also able to shapeshift, levitate, fly or use telepathy as well as a number of other supernatural skills. SUSTENANCE/FEEDING: Vampires must sleep during the day, away from exposure to daylight. Only old vampires are able to rouse themselves during the day and even then they will be severely weakened. Vampires who try and remain awake during the day in a room unexposed to daylight will not only be weakened but will get the 'bleeds', this is where blood will slowly leak out of them, weakening them further. Vampires do not need to produce waste.

Vampires cannot eat normal food or drink normal drinks. They must drink the blood of humans, animals or synthetic blood. Human blood tastes best to vampires although they can sustain themselves on synthetic blood although it does not taste very good. Animal blood is also drank by some vampires although they are considered to be those of an unstable mental health. Vampires who do not drink blood will become so thirsty that they will go into complete frenzies, draining anyone they meet. They will not die from drinking blood, they will just become uncontrollable and sometimes mad. Vampires also become uncomfortable and begin to ache if they do not get blood. They become weaker also. Vampires find freshly deceased corpses and pure fairy blood irresistible and those with some fairy blood more appealing. Maenad blood is toxic to them. BECOMING A VAMPIRE: A vampire must drain a human of all their blood, effectively killing that human, and replace it with some of their own blood. The vampire and drained human will then sleep in the ground for two to three nights until the drained human rises as a vampire. The newborn vampire will be thirsty and need to feed on blood. The newborn vampire will have to stay with their 'maker' for some time as the 'maker' shows the newborn vampire or 'ward' how to live the life of a vampire. Although having some control, newborn vampires will often lose control of their impulses and can cause serious harm or trouble. Newborn vampires must leave their human lives behind as they are likely on impulse to attack their family or friends.

Newborn vampires must answer to their maker and are unable to resist if their maker commands them to do something. Eventually, makers will allow their wards to go out into the World themselves to be independent and free. Wards can return to their makers if they wish. VAMPIRE POLITICS: Since The Great Revelation (when vampires revealed themselves to humans), vampires have become involved in human politics in countries where they are accepted such as campaigning for vampire-human marriage.

Unknown to the majority of humans, vampires have their own political system. In the United States Of America, each of the States are split into kingdoms or queendoms, ruled by a king or queen or by both a king and queen. Each kingdom is split into areas (formerly called fiefdoms) ruled by sheriffs.

Great job by folks on the True Blood wiki ---check out all the other mythologies !

Older vampires are more powerful than younger vampires. Vampires run on a pecking

order with older vampires having a say over younger vampires. A younger vampire committing a crime against an older vampire is a major offence and would see that vampire punished by their sheriff, king or queen or vampire organisations such as the American Vampire League or the magister of the North American Vampire League. Vampires, regardless of age, must respect these authorities. INTERACTION WITH OTHER SUPERNATURAL BEINGS: Vampires dislike shapeshifters and werewolves but will join with them for common supernatural causes. Vampires find fairies irresistible because the smell of blood is so enticing. Fairies are in danger of being drained by vampires because of their irresistible. Vampires seem to be accepting of practioneer witches and Wiccans. HOW TO KILL A VAMPIRE: Vampires can be killed by wooden objects through the heart, decapitation and being burned to death by fire. A disease known as Sino-AIDS and severe use of silver can lead to silver poisoning which can kill them. VAMPIRE VULNERABILITIES: Silver is toxic to them and causes their skin to burn although it only causes them great pain but in most cases does not kill them. Garlic also disgusts them. Vampires are weakened by silver, staying awake in the day and starved of blood. They can also contract certain diseases such as Hepatitis D which will weaken them for a month. SOCIAL STATUS: Older vampires are more respected socially than younger vampires. However, most vampires live in harmony with each other and racism and homophobia are virtually non-existent in vampire society.

Since vampires 'came out of the coffin' with the invention of synthetic blood, they have tried to live amongst humans (this is known as mainstreaming). Vampires are tolerated in countries such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Japan and the majority of first World countries but are hunted in the majority of Islamic and South American countries. Even in countries where they are tolerated, there is still major bigotry towards vampires by humans with many being cautious or living in fear of them. INTERACTION WITH HUMANS: Some vampires try to "mainstream" and live among humans, while others attempt to live as they had before the Great Revelation. VAMPIRE BLOOD: When humans drink Vampire blood, they become more attractive to other humans and vampires and sexually potent. They also gain strength and more control over themselves. They also feel healthier and tend to be able to heal faster. Vampire blood is one of the most sought-after commodities on the black-market because of its potency (even though some humans have gone crazy after drinking it). The effects last depending on the amounts of blood that was ingested.

True Blood: Nick Cave & Neko Case Ditch Faeries For Zombies - Jef from Houston Press

true blood faerie world june27.jpgWe are soooo pleased to be getting the band back together and I will be talking to Jef Sunday night on Talk Blood.

Alan Ball was known for his masterful use of music in Six Feet Under. He's lost none of his touch when it comes to his current HBO series, True Blood - which happens to be set in the Louisiana swamps, not terribly far from Houston.
​Expectation. That's the word of the day, gentle readers, of our not-so-gentle take on HBO's True Blood. Welcome to the fourth season of the last great vampire television show. They keep the emo to a minimum here. Our expectations were mixed coming into this season. On one hand, the fourth Sookie Stackhouse book is one of the best in the series, a truly new look at many of your favorite characters as well another great revelation in regards to the fae inhabiting the world along with humans, vampires, weres, shifters, and even the occasional demigod.

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'True Blood' exec teases shower scene- listen here !

Alan Ball has dropped some hints about an upcoming shower scene on the show.
In the Charlaine Harris novels upon which the series is based, Sookie and Eric have a sex scene in the bathroom.

Ball has now teased that the couple, played by Anna Paquin and Alexander Skarsgård, will have a similar moment in the fourth season."There is a shower scene," he told TV Line. "But it is not a direct re-enactment of the shower scene in the book. It goes to a slightly different place."

However, Ball added: "Sookie and Eric are in the shower together. Everybody who's been waiting for Sookie and Eric to hook up, this will be a very good season for them."

A la Carte: A 'True Blood' brunch- recipes !

Louisiana vampires, werewolves and a certain telepathic waitress returned to the small screen this week as HBO launched a new season of its hit vampire series, "True Blood." Of course, vampire parties tend to focus on the, er, liquid refreshment, but staffers at think humans may prefer to celebrate the return of their favorite series with a menu that does not involve the letters AB or O. And this "True Blood" party plan calls for zydeco music, fangtastic decor and a Cajun brunch because, as they say, "If you're going to hang with the vampires of northern Louisiana's Area 5, you'll be getting up at dusk. So why not have breakfast for dinner?"The menu includes Bloody Mary Soup Shots with Shrimp, Homemade Sausage Patties, Creole-Style Oven Hash Browns and an Eggs Benedict Bread Pudding, inspired by a certain ill-fated beau. Download recipes, soundtrack suggestions and more at . Meanwhile, here's just a taste:

Bloody Mary Soup Shots with Shrimp
32 peeled deveined cooked medium shrimp
2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice, divided
Pickled vegetables
28-ounce can San Marzano tomatoes in juice
2 green onions, chopped
1/2 cup chicken broth
2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
2 tablespoons vodka
1 tablespoon prepared horseradish
1/2 teaspoon celery salt

1. Toss shrimp with 1 tablespoon lemon juice in large bowl. Thread shrimp and pickled vegetables on toothpicks to make soup garnishes. Chill.
2. Puree tomato juice with 1 tablespoon lemon juice and remaining ingredients. Adjust seasoning. Chill.
3. When ready to serve, pour soup mixture into shot glasses. Garnish with shrimp.