Monday, September 26, 2011

‘Family Guy’ Took A Shot At ‘True Blood!’ See The Cartoon Versions Of Sookie & Bill!

Peter: No! Anna Paquin boob does not count as real boob! That’s like looking at a 12-year-old boy! You should know that, Joe. … And as for you, Anna, you’re dreadful. And so is the program.
Anna: [Somehow talking to Peter through the TV] I didn’t write it.
Peter: Yeah, but you know the people who do. That Alan Ball — you know him, right?
Anna: Yeah…
Peter: How come everything he writes is so dreary?
Anna: I don’t know.
Peter: Tell him to cheer up! Things ain’t so bad.
Fortunately, the disappointingly un-funny joke took a solid turn when the camera cut to Bruce — my personal favorite — watching the show at home in his True Blood t-shirt.
“This is a weird episode,” Bruce said.  

They've done a TB shout out before ...