Monday, September 21, 2009

More video with Stephen Moyer at Emmy's

From Ausiello
Of all the Emmy interviews I did yesterday, my red carpet Q&A with True Blood’s Stephen Moyer may be my favorite. This was my first time interviewing him one-on-one, so I think I was expecting someone more along the lines of, well, Bill Compton — that is brooding, dark, and relatively humorless. (I couldn’t really get a read on him during that group interview at Comic-Con). Well, Moyer is none of those things, as you’re about to see. I was particularly impressed with his response to my Eric-Sookie question as well as his take on why the show’s love triangles don’t suck. Watch the video after the jump!

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another interview of Stephen Moyer from TV Guide

True Blood’s Stephen Moyer: ‘We weren’t surprised by Emmy snub’

True Blood star Stephen Moyer has admitted that the cast weren’t surprised when they failed to receive any Emmy nominations this year.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly at last night’s Emmy ceremony, Moyer said:

“Not many shows get nominated in the first season. I would hope that after the success of the second season, it would at least be up there next year in the running. If nothing else, but for [creator Alan Ball's] work.

“I don’t think we were that surprised. Vampire stuff as a genre hasn’t traditionally been a big Emmy choice.”

Stephen also shed some light on how he feels about his girlfriend Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) cosying up to vampire boss Eric.

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Video: Stephen Moyer presents at Emmys with Angel from Buffy!

presentation is at 5:00
Breakthrough announcement and clip at 6:00

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'True Blood' wins 'Breakthrough' honor at the Emmys. Whazzat?

stephenmoyer_trueblood_290.jpg"True Blood" wasn't up for any awards at Sunday night's Primetime Emmy telecast, but it earned some accolades during the broadcast anyway.

The HBO series won something called the "Breakthrough Performance of the Year" that was announced near the end of Sunday's show, beating out Kris Allen's crowning moment on "American Idol" and Chuck kissing Blair on "Gossip Girl."

So what, exactly, is the Breakthrough Performance of the Year? It doesn't really have anything to do with the Emmys, for starters. It's a fan poll sponsored by (owned by CBS, which aired the awards this year) and Vaseline, which is hyping, no kidding, a "breakthrough in body lotion" and designed to recognize things that cut through the TV clutter and grabbed people's attention over the past season.

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Stephen Moyer donates autographed True Blood DVD to Clothes Off Our

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Own the "True Blood" The Complete First Season" DVD autographed by one of the stars of the show Stephen Moyer. "True Blood" is nominated for Outstanding Casting for a Drama Series at the 61st Primetime Emmy® Awards. The item was donated to support the SAG Foundation.

Proceeds from the auction benefit the Screen Actors Guild Foundation Actors Center, the only technical, creative and learning facility of its kind. Offering career-enhancing workshops, seminars, audience events with high-profile industry leaders as well as computer and audio-visual resources at no cost to SAG members, the Actors Center furthers the non-profit Foundation’s mission to assist, educate and inspire actors toward their professional goals and to give back to the communities in which they live.

True Blood Music Video of the Day: As Tall as Lions by Break Blossoms

As Tall as Lions by Break Blossoms LYRICS
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