Tuesday, October 13, 2009

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The Halloween Costume Inspiration Board: Maryann Forrester From “True Blood”

from The Frisky blog

Didn’t you just love to hate Maryann Forrester in season two of “True Blood”? Author Charlaine Harris has one helluva imagination, but it was creator/executive producer Alan Ball who brought Maryann to life. Even though she was a rather annoying villain (surprisingly, though, she was less annoying than Sookie Stackhouse), none of this season would have been possible without Maryann’s maenad craziness. So why not celebrate “He who comes” by dressing like his bride for Halloween? Just remember to periodically raise your arms and quiver? How to get the look, after the jump!

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True Blood Chippendailes from Jib Jab

Everyone is making these - try your hand http://sendables.jibjab.com/everyday_fun

'True Blood' News! Mike McMillian (A.K.A. Rev. Steve Newlin) Says His Character Will Be Back

From MTV

A series centered around sexy, blood-loving vampires is bound to have an ample body count, but the gallons of bloodshed in the sophomore season of "True Blood" could have made even a surgeon queazy. Some deaths were for the better (Michelle Forbes' maenad Maryann) while others left us weepy (Mehcad Brooks' Eggs and Allan Hyde's Godric). But two faces we haven't seen the last of are the Fellowship of the Sun's conniving first couple Steve and Sarah Newlin.

"I've been told he'll be back," actor Mike McMillian, who plays Reverend Steve, told MTV News of his character.

Though the actor doesn't know when he and costar Anna Camp (did you catch her cameo in the "The Office" wedding?) will return, he has a few theories about how things might go down.

"I think like any good villain he's going to go away and lick his wounds for a while. But I think he suffered major humiliation toward the end of season two, and now I would imagine the Stackhouses are even higher on his list. If it was personal before with his father being killed, then it's really personal now with the Stackhouses humiliating him."

"True Blood" writers take note: Mike even has a suggestion for the timing of he and Anna's return. "Hopefully, it'll happen at a time when the audience is least expecting it," Mike said. "That's always the best time to bring them back—when something horrible is already going on for our hero, and then they gotta deal with these a--holes too."


What's Really Going on With All These Vampires?

From Esquire

Forget everything you've read
about vampires so far. The current bloodsucking trend, achieving maximum ferocity in November with the release of the sequel to Twilight, isn't about outsiders or immigrants or religion or even AIDS, as critics and bloggers have argued ad nauseam these past few months. There's a much better, simpler, more obvious explanation: Vampires have overwhelmed pop culture because young straight women want to have sex with gay men. Not all young straight women, of course, but many, if not most, of them. Neil Gaiman, sci-fi novelist and geek grandmaster, found out just how many during the shitstorm of pique that covered him from head to toe this past summer after he suggested in an interview that the vampire craze had run its course and should disappear for another twenty to twenty-five years. (Twilight fans took to Twitter in protest.) A foolish hope. The craving for vampire fiction is not a matter of taste but of urges; one does not read or watch it so much as inject it through the eyes, and like any epidemic, it's symptomatic of something much larger: a quiet but profound sexual revolution and a new acceptance of freakiness in mainstream American life.

'I Love - True Blood !' Start them young ....

Make This Happen, True Blood!!!

and of course, Perez has picked up on this ..

Right now, our head is filled with sweet, HAWT images of True Blood vamps Stephen Moyer and Alexander Skarsgård together…in bed!!!

And guess what?! We're not the only ones. Stephen is TOTALLY game!!!


Stephen was recently asked about his delish Swedish costar and how he felt about working with him. This is what he said:

“Alex is a good friend of mine and a fantastic actor and I love working with Alex and I don’t get to do it as much as I would love to…You never know — whether they’ll stick Eric and Bill in bed together, I don’t know. But here’s hoping.”

Hoping and wishing and praying and dreaming!!!

Do it! Do it! Do it!

Who wouldn't want to see this happen?


Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer Inject True Blood into Open House

From Dread Central

Fans of HBO's "True Blood" are as rabid as they are because -- pardon the pun -- the show offers so very much to sink the old teeth into. Especially the relationship between Bill (Stephen Moyer) and Sookie (Anna Paquin), who incidentally are engaged to be married in real life. As if the couple couldn't get enough of each other already, it appears that they plan to share the screen once again in an upcoming thriller called Open House.

According to IMDB this new film directed by Andrew Paquin (brother of Anna) and starring Moyer and Paquin along with Tricia Helfer, Rachel Blanchard, Brian Geraghty, Jessica Collins, Larry Sullivan, Gabriel Olds, Gerald Downey and Mia Riverton, tells the tale of a wealthy couple in a strained marriage that hosts an open house in order to sell their palatial home. They are horrified to find out days later that one potential buyer never left their home.


New Book: How to date a vampire by Sophie Collins

This is a fantastic magazine-style guide to romance for young teens...with a twist! For any girl looking for a boy who's more Cullen than caveman, this book is your helping hand to a happy ending. A vampire boy is smart, he's sexy, and he's waiting to discover someone a little bit different; so use this little lifesaver to show him what's so special about you and set his pulse (if he had one) racing. Of course, if like Bella or Buffy, the man of your dreams is more than just a high school crush, you won't find help in the problem pages. Luckily for you, this book is packed full of quizzes, charts and failsafe advice, from finding out if the guy giving you sleepless nights is a real vamp or a fanged faker, to great date ideas that don't involve Type-O milkshakes. With space to write about your own close encounters, plus style advice and beauty tips that are sure to slay him on sight, this is the only guide you'll ever need to spotting a vampire and knocking him (un)dead. --Amazon

Anna Paquin swaps her bonnet for kinky vampire sex

From Sydney Morning Herald

ANNA PAQUIN was nine years old when she first became famous for her role as Flora in The Piano, and 11 as she stood smiling and gasping in silence for a full 20 seconds at the podium to receive her Oscar for it.

In True Blood, the new HBO hit (seen here on Showcase), Paquin, now 27, has morphed into the telepathic barmaid Sookie Stackhouse. She runs around in tiny shorts and has bleached blonde hair and a lot of steamy sex with a vampire named Bill.

The first episode sets out to shock, featuring a couple getting amorous strung from a meat hook while watching vampire sex on video. But it has been a huge success in America, winning Paquin a 2009 Golden Globe for best actress in a television drama. It is now HBO's second most popular series, after The Sopranos. To add to the mix, and to the delight of the British tabloids, in August Paquin got engaged in real life to her vampire lover, the English actor Stephen Moyer. He is 40, she is 27, and they divide their time between his house near Hampstead and hers in Los Angeles.

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True Blood Music Video of the Day: Apassionata by X-Ray Dog

Apassionata by X-Ray Dog

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