Monday, September 20, 2010

Charlaine Harris Australian book tour cancelled

Not sure what's up ....hope it's not her elderly mom.

True Blood fans will be disappointed to know that Charlaine Harris has had to cancel her Australian book tour due to some ‘very sad family news’. Her Australian publicist confirmed this and also mentioned that they’re keen to reschedule her soon. We wish her and her family well.

Set your TIVOs ! Our friend, Mark Blankenship of Talk Blood fame will be on Joy Behar tomorrow night!

Our good friend ( you all know him for Sucker Punch reviews and for being on Talk Blood Radio with me ) will be on Joy Behar tomorrow night!

Mark  writes for his own blog Critical Condition and for Huffington Post - we are so proud of him!
Can someone record it and turn it into a Youtube video ??

Joy Behar here

Check your local listing for HLN ! Yippeeee

Mark was great ! read transcript here 

Charity Auction: Featured Extra Walk-On Role on HBO's Hit Series, TRUE BLOOD

You like Modern Family. You like True Blood. You like the Oscars. (We know this because we read your impassioned comments on this very site!) So you will like this particular charity auction — going on right now! — that benefits the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network, especially if you like doing good as much as you like very cool Hollywood prizes. (Which we hope you do.)
Large_listYou can bid on such prizes as an audition for Modern Family — also being honored by GLSEN’s Respect Awards Oct. 8 — as well as a walk-on role on True Blood, tickets to Elton John’s famed Oscar bash, and tickets to the Dancing With the Stars finale, among other prizes. Bidding closes Friday, Oct. 15, but get going now — that True Blood spot already has six offers.

Featured Extra Walk-On Role on HBO's Hit Series, TRUE BLOOD

Current Bid: $2,805.55
Number of Bids: 6
Minimum Next Bid: $3,055.55
Estimated Value: $10,000.00
Lot Number: 221201
Lot Begins: Fri, 17 Sep 2010 3:00:00 PM EDT
Lot Closes: Fri, 15 Oct 2010 2:02:00 PM EDT

Bid here 

'True Blood' Takeaways: Godric (the vampire) as Angel, Salvation through Love

Hang on to your hats !

The most depraved show on television, HBO's vampire/fairy/shapeshifter-filled 'True Blood,' finished its latest season with a plethora of rather Christian-themed images and ideas about salvation, if presented in a somewhat blasphemous fashion.
The first: Salvation through love. Godric, who is also Eric's vampire-maker (sire), and who joyfully went to his death after a long, long life (Godric encountered it as a huge relief), appears at the beginning of this season's finale in angelic fashion. Eric is on the point of death, roasting in the sunlight (literally), and Godric appears to him in a vision, glowing, surrounded by a circle of light, preaching that death brings eternal peace and forgiveness of all sins, and that beyond death is complete love. Even more, Godric tries to convey that revenge is not the answer and that hatred will only bring unhappiness. Forgiveness and love are the only means to redemption.

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True Blood Crossword Puzzle : Ep 3.11 "Fresh Blood"

Fresh Blood s3e11                                                            
Thanks Kristie

S3 E12 Finale " Evil is going on" recap- Who Can You Trust? The final episode of the season uncovered betrayal and redemption as well as some exciting new revelations.

Event Cockburn, Australia : Calling all True Blood & Sookie Stackhouse fans

Charlaine Harris, the author of the popular Sookie Stackhouse books (on which the, also popular, True Blood TV series is based), will be appearing at Collins Bookshop in Cockburn Gateway Shopping City (Collins is two shops down from Success Library) on Thursday 30 September 12.30-1.30pm. Charlaine will be signing copies of her books. This is Charlaine's only free appearance in WA.

The True Blood is based on the Southern Vampire Mysteries series (aka Sookie Stackhouse novels) written by Charlaine Harris. There are 11 books in this series of vampire books:
The library has season 1 and season 2 of True Blood on DVD. 

Is ‘Being Human’ better than ‘True Blood’?

Is it better ? No,  in my humble opinion -but I really liked season 1 and have not yet seen season 2.

I just finished watching the season 2 finale of “Being Human” on BBC America. It was miles better than the season 3 finale of “True Blood.”
“Being Human” hasn’t gotten off track (yet) with heaps of new characters and subplots. It still focuses mostly on the three supes: Vampire Mitchell (the smoldering Aidan Turner, who could rival any hottie on “True Blood”), ghost Annie (the beautiful and perfect Lenora Crichlow, whom I loved in “Collision” on PBS) and werewolf George (adorably nerdy Russell Tovey and his ears, which deserve separate billing).

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Halloween: Win True Blood Costumes from HBO Shop

The HBO Shop has a Straight-from-the-Set Sweepstakes with a chance to win a one of a kind costume from one of the characters. Choices range from Maryann’s wedding dress, Lorena’s death dress to Sookie's white trench coat.
You may enter for more than one costume but you are only eligible to win one of them. For complete details, go to the HBO Shop.

Vampire books like Twilight may be affecting teens' minds

In some unfamiliar ways, vampire books like 'Twilight' may be altering the teenage mind, scientists have revealed.
"We don't know exactly how literature affects the brain, but we know that it does," Live Science quoted Maria Nikolajeva of Cambridge University as saying.
"Some new findings have identified spots in the brain that respond to literature and art," she said.
Previously, scientists, authors and educators met in Cambridge for a conference organised by Nikolajeva to discuss how young-adult books and movies affect teenagers' minds.
"For young people, everything is so strange, and you cannot really say why you react to things - it's a difficult period to be a human being," said Nikolajeva.

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True Blood Bill Compton Pumpkin Stencil

Not sure why you'd buy this when Andy's are free but... HERE

Level of Difficulty: 3/5 Intermediate
Vampire lover of Sookie Stackhouse will guard your home as he guards Sookie.

Price: $4.95

True Blood Music Video of the Day: Dirty Little Secret

Dirty Little Secret - Sookie and Eric