Wednesday, June 30, 2010

“True Blood” Sucker Punch: Season 3, Ep. 3

Team Talk Blood member Mark Blankenship just posted his "Sucker Punch" you can listen to us discussing this episode Sunday night click on widget to right !

Before we dive into “It Hurts Me Too,” I need to talk about a recent review of True Blood by Entertainment Weekly‘s Ken Tucker. In his conclusion, he wrote:

What show creator Alan Ball has brought to True Blood‘s pulp-horror trappings is a unifying theme of power versus helplessness: an insistence that victims are capable of toughening, of overcoming their powerlessness to become smarter and stronger. It’s a positive message that Ball and his writers and directors smuggle into a show that only seems to revel in decadence, gore, and duplicity. True Blood‘s dirtiest little secret is that it may be among the most ethical, even righteous, shows on television.

Meanwhile, in his recap of the season premiere, Tucker said, “I like True Blood best when it’s fast, dirty, and funny.”

These statements clarify my own relationship to the show: Yes, it’s full of metaphor, and I certainly enjoy it on that level. However, I mostly like True Blood because it’s trashy, bloody, sexy, and funny. It’s more valuable to me as candy than as vitamins.

This isn’t always how I roll. I like Big Love‘s sweeping themes more than its individual plots, and as much as I love the campiness on RuPaul’s Drag Race, I love its subtle critique of American society even more.

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Why we love vampires

EVEN BOY WIZARD Harry Potter - whose movie franchise-based theme park opened in Orlando, Fla., earlier this month - has been drained of his powers by the vampires among us.
With apologies to radio personality Howard Stern , the undead clearly have claimed the title King of All Media this month. "True Blood," HBO's popular series set in current-day Louisiana, started its third season on June 13. "Twilight" author Stephenie Meyer's latest book "The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner: An Eclipse Novella" was released on June 5 and has already sold a million copies. And "Eclipse," the third movie in the multimillion-dollar franchise, opens today. (See Gary Thompson's review, Page 35.)
Justin Cronin's "The Passage," a new postapocalyptic novel featuring vampirelike creatures was published June 8 and is No. 4 on the New York Times best-sellers list. (Fox 2000 reportedly bought the rights to a film version of the book three years ago, before it was even written.)

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Meg Cabot shares her childhood love of vampires

By Meg Cabot

It happened at a friend's slumber party, circa 1979. Bored of talking about boys (it wasn't really our fault: we were 12), I turned on the TV.

A handsome dark-haired man was biting a pretty girl on the throat ... but she didn't seem to mind at all. In fact, her long golden hair was fanned out across the pillows as she threw her head back in obvious ecstasy. She was writhing around on this big canopy bed while scarlet rivulets of blood streamed very artistically down the front of her white lace nightgown, which was hiked up around her slim thighs.

Orchestral music swelled in the background. You could tell something amazing was about to happen. Such as sex!

Sadly, however, we didn't get to see it. My friend's mom walked in, saw what we were watching, and turned the TV off.

"Girls!" she cried, appalled. "This is much too ... scary for you! Stop watching it, right now!"

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True Blood Music Video of the Day: Like A Whisper To The Dusk

True Blood- Like A Whisper To The Dusk

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