Tuesday, August 31, 2010

True Blood Promo for 3.12 – Evil Is Going On

True Blood gives a great neck job, but we need a bit more from Meredith at io9.com

Team Talk Blood member Meredith Woerner give us her Pros and Cons 

Oh, what a vampire night. Once again this show struggles to out-top itself after the infamous vampire news desk sign-off. And this being the second-to-last episode, we're starting to worry about True Blood reaching its vampire climax. NSFW.
Oh dear, True Blood. While last night's episode was stitched together with few funny quips and one tantalizing neck job, it was pretty tame. This is the second-to-last episode. It's time to bring out the big werewolf dogs, right? I'm starting to get very nervous that we're going to have a repeat of last year's double finale. One ending in season two was perfectly fine (the Godric Quantum leap) and the other was a Egg-licking cow-fisting disaster. Did True Blood already blow its vampire load thanks to the Vampire King of Mississippi's spine-ripping newscast? Because as of right now, this show it making meth addict were-panthers boring. That being said, there was some good in here, let's Pro and Con it:

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Kwanten's Hidden Talent: Prankster

True Blood star Ryan Kwanten may be a sex symbol to fans, but his costars say there's much more to the hunky actor who plays the dim but endearing Jason Stackhouse.

"I think if Ryan could retire from acting and be a prankster, he would consider it," Jim Parrack, who plays Hoyt Fortenberry on the HBO hit, tells PEOPLE.

So what was one of Kwanten's more memorable pranks? "He took our cameraman's car and filled it with ladybugs," says Parrack. "He goes all out."

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Meet 'True Blood's' Rising Witch, Lauren Bowles

With HBO's True Blood mastermind Alan Ball having announced that next season will be "the season of the witch" on the ultra-hot hit, no wonder Lauren Bowles is calling her casting as witch Holly on the series "completely surreal. I watched the show from the beginning, so I couldn't have been more psyched about becoming a part of this world. It didn't seem within the realm of possibility. I'm pinching myself."

Bowles' recently introduced waitress character -- a "down-by-the-bayou single mom" in addition to being a witch -- is becoming more prominent as the show speeds toward its Sept. 12 season finale. Her appearance now is said to be setting her up for next season.

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True Blood Music Episode 3.11 – Fresh Blood

“Blessa” by Toro Y Moi

“You Are My Sunshine” by Nathan Barr (Eric’s ringtone)

“Tears Will Be The Chaser For Your Wine” by Wanda Jackson

“The Ghost Who Walks” by Karen Elson

“Africa La” by Beto Villares

“Help the Poor” by BB King & Eric Clapton

“Fresh Blood” by Eels (end credits)

Vampires might want to kill you but they are saving the economy!

Vampires might want to kill you, but they're giving the economy a life-saving transfusion. Hollywood Reporter says that since the first "Twilight" movie came out, vampire-related books, movies, TV shows, soundtracks, pornography, etc., have brought in $7 billion; that's more than the annual GDP of a small country.


Sookie, Bill and Eric have some fun at the Emmy's

Another day, another magazine cover for True Blood Joe "Alcide" Manganiello heats up EW

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True Blood Crossword Puzzle : Ep 3.08 "Night on the sun"

Night on the Sun s3e8

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True Blood Music Video of the Day: 'Don't Fret Precious' Mashup

Don't Fret Precious...I'm Here.

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