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Charlaine Harris is writing a Sookieverse Sci-Fi novella starring Batanya and Clovache, the Britlingens from All Together Dead

This interesting article has an even more interesting footnote

Several readers have been asking about Batanya and Clovache, two Britlingens -- Xena-style women warriors from an alternate dimension -- who popped up in Harris' last Sookie Stackhouse novel, All Together Dead, which should just be coming out in paperback. (It seems the vampire monarchs hire these formidable creatures as bodyguards and general muscle, although how the two sides originally made contact is still up in the air.)

Harris said a novella starring the Britlingens is in the works.

Charlaine also mentioned this in the Arkansas Education Television interview last week

and on her blog

Mystery writer finds progress in Fantasy Tales

Charlaine Harris was pushing 50 as the new millennium dawned and felt she was stuck in a rut.

After nearly two decades, she'd published 12 books and earned an Agatha nomination for one of her mystery novels about Aurora Teagarden, a crime-fighting Georgia librarian. Still, she was pigeonholed as what booksellers call a "mid-list writer" - nice but unspectacular sales, no movie deals, virtual anonymity and absolutely no danger of being audited by the IRS.

"I wanted to progress," Harris said, in a phone call from her Arkansas home, "and I wasn't getting any younger."

Then she started playing around with a fantasy story, but one stuck firmly in a mundane world. What if vampires popped up around us - still a little exotic but as commonplace as, say, Democrats, bikers or Goth kids with tattoos and piercings?

The result was her 2001 novel Dead Until Dark, the first volume in her "Southern Vampire" series. The primary setting is Bon Temps, a small town in northern Louisiana. It's sort of a Cajun version of Mayberry, except that the folks in the trailer parks are likely as not to be werewolves (or werepanthers, or werebears or true shapeshifters, who can turn into just about anything).

Oh, and the vampires are out of the closet, er, coffin. At least after sundown.

In Harris' alternate universe, the Japanese invented a synthetic blood substitute that even comes in handy pop-top cans at the local convenience store. No longer forced to be feared and hunted predators, the vampire-American community has mostly gone public.

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When in Doubt, Read : on the Sookie books

Nancy at 'When in Doubt, Read " blog writes a nice review of Sookie books and Season 1.

I wonder what it is in the gestalt that is making vampires so popular these days?

Maybe it's how we're feeling about guys like Bernie Madoff, or the IRS?

It seems as though every so often vampires, er, resurrect as a cultural icon, perhaps with a slight re-working, but generally representing some deep, slightly sexual, definitely dangerous fascination with death, immortality, and the nature of evil.

In the early 1800s Byron and his ilk were clearly delighted by all things dark and dangerous - Byron supposedly penned the poem "The Vampyre," though it was later credited to his pusher and physician, Dr. Polidori (who, it seems wrote the poem about Byron). And then in the mid-1800s, "Varney the Vampire" was published, followed about 40 years later by Bram Stoker definitive "Dracula."

It was this last that, probably unintentionally, pushed the vampire story into its present form: vampire as demon lover, as opposed to vampire as nasty, graveyard-smelly bloodsucker. Just think: Frank Langella's Dracula, versus Max Schreck's Nosferatu.

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True Blood nominate best TV show for Bravo A-list !

Vote for True Blood in TV show and sexiest TV moment.

Help Bravo choose the recipients of its 2nd Annual A-List Awards. Vote before 12 p.m. EST on March 31st for your favorite nominees in Television, Fashion, Design, Food, and Celebrity.

Then watch this year's show to find out if you picked the winners!

TV Show

Sexiest TV moment Bill & Sookie's Love Scene, Episode: Burning House of Love

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HBO store new True Blood T-shirts

Seems like the ad on the HBO TB wiki is a little ahead of the store

This graphic is there but there is no link yet to buy the t shirt

I certainly hope the geniuses have come up with an Eric t shirt for the minions ...

I'll post the link as soon as its working ...

Jesus Christ, Shepherd of Judea Part III: Prayer

"Jesus Christ, Shepherd of Judea " , that's a very familiar exclamation to readers of the Sookie Stackhouse books and I have been exploring churches, religion, the Bible and prayer in the Sookie books.

Sookie is a Christian believer and regularly attends the Glen Cragie Methodist church in Bon Temps. She frequently talks of her faith, the Bible, prayer and attending church.
I have really enjoyed exploring this aspect of the Sookie Stackhouse books. My past post on this topics can be found here ( Churches and Bible )


Bk 3
I took a deep breath, blew it out, and tried to think of an appropriate prayer. God, don't let me scream too loud seemed kind of weak and negative.

"The call came in time," I told Eric. He closed his eyes and seemed to be offering up a prayer. I wondered to whom Eric prayed.

Bk 5
Finally, I felt relaxed, and when I crawled into my bed I had achieved peace through pampering. Sleep came upon me in such a rush that I didn't finish my prayers.

After I said my prayers, I reviewed my day. It had been so full of incident that I got tired trying to remember everything.

He bowed his head and said a silent prayer while I sat quietly. I wondered to whom the prayer was addressed. ( this is the visit to Calvin in the hospital)

Bk 6
We said a brief prayer and began eating. Jason didn't dig in with his usual gusto. Since the hamburger tasted good to me, I figured whatever was on his mind was important. I couldn't read it out of his brain. Since my brother had become a Were, his thoughts had not been as clear to me.

Bk 8
When I crawled into bed, I said my prayers, trying to put Quinn at the top of the list.

After I climbed into bed and said my prayers, I lay there awake for quite a while. I was pondering the undeniable truth that the most powerful vampire in the state of Louisiana, at this very point in time, was Eric Northman, my blood-bonded, once-upon-a-time lover.

I said about a million prayers before I went to sleep that night, but none of them ended up making me feel any better.

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True Blood goes to the movies : Sam Trammell stars in Alien vs Predator Requiem

(2007) A little town in the hills of Colorado will become the battleground between two of the deadliest extra-terrestrial lifeforms - the Alien and the Predator. When a Predator scout ship crash-lands in the hills outside the town, Alien facehuggers are released in the crash, and an even more evil creature - a hybrid Alien/Predator - is also released. A man & his son hunting in the forests near the crash site soon become the first victims of the facehuggers, and when a Predator receives data about the crash on his home planet, he comes to Earth. One at a time, the inhabitants of the town become targets of the Aliens and the Predator, including the local sheriff, a young female soldier recently returned from Iraq, and several teens.

Though the National Guard is called in, they are unable to stop the deadly creatures, and a plan is set in motion to destroy the town with a nuclear device... Written by Derek O'Cain In Gunnison County, a spacecraft crashes in the woods bringing a powerful hybrid Alien hosted inside the pilot Predator. The local Buddy Benson and his son Sam are hunting in the forest and witness the crash, but they are chased and killed by the Alien. Meanwhile another Predator lands on the spot seeking out the Alien and destroying the evidences of their presence on Earth. The dwellers of the town find themselves in the middle of a battlefield between the two deadly extraterrestrial creatures, and the small group of survivors splits the leadership between Sheriff Eddie Morales and the bad-boy Dallas Howard that have different opinions about the best means to escape from the beings.

Charlaine Harris interview Pt 1 & 2 of the Arizona Poisoned Pen Bookstore Interview

Yes, yesterday's interview was part of a series of Youtube videos of an interview with Charlaine Harris. She is being interviewed by Barbara Peters of Poisoned Pen Press and Bookstore, Arizona and I believe this interview took place in May of 2008.
I'll post a couple a day until we get in all 6.

Sookie doing a little shopping in LA

Sookie shopping in LA

True Blood Music Video of the Day

Ready to Die by W.K. Edwards LYRICS

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