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HBO printable guide for September


Spike TV Reveals SCREAM 2009 Nominees: Alexander Skarsgard is best villian

Star Trek earned 17 nominations and tops the list of nominees for Spike TV's SCREAM 2009 Awards, an annual event honoring the best in the sci-fi, fantasy, horror and comic genres. Watchmen and X-Men Origins: Wolverine also found a lot of love from the special advisory board responsible for overseeing the selection of nominees, each earning 13 nominations. And HBO's sexy vampire series True Blood picked up 9 nominations including Best Villain (Alexander Skarsgard) and two nominations in the Best Actor category (Ryan Kwanten and Stephen Moyer).

Commenting on his nomination, Skarsgard said, "Everyone knows it's the villains who have the most fun. Thanks to the 'SCREAM' team and congrats to everyone at True Blood. This is very exciting for the whole show."

Check out the full list of nominees: Spike TV's SCREAM 2009 Awards Nominees: HERE

Fervent fans want `Blood'

The bomb that shattered the living room left carnage in its wake.

The floor is slick with blood, tattered bodies litter the room, and an unrecognisable goo stuck to the wall spurts mauve blood.

"I'm gonna ask everyone to clear the set who is not actually dying on it," yells Scottie Gissel, a first assistant director for the hit vampire series True Blood.

True Blood is based on the Southern Vampire books by Charlaine Harris.

Alan Ball, who created Six Feet Under and wrote American Beauty, brought True Blood to TV in 2008, where it emerged as the most popular show in the United States.

An average of 7.8 million US viewers were watching by the end of the first season.

With a fervent fan base, including nearly a half-dozen fan-run websites, True Blood is hoping to prove in its sophomore season that even in the Twilight age of vampire overkill, it can maintain its success.

True Blood takes place in a world where vampires have come out of the coffin, so to speak, aided by the invention of a synthetic blood substitute called "Tru Blood" that keeps their primal appetites at bay.

Still, prejudice against the undead abounds, with many of the show's human characters motivated by a hate and fear that is as destructive as even the most unrepentant bloodsucker.

Season one established the main action: True Blood is set in the fictional backwater town of Bon Temps, where a telepathic good girl named Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) works as a waitress in a raucous bar called Merlotte's.

When a mysterious vampire named Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) comes to town, Sookie falls in love with him.

A high body count and muddy graveside sex ensue.

Ball initially read Dead Until Dark, the first in Harris' Southern Vampire series, five years ago.

By the time Six Feet Under was filming its final season, he was interested in bringing the books to television.

Ball says the cultural clout of his broodingly dark funeral-parlour drama left critics and the public unsure what to think of the zany, Saturday-matinee movie serial that is True Blood.

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True Blood Episode 12 Finale

“Beyond Here Lies Nothin”

In the season two finale, the mayhem in Bon Temps reaches a fever pitch as Maryann prepares for her ultimate bestial sacrifice, conscripting Sookie to be Maid of Honor at the bloody nuptials. Meanwhile, Sophie-Anne warns Eric to keep the lid on Bill’s inquisitiveness; Jason leads Andy into the heroic abyss; and Hoyt has a hard time swallowing Maxine’s endless stream of insults. Deliberating on what may be his final move to save Sookie and the town, Sam is forced to put his trust, and his life, in a most unlikely ally.

ATV spoiler alert: 'True Blood' finale shocker!

by Michael Ausiello

What’s that? The True Blood spoilers I gave you yesterday didn’t adequately quench your thirst? You’re in luck. The latest episode of Ausiello TV contains a scoop about the Sept. 13 season finale straight from the show’s notoriously tight-lipped creator, Alan Ball. (He doesn’t deliver it on camera himself, but I assure you it came from him. Seriously!) And wait, there’s more! The fresh ATV ep also features some good news/bad news for fans of Chase and Cameron on House. The good: They’re finally getting a juicy storyline. The bad: It’s going to wreak havoc on their marriage. Oh, and speaking of wreaking havoc, she’s back. You know who I’m talking about. Yeah, her.


True Blood : Andys' Paper Doll it's Jason !

Why only ONE True Blood doll this week?

I wonder if you're here because you followed the link from my True Blood paper doll site... wondering why on Earth I only have ONE doll this week? Are you one of these people? Well if you are... this post is for YOU!

Believe-it-or-not a lot of work goes into making these dolls. Well, it's kind of not "work" because I enjoy it sooo much, but I call it "work" because it's part of my list of weekly responsibilities. I also don't make any income from all the work I put into these babies... unless I receive a generous contribution from a fellow True Blood fan, or fan of my artwork. This is not a plug for you to make a donation, but this guy needs to concentrate on earning a living, too! ;)

So why Jason this week? Well, besides the fact that I've been enjoying Jason's character much more recently... I had his sketch ready for a while. This past week was also a bit of a "crunch" for me, and I haven't had as much time to devote to making True Blood babies... so the choice was practically made for me.

Now some of you may be miffed that you haven't seen an Eric paper doll yet. True, Eric is a devilish slice of heaven and a major character on the show. Also true that there is only ONE more episode of True Blood this season! *gasp* So.... you know what? You guessed it: Eric will be making his appearance here with the season finale. You know what they say: "Save the best for last". (Well, Bill is "my best" ...but I'm not going to get into that here.)

BTW- I will have some special paper doll goodness posted next week, even tho True Blood will be on break. So check back next week to see what I'm talking about.

Thanks again to all of you who follow my art, help to promote my work, and *most importantly* enjoy playing with these dolls! It's a labor of love for me, and I'm seriously tickled to death that they are such a hit with people.



Really, really great Alexander Skarsgard, Straw Dogs photos

photo gallery here

'True Blood' Stars Embrace Fans' Vampire Lust

HBO's True Blood is riding the modern day vampire wave, showing off fan favorites like a cross-dressing short-order cook and a smoldering blond vampire with tin foil in his hair. But the lack of capes hanging in the wardrobe closets hasn't stopped the show's avid devotees from sinking their teeth into the fanatical world of dressing up in costume and role-playing.

No one's more surprised than the show's stars.

"It's been a little bonkers!" Michelle Forbes, who plays a sexy "Maenad" creature named Maryann Forrester, told "I was a part of Battlestar Gallactica, so I'm used to that world. But I didn't expect it with True Blood. I thought it was a show about a sleepy little town in Louisiana."

That fictional "sleepy little town" is Bon Temps, home to a cluster of vampires who are fairly newly "out of the coffin."

The plot follows Anna Paquin's Sookie Stackhouse, a telepathic waitress who falls in love with vampire Bill Compton, played by her real life fiance Stephen Moyer.

video and photos

Anna Paquin Covers Nylon Magazine " Vampires, duh !

Anna Paquin covers the September issue of Nylon magazine. She's wearing a vest by Diesel and a Dolce and Gabbana skirt in the photograph above.You can see more of the photos here on Nylon's website. Anna Paquin stars in HBO's steamy vampire series, True Blood, which has featured a number of nude scenes. Anna told Nylon that she doesn't think a nude body is "particularly shocking or interesting."

On her Nude Scenes: "I don't think a naked body is particularly shocking or interesting... It's not the culture I was raised in. I was not brought up in the United States. I don't share the [attitude] that you can have graphic violence, but - God forbid � you see someone's nipples."

On Going Blonde for Sookie: "I don't look like a Barbie doll, and probably never will. People are incredibly literal in how they view you. You have dark hair and pale skin? You must be brooding. The second you dye your hair blonde and get a spray tan, people treat you as if you're a bit stupider and happier. Suddenly, it's like you're hot and sexy."

On TV Acting: "It never occurred to me that one form of acting was better than another. I think if you approach your career like that you're limiting yourself to a very boring path. For me, it's about the material."
Here is a behind-the-scenes video from the photo shoot and interview. Take a look.

“True Blood” Season Two, Episode Eleven: TV Recap

from Wall Street Journal ( I still can believe the write about TB)

After all the hype, Evan Rachel Wood finally made her debut as Sophie Ann, the vampire queen of Louisiana, on last night’s (second-to-last!) episode of “True Blood.” Dressed as a glamourpuss with perfectly coifed hair and retro duds, she portrayed the young queen as a rather petulant and affected ruler, with a hint of Valley Girl thrown into the mix (”Helllllo? Evolution!”). The off-kilter performance may have been her (and creator Alan Ball’s) intent, but she certainly didn’t give off any vibes of “fear me, fear my power.”

Sophie Ann kicks off the rather slow-paced, expository episode with a scene of her feeding on a willing victim and asking Bill, on business from Bon Temps, if he wants to join in. (Marilyn Manson would be proud). Bill politely declines, but finds himself forced to act as Sophie Ann’s playdate for the day, “sunbathing” by the pool and playing Yahtzee, before she answers the question he’s come to ask her about: How can he kill Maryann, who’s technically an immortal maenad? Turns out, the deed isn’t impossible. All maenads live a nomadic life, waiting for a Godot-like Dionysus to show up. Since he never will, the key to vanquish-ment is attacking the maenad at her weakest moment: after she’s provided the requisite sacrifice (preferably supernatural) and is waiting for her god to come.

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True Blood Redux: Raise Your Hand If You're Having Sex Dreams About Eric

From E Online ( the title made me giggle)

Welcome back to Bon Temps, TV fans! This week we fans of True Blood are arming ourselves with flame throwers, grenades and advice from the Queen in anticipation of the climactic final battle with maenad Maryann. She's marshaling her troops, and we're marshalling ours, but there's no telling yet who will have the upper hand in the end.

If you've haven't watched yet, sit down with your Snickers-and-Tabasco cassarole and spin up that DVR! But if you have seen tonight's installment of True Blood and you're ready to talk, fly on here.

What We Learned

Good Night, Tiny Humans: Best part of the episode? Eric and Pam’s reactions to Arlene’s children—Pam thought they smelled funny, but Eric thought they were kinda cute, calling them "teacup humans" and gleefully showing off his fangs upon request. Truth be told, Eric being nice to small children was swoonworthy and we do not mind one bit that Alan Ball toyed with our hormones like that. In fact, we’d like some more please. P.S. Eric can fly?! What the heck?

Don't Go to the Dark Side: In other news, Sookie and Lafayette revealed to each other that sucking Eric's blood had turned them into saucer-eyed freaks of a sort. Both admitted to being subconsciously sexually obsessed with the Viking vamp, and Lafayette even seems to be contemplating a crossover into the world of the undead. Count on that being a continuing storyline for all parties involved.

Oh Those Wacky Vampers! Love that 2,000-year-old Sophie looks and sounds indistinguishable from a Valley girl, and that she is significantly less insane than the other ancient vampires we’ve met lately. (Godric, we’re looking at you.) What did you think of her Yahtzee fetish? Adorable or annoying? The sun room was unquestionably fabulous, and the foodie-style appreciation for free-range, organic human was a nice touch. Do you trust her advice on maenads? Will you be happy if she sticks around for a while?

True Blood Episode 12 "Beyond Here Lies Nothin'" Finale Promo

True Blood Sucker Punch: Episode 11

From the wonderful Mark ( who was great on the show last night) You can hear him hatch ( haha) some of the ideas live on the show last night ..podcast at right.

Welcome to Sucker Punch, the only blog post that ranks the gaudiest moments on this week's episode of True Blood.

(Warning: Spoilers Ahead)


Okay, look... I know it's hard to be a television writer. You've got character development and plot continuity and about six million other things to think about, and you're usually juggling multiple episodes at once. From that perspective, it's a miracle that any episode of any series is ever any good, which is why I can forgive my favorite shows when they have a bad episode or two.

And I'll definitely have to forgive True Blood for this week's installment, "Frenzy." It's pretty much a disaster.

But let's start with the high points---except for the Sucker Punch of the Week, of course, which will give us a happy ending. (Ew. Not that kind of happy ending.)

Trapped beneath the flaming rubble of this hour, there are a few lovely exchanges between characters. Lafayette and Sookie's scene on the porch, for instance, lets them connect in a believable, low-key way about their mutual ties to Erik, and the episode gives Nelsan Ellis several other meaty moments. Swinging between sauciness, terror, bravery, and loyalty, he delivers a captivating performance.

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also read Mark Blankenship

True Blood Music Video of the Day: You know you're right by Nirvana

You know you're right by Nirvana
Thanks zoedil

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Fangtasia Disco night ....

What you see behind them against the back wall ( and it is the back wall of the club- from front door) is the photo booth -its a tradition that when you go to Fangtasia ( aka Alex's Bar in Long Beach , CA) that you take of photo of yourself in that booth ...

Queen Sophie Anne's House

Frenzy theme song for episode ???

How about ????

George Michael Daddy G Frenzy
Screamin Jay Hawkins Frenzy
Fugs Frenzy

New True Blood episode 11 behind the scenes photos

You maybe have not seen all of these...

Stephenie Meyer's vampire pushes Wuthering Heights to top of Waterstone's classics chart

From Telegraph UK

Teenage readers of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight fantasy books have been flocking to buy Emily Brontë’s 1847 novel, because it is the central character's favourite book.

In Eclipse, the third book in Meyer's series, Bella Swan, the chaste love of vampire Edward Cullen, makes repeated references to Brontë’s masterpiece.

She compares the vampire to turbulent Heathcliff as she quotes Brontë’s heroine Cathy.

"If all else perished, and he remained, I should still continue to be; and if all else remained, and he were annihilated, the universe would turn to a mighty stranger," she tells Edward.

Sarah Clarke, children's books buyer for Waterstone's, said: "By highlighting Wuthering Heights in her novels, Stephenie Meyer has introduced Emily Brontë to the Twilight generation."

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Neil Gaiman Talks Vampires

also from Entertainment Weekly

Recently, EW's cover story looked at the resurgence of vampires in popular culture, including some thoughts from writer Neil Gaiman about why it's time for bloodsuckers to go back underground. He had a lot more to say on the topic, which we share here.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: In contemporary pop culture, we've seen vampires make that move from horror flick fear agents to more fallen or misunderstood social outcasts, who set moral limits on their nature or who see themselves as beyond morality. How did vampires go from being monsters to anti-heroes?
NEIL GAIMAN: I think mostly it has to do with what vampires get to represent. Because at the point where we begin vampire fiction, you're in Victorian days. And we're looking initially at the sort of antics of...that wonderful Victorian bestseller Dracula. And in each case you have characters who fundamentally represent sexuality. Dracula is a great novel of sexual seduction...and rape and sex. Vampirism is always an excellent way of talking about sex without talking about sex. So it makes complete sense that your solid Victorian vampires were fundamentally evil. And you can have that nice big stake hammered through them as a way of putting them to rest.

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'True Blood' preview: The 'Frenzy' is almost here. How has this season been better than last season?

from Ent weekly

Less than 12 hours to go before “Frenzy,” the second-to-last episode of True Blood this season. We know we’re going to see Evan Rachel Wood as Sophie-Anne, the Vampire Queen of Louisiana. We know from this HBO clip that Tara is pretty distraught over something bad happening to Eggs:

As the season winds down/cranks up to a conclusion, let’s list the ways in which this second season surpassed the first, shall we? I’ll start with three, you take it from there:

• Producer-writer Alan Ball took the characters created by Charlaine Harris and, made bold by the ratings success of the first season, really ran with them — he’s made them his own.

• As a result, Ball’s True Blood has something in common with Ball’s Six Feet Under (something besides characters who spend time under the ground, that is): a predilection for embracing chance, love, chaos, desire, and possible self-destruction.

• Victims have taken control of their own destinties. Think about it: Sookie spent a lot of time last season at the mercy of her growing love for Bill without knowing how to harness her own powers. Her grandmother was murdered. Tara was put through the emotional wringer with her alcoholic mother and a lot of heartache when it came to men she was attracted to. Jason got suckered into the Fellowship of the Sun. But each of these characters has fought back, found reasons to become angry, cagey, and bursting with newfound power.

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Talk Blood Ep. 11 ' Frenzy' live right after True Blood tonight

Live TONIGHT: Come and 'Talk Blood' after True Blood airs tonight. Let's talk 11 "Frenzy"

It's Sunday again! We've got a whole night of fun planned starting with the True Blood Season 2, 11 " Frenzy "

We are joined tonight by our guest reviewers Mark Blankenship from Huffington Post!

And to make sure you keep the party going, be sure to join @TrueBloodDallas of Loving True Blood in Dallas and @SookieBonTemps because we're going to Talk Blood on True Blood live on Blog Talk Radio. Here's how tonight is going to flow:

  • 8:00pm CDT / 9:00pm EDT: Watch True Blood with @SookieBonTemps who'll be tweeting live from Bill's House in Bon inTemps
  • 9:oopm CDT / 10:00pm EDT: Tweet @SookieBonTemps and tell her what you thought of the show.
  • 9:15pm CDT / 10:15pm EDT: Talk Blood after True Blood chatroom on Blog Talk Radio opens. Join us here.
  • 9:30pm CDT / 10:30pm EDT: Talk Blood goes live! Join in the fun here or call in at 646.929.0825 and tell us what you thought of tonight's episode!
We hope you'll call in. And if you can't, tweet @SookieBonTemps who'll be reading and reacting to tweets LIVE!

Email 'Dallas' truebloodindallas@gmail or @TrueBloodDallas or @SookieBonTemps about the show or at

We also keep everything here tonight at 915 to join in the chat and listen to the show.

Click here tonight at 915 and join the chat and listen live to the show


True Blood Episode 11 " Frenzy " what you should know


With the crisis in Bon Temps careening out of control, Bill seeks out the advice of Sophie-Anne (Evan Rachel Wood), the Vampire Queen of Louisiana, but must exercise patience before she gives him critical information. Meanwhile, Sookie and Lafayette find that protecting Tara from herself is more difficult than they anticipated; a desperate Sam turns to an unlikely source for assistance; and Jessica tests Hoyt’s allegiance to Maxine.

Casting Calls
[HADLEY HALE] Sookie's (Anna Paquin) cousin, this fresh-faced 20 something year old country girl is locked in a steamy clinch with the vampire queen(Evan Rachel Wood). The dazed Hadley has been seduced into a whole other world -- but she still feels the pull of her human roots...3 speeches & 1 line, 3 scenes (1) May recur next season in a few episodes

[LUDIS] Under 30. This straight, handsome, well-built Latvian man (with or without an accent), clad only in gym shorts, is only too delighted to volunteer for another man's "feed"...3 lines, 1 scene (44)

[FRENZY MAN IN DRESS] This skinny, tattooed, "frenzy-eyed" man is wearing a badly ripped dress that doesn't do a thing for him...1 line, 1 scene (sptv050769 54) The more tattoos the better

Everything I have is here

You can make Lafayette's afghan

Dallas loves fans and how they express their fandom.

Thanks to TinatheCat for sharing with us how to make Lafayette's great afghan. If you don't know how to crochet these ladies will help you and the granny square is sooo much fun and easy to accomplish.

They have a 'Knit One, Dead Too' crochet group- just how great is that ? Learn to crochet today and make some new friends !

Tina say "The Afghan A La Lafayette, a pattern by We belong to, a knitting and crochet community, and the group is called "Dead and Gone". A crochet-along inspired by the season 2, episode 3 & 4 where Lafayette is seen curled up in a granny square afghan after his adventures in the basement of Eric's bar. The pattern is available free at the Ravelry site."

The link to the Ravelry group is Knit One, Dead Too

Direct link to the crochet pattern for Lafayette's Afghan is download now

True Blood Music Video of the Day: True Bloo: Spit it out by IAMX

Spit it out by IAMX

Thanks, MissBergman

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Making of True Blood

Exclusive Interview with Chris ( Barry the BellBoy) Coy

from True Blood News

Barry the Bellboy, played by Chris Coy, made his debut in episode 4 of season 2. I have read the books and I think he did a remarkable job in bringing the Barry character to life.

Chris Coy had a passion for acting at a young age. He grew up in Sarasota City Florida in a small town called North Port. He made the leap to Hollywood, California, and at 23 has landed a role in Alan Ball’s True Blood. We had a chance to talk with Chris about his acting and his awesome martial art skills.

TB-N: You graduated from North Port HS in Florida; did you spend your entire childhood there?

I was born in Louisville, Kentucky and moved to Florida when I was 4. So yea, i guess you could say I grew up in North Port.

TB-N: Can you describe the casting process you went through for the role as Barry the Bellboy?

Initially it was pretty typical, I auditioned and got the callback later that day. However, when I walked into the room for the second time and realized I was performing for Alan Ball, I have to admit a very unfamiliar chill crept up my spine. I’ve been a huge fan of his for years and to say the very least, it was an incredible moment for me. Unforgettable.

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True Blood Epsiode 11 ' Frenzy " photos!

Mehcad Brooks Interview - True Blood

Rebecca does an interview with Mehcad Brooks

Mehcad Brooks plays 'Eggs' Benedict on 'True Blood,' the hit vampire show on HBO. And Eggs has been very naughty this season, leading Tara astray and hanging out with a maenad. If none of that makes sense to you, you're not following 'True Blood.'

Watch video here

Transcript: Mehcad Brooks Interview - True Blood
Rebecca Murray from Hollywood Movies at the world premiere of Warner Bros Pictures' The Final Destination.

Mehcad Brooks – 'Eggs' in True Blood
Do you just love being this guy? He's kind of crazy.

Mehcad Brooks: "Yeah, he's kind of crazy but he's very tortured. It's not all fun and games. You guys are going to see a little more of that."

Are we? Are we going to see more of you with your shirt off? That's big on the internet. You've got to tell the women whether you're going to have your shirt off or not.

Mehcad Brooks: "I think it's been off enough this season. I think it's been off more than it's been on so…"

Do you ever get those scripts and just go…

Mehcad Brooks: "Actually, I'll tell you what. One time I came in for a fitting and they held up this little piece of satin, which I call a Shakespearean change purse - so we nicknamed it Will. And I was like, 'Okay,' so I tried it on and whatever. After a couple more tries, it fit. I said, 'What else do I have?' 'That's it.' So I came in for a fitting to see if my…excuse me…yeah, so, there lies the wardrobe for True Blood."

read on here

True Blood Goes to the Movies: Annapolis starring Jim ( Hoyt ) Parrack

After insisting thirty-four times with his congressman, the shipyard welder and amateurish boxer Jake Huard joins the U.S. Naval Academy. Having difficulties in the classes and suffering prejudice in his relationship with his superior Cole, he has the support of his roommate and his superiors Ali and Lt. Commander Burton. Jake studies hard and trains for an internal box competition, in an unfair environment.


James Franco ... Jake Huard Macka Foley ... Ref

Jim Parrack ... AJ

Donnie Wahlberg ... Lt. Burton

Brian Goodman ... Bill Huard

Billy Finnigan ... Kevin

True Blood Fangtasia Sign : Sorry we're dead


Sunday, Sunday for Trubies- how are you watching these last 2 episodes ?

How about a sing along - using the music from 'Monday, Mondays' from The Mamas and the Papas ?

Click to enlarge and print, can someone type up the text for me ?

How about some wonderful snacks to go along with the second to the LAST episode ?

What are your finale plans?
Having a watching party ?
Post your recipes or menu ideas?

(shortbread cookie, topped them with brie and strawberries-serve with sweet white wine. )

True Blood Fan Art: Sookie Stackhouse by S-von-P

SOOKIE STACKHOUSE by *S-von-P on deviantART

True Blood Crossword: Season 2 Episode 4 " Shake and Fingerpop"

New Cross Word Puzzle: Shake and Fingerpop

Thanks thanks Kristie !

True Blood Entertainment Weekly scans

Thanks D2

Bloodsuckers Make Their Mark on TV, Books, Drinks

From California Chronicle

Aug. 28--Jennifer Swanson was leading a perfectly normal life before the monsters came along.

The 52-year-old Westford resident works as a marketing researcher from 9 to 5 in Cambridge. When she clocks out, she focuses all her attention on being a mom and taking care of other people.

Then Eric came along and lit a fire. The tall and handsome 1,000-year-old blond showed up in her living room one night and now Swanson is tangled in a world of vampires, telepaths and shapeshifters.

"Every Sunday at 9 o'clock, I'm glued to the TV set," says Swanson, who can't get enough of the HBO vampire series "True Blood." "The vampires on this show are incredibly sexy. They make you laugh and they make you think. They also have everything most humans dream about --eternal youth, beauty and power. And they don't stop at anything to be with the one they love."

Swanson's not the only one who's been gripped by the vampire pandemic. Unless you've been sleeping in a coffin for the past year, you probably noticed that vampires are the hottest genre around, whether they're on TV, the big screen, at the bookstore or in the drink cooler. So why are humans fiercely biting into the myth?

The vampire legend has been around for thousands of years, in almost every part of the world. With that kind of placement, UMass Lowell English Professor Bridget Marshall says the bloodletting was bound to leave a mark on pop culture.

"The vampire mythology has a few particular signs that

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Hey Canada ! Sookie Stackhouse Book set and True Blood Give-away !

Penguin Canada has 100 to give away!
Canada only ( you can't even live in Quebec and be eligible!)

New Sookie Short Story: Death's Excellent Adventure features a Pam & Sookie short story

Death's Excellent Vacation, an anthology crossing genres ( from the, fantasy, mystery and paranormal genres) with co-author Toni Kelner. Each story in the anthology revolves around death and a holiday, in the similar spirit of the author's earlier anthologies Many Bloody Returns (Vampires and birthdays) and this holiday season's Wolfsbane and Mistletoe (werewolves and Christmas). The anticipated publication date of the new anthology is spring, 2010. ( now 08/01/10 August, 2010)

What we know:

**Harris and Kelner turn in Death's Excellent Vacation Agent Joshua Bilmes reports that anthologists Charlaine Harris and Toni L.P. Kelner turned in manuscript for Death's Excellent Vacation to Ginjer Buchanan at Ace.

**We also know it will feature a Cat and Bones short story by Jeaniene Frost. She says, "One For the Money, a Cat and Bones short story in the Death's Excellent Vacation anthology, comes out August 2010. "

** From Toni L.P. Kelner- We know it will contain a Pirate Dave strory. Toni writes "This past couple of weeks I've been working on a short story for Death's Excellent Vacation, the next anthology Charlaine and I are editing. The anthology is all about supernatural beings on vacation, kind of an urban fantasy beach book. And even before we decided to do this anthology, I'd had this character in mind to write a short story about: "Pirate Dave." read on

** There will be a Katie MacAlister short story entitled:'The Perils of Effrijim'.

** There will also be a shorty story by Chris Grabenstein who wrote "I'm excited to report that my short story 'The Demon in the Dunes' will be in Death's Excellent Vacation anthology"

** Sarah Smith will aslo have a story, her story about Superman and the Eight Immortals, "The Boys Go Fishing,"

** Jeff Abbott from his Facebooks says "no never wrote a horror novel but I will have a supernatural story out in an anthology Charlaine Harris and Toni Kelner are doing next year called Death's Excellent Vacation.

Also coming from Charlaine "This week I’m working on a short story for the Mystery Writers of America anthology I’m editing. It’s a Dahlia Lynley-Chivers short story. I love writing Dahlia.

Sookie Boook 10: Sookie book spoiler from Pam ??

Kristin Bauer (Pam) from True Blood reveals a little book spoiler in her latest True Blood interview.

Funny, since she says she doesn't read the books.
Read the entire recent Popwrap Interview HERE

PW: OK, so let me ask then, is there anything you would like to see happen for Pam?

Kristin: Well, Charlaine [Harris, author of the novels] tells me that in the latest book she sends Pam on a murder spree. She kicks off her pumps and goes mercenary, ripping people apart. Who knows if Alan will do that though.

Pam doesn't go on a murderous spree in book 9 ( but she does pick off some of Victor's vamps in from Dead to Worse May08) so is this book 10 reference? The only other thing I think maybe Charlaine could have been talking about was the new Sookie/ Pam short story that will be out next year ..

Let's also talk here about Pam fangtastic red sequined outfit (Is it really Disco night at Fangtasia ? and she got Eric to dress up like John Travolta ? )

Her outfit looks a lot like the Yves Saint Laurent jumpsuit featured here:

"Turn heads with this red sequin belted jumpsuit and make jaws drop with it's $5,500.00 price" tag.

See here

**I wish the actors would not discourage people (fans of True Blood ) from reading the books. If they don't want to read, fine.
Then say " I don't read them / haven't read all of them " but I know they are great !"

We knew MaryAnn was coming this season -did anyone expect what we've seen ?

Stephen Moyer and proposing to Anna in Hawaii

OK, I'm a but stumped - Stephen Moyer says about where he proposed to Anna in the latest interview.

He went down on one knee on a beach in Hawaii, after being inspired by a music track from the bloodthirsty series.

“There was a song in the first season, ‘White Sandy Beach in Hawaii,’ which was kind of funny and ironic… [It] all started out as a joke and then we decided to go to Hawaii with my kids this year,” Stephen explained of what led them to his proposal location.

He says , "White Sandy Beach' sung by Big Ears" hmmm ? I looked back through my playlist from season one and I did not see that song.

You guys help ...when was that used ?

Watch video here

I saw you in my dreams
We were walking hand in hand
On a white, sandy beach of Hawaii
We were playing in the sun
We were having so much fun
on a white, sandy beach of Hawaii

The sound of the ocean
soothes my restless soul
The sound of the ocean
rocks me all night long

Those hot long summer days
Lying there in the sun
on a white, sandy beach of Hawaii

The sound of the ocean
soothes my restless soul
The sound of the ocean
rocks me all night long

Last night in my dreams
I saw your face again
We were there in the sun
on a white, sandy beach of Hawaii

True Blood Music Video of the Day: This is Halloween by Marilyn Manson

This is Halloween by Marilyn Manson
Thanks, Lawliettte

Friday, August 28, 2009

NEW VIDEO - True Blood Episode 11 "frenzy "


Kristin Bauer: 'Pam is Worried Eric Won't Share Sookie'

From Popwrap

With so many characters living in and around the world of Bon Temps, "True Blood" is more jam-packed than Fangtasia on a Saturday night at sundown. But from the minute she first appeared at Eric's side, Pam has been one of the best -- and most memorable -- sources of comic relief the show has in its arsenal.

And according to Kristin Bauer, Pam's coming back from a brief on-screen hiatus with a bang!

Or more specifically with bangs because she is totally eighties'd out this Sunday! Her return also signals the resurgence of the Lafayette/V storyline that has vexed many fans and caught Bill's eye.

But as the show hurtles toward its season finale (on Sept 13), Kristin has some intriguing details about what fans can expect not only in the last two episodes, but on the DVD special features. It turns out there's a lot more to Pam than meets the eye!

PopWrap: Where'd Pam go?!?
Kristin Bauer: I know, but she's back on Sunday! And her outfit will definitely make up for the absence. It's the most hilarious, incredible thing I've ever seen! Audrey Fisher ["TB's" costumer designer] had it made special and there are just so many sequins. It's totally 80s..

read on

True Blood: this was not the first time we've had a hint at Sookie's " powers"

Watch the full length video of the unaired True Blood pilot.

This episode includes the other actress as Tara (Brook Kerr) instead of Rutina Wesley.

You will also see the "blue eyes ladies in the woods" (who we think might be Claudine, her fae cousin ) during the Sookie/ Mack Rattray fight this was taken out. The effect wasn't taken out in the uncanny ability with the chain.

This episode also has missing scenes and has very different music.

True Blood Episode 10 "New World in My View" Playlist

Season 2 Episode 10: "New World In My View"


1. Nathan Barr Unknown score Sookie is comforting Eric in her dreams.

2. Abaco Music - Courtesy of 5 Alarm Music Sweet Hon Jason and Sookie ride in the Anubis Air transport.

3. Powersolo Baby You Ain't Lookin Right Sam and Andy are locked in the frezzer at Merlotte's, while Jane Bodehouse makes a phone call.

4. Faron Young Hello Walls Sookie and Bill enter the Stackhouse home and discover that it has been ransacked by Maryann and her frenzied lot of followers.

5. James Combs Vamp Vamp Plays at Merlotte's.

6. Band of Skulls Blood Frenzied locals have a party.

7. Sister Gertrude Morgan & King Britt New World In My View Jason arrives at Merlotte's with his chainsaw. End Credits.

True Blood Epsidoe 10 "New World In My View" Playlist

Season 2 Episode 10: "New World In My View"


1. Nathan Barr Unknown score Sookie is comforting Eric in her dreams.

2.Courtesy of 5 Alarm Music Sweet Hon Jason and Sookie ride in the Anubis Air transport.

3. Powersolo Baby You Ain't Lookin Right Sam and Andy are locked in the frezzer at Merlotte's, while Jane Bodehouse makes a phone call.

4. Faron Young Hello Walls Sookie and Bill enter the Stackhouse home and discover that it has been ransacked by Maryann and her frenzied lot of followers.

5. James Combs Vamp Vamp Plays at Merlotte's.

6. Band of Skulls Blood Frenzied locals have a party.

7. Sister Gertrude Morgan & King Britt

What Not To Say on a First Date, by Sookie Stackhouse PART IV

16) I've been sort of raped by an ex when he was out of control and he’s ALSO my next door neighbor and he, uhh, still kinda stalks me and shows up in awkward places and tells me he's still in love with me...oops, there he is now! :::waves at Bill who is lurking outside of the restaurant in the shadows::: Don't worry! He's totally harmless. I think... I mean he did just kill a bunch of fairies who had kidnapped and tortured me. It was nuts. He got silver poisoning and everything just for me. He's seriously dedicated to me. I mean SERIOUSLY.

17) Oooh, ooh! Have you ever dumped a body before? I have! It was really scary at first but WHOO, what a rush! We found him in Alcide's closet. You know, that Pack Master I mentioned who just texted me again?? Did I mention I stayed with him in Jackson? It was totally platonic...well nothing HAPPENED but wow was there chemistry! Anyhoo...Alcide and I were looking for my soon to be official ex vamp boyfriend, the one who is hiding outside :::waves at Bill again::: and this Were got fresh with me. Then we found him dead in the closet! So we dumped the body in the woods rather than reporting it to the police. :::looks at date::: Hey, why are your eyes so wide?

18) When you drop me off at the house I'll have to show you my spiffy new kitchen. A pirate vampire assassin burned it down in an attempt to kill me BUT my fairy godmother saved me! She was also my COUSIN! Yeah, pretty cool huh? She just passed away protecting me from evil fairy enemies of my great grandfather. I miss her a lot. Its why I don’t drink my tea with lemon anymore…in her honor. :::raises her glass in salute::: Anyway, the pirate assassin was sent to avenge the death of another vamp who Eric staked for me. You remember Eric? Well, he didn't remember some things :::laughs to herself ruefully::: He's the other vamp I've had uhhh...moments with? But he didn't remember it because he had amnesia :::pauses for dramatic affect::: and NOW he remembers what happened when he couldn't remember anything! :::pours herself another glass of wine::: Where was I? Oh yeah! This vamp was sent to kill the person that would hurt Eric the most and he figured that killing me would cause him the most pain. I wonder why that is? :::looks over her shoulder::: Hey, who is Bill talking to outside? Wait, is that Eric?! What is he doing here???

19) Wait a minute. :::pauses::: Yeah, thats Eric. I can sense he's pretty upset with me because I'm on a date. We had a pretty significant blood exchange a while back with some sort of ceremonial knife. Anyway, instead of being able to control me, it just allows me to feel more of his emotions and him mine. Its technically called a Blood Bond. Ominous, much? It allowed me to save his life a while back when he was being attacked. Freaky, huh? So I guess he knows I think you're kinda hot... :::bats eyelashes again::: So then Eric calls me up a few months ago and has me bring him this same knife and does some sort of “hoodoo voodoo” in front over another significant vampy sort of dude and apparently we’re “married” according to vampire rules now. Its like a vampire shotgun wedding, minus the baby! We haven’t had “the talk” yet about whether we’re LEGALLY married so being on a date with you shouldn’t make him TOO angry. What? Why do you look like you need the Heimlich maneuver? I know CPR. Do you need help??

20) So have you ever met a Werewolf who was turned into a vampire? I have! He attacked me when he rose. I was dating his boss who thought he was dead. We found his dead body in my cousin Hadley's apartment (you know, the vampire who dated the old Queen of Louisiana and now she's dead? Yeah, her place!). I was with a witch who had to set his face on fire to get him off of me! She's now my roommate so you'll have to meet her when we get home. We just lost our pet, our cat, Bob. He was her sorta lover and she ACCIDENTALLY turned him into a cat and it took FOREVER to get him changed back... There are some very suspicious kittens around our place now too! Anyway, Bob is a human again and BOY was he PISSED... What? OH! Where was I? Oh yeah! So Werewolf now Vampire dude goes to work for the Queen and apparently TOTALLY flips his noodle! So crazy Werpire collaborated with the Fellowship of the Sun to bomb the vampire summit in Rhodes a few weeks ago! I know! SOOO CRAZY!?!? It was like armageddon, but with vampires, Weres, and aliens from other dimensions. Now the FBI is investigating it and my involvement in the rescue. No, really! :::pauses to drink more wine and waves her arm at the waiter to bring another bottle::: So my now ex boyfriend was there with me, Werepire's former boss...did I mention he could turn into a Bengal Tiger, one of the most lethal animals on the planet? He's like 7 feet long when he's shifted! But he's as gentle as a kitten...well, unless you tick him off because he's also a famous Supe ultimate fighter from the pits and I don't know how many people he's killed in total BUT he's killed a few people and a vamp for me...Hey, are you ok? Why are you gripping your wine glass like that. You'll break it! Here, let me pour you some more! :::pours wine in his glass which is now shaking::: Anyway, my boyfriend was there running the summit and I had no idea just HOW famous he was till we got there. You've never heard of him? Quinn? Wow, you're the first person I've met who hasn't in a while. We JUST broke up and he’s really not taking it well so he might still be a little jealous, ya think? I mean he only attacked or killed people who he thought were trying to hurt me or keep him from talking to me. Hey, I think thats him arguing with Eric and Bill outside! What a coincidence! :::waves::: Surely going out to a friendly dinner isn't hurting him? I dumped him pretty suddenly after I found out he'd been incognito because he'd been off in Las Vegas saving his crazy mother's behind AGAIN and is now indebted to their Vampire King. Did I mention that King just led a hostile takeover of Louisiana and now HE'S in charge? He's the other guy I saved when I saved Eric so he sort of owes me one. Aaaannnyway, I think the whole vampire marriage thing was to protect me from the new vamp king because he wanted me in Vegas? I mean yeah, VEGAS BABY…but only for a visit. I’m not one for sequins anyway. I can’t believe Quinn is back in town. The last time he was here he violated Eric’s direct order trying to see me and he and Bill got into this HUGE fight and oh oh…I can sense Eric’s anger via my bond. Wow. He’s really ticked off. But amazingly I don’t think its with Quinn. Why is he staring so intently through the window right now? Huh, that’s, like…so weird and stuff. So anyway its been a pretty exciting few months but I don't think anyone else wants to kill me right NOW and besides, who would try with Eric, Quinn, and Bill right outside? :::turns and waves at Eric, Quinn, and Bill who are now standing at the window and glaring inside:::

Wait, where are you going? They haven't even brought out our dessert yet?

Thanks Sassy

True Blood : Necks Overflowing With Rivers of Metaphor

From the New York Times

It seems like too much futile work in the heat of August — work bound to lead only to phony conclusions — to decipher how the sanguivorous have become the meat and drink of popular culture at the end of the first decade of the 21st century.

Though here we are in the summer of 2009 with the rage for “Twilight” continuing, the vampire movie “Thirst” claiming this year’s jury prize at Cannes, the supernatural series “Being Human” on BBC America, and others arriving on CW and AMC.

HBO’s “True Blood” has been credited with revivifying the channel’s fortunes. The Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris, which inspired the series, currently occupy seven of the top 20 spots on The New York Times’s paperback mass-market fiction best-seller list. The show, a mishmash of Flannery O’Connor aspirations and Anne Rice pop blood hunger, threatens to surpass “Sex and the City” as the most-watched series in HBO’s history after “The Sopranos.”

What Not To Say on a First Date, by Sookie Stackhouse : Part III

11) I've seen the man from Memphis and he likes to eat dogs and cats.

12) I'm a friend of the Shreveport pack. Again. Well, after their enemies tried to kill me. And then I helped their Pack Leader figure out he was being duped after a lot of people got killed. There was this whole Were War and it was CRAZY! And now my friend Alcide, who I think still sorta wants to, uhh, well... Anyway, he's Pack Leader now. He still text messages me from time to time. :::buzz::: Hey, that’s him now. Lord, he needs to work on his grammar. What does, “U on date? Not gud call mi l8tr okthanxbai.” mean? :::holds out phone to show him as he jerks away like its on fire:::

13) Some of the Mississippi Weres want to kill me and continue to try to make my life miserable. They constantly send spies and I had to have the last one hexed by witches. Did I mention they are also my roommates? The witches, I mean. Well, the REALLY powerful one just moved out and back in with her sorcerer boyfriend in New Orleans but I really want to go visit soon. Anyhoodle...the spy is now no longer under the psycho from Mississippi's influence so she SHOULD be safe...

14) I've killed two ex girlfriends of men I dated or were interested in dating me. Do you like your ex? :::raises eyebrows:::

15) I've been staked in defense of a vampire who wasn't really a nice person but she wasn't as cah-raaazy as the psycho founder of the Fellowship of the Sun who was trying to kill her. :::barely pauses for breath::: Did I tell you he wants to kill me, too? Yeah, because I was a key player in taking down the FOTS headquarters in Dallas. Then I helped a repentant murdering pedaphile vampire meet the dawn. What a roller coaster ride that was! :::gulps a glass of wine:::

Anna Paquin Shares Her Healthy Habits

From FitSugar ( not up on your Kombucha ? read here from LA Times)

With her fresh face and healthy physique, True Blood star Anna Paquin has made a graceful transition from child star to sexy vamp. In this week's issue of Us, the recently engaged, 27-year-old actress talks about the healthy habits that keep her feeling and looking great.

  • Paquin understands the importance of mixing up her fitness routine. "I'm obsessed with Pilates," says the star. But she also loves swimming in the ocean and recently took her first surf lesson.
  • A big fan of watching gymnastics on TV, Paquin once dabbled in trapeze arts: "I've always wanted to be a circus performer, so I took aerial silks classes at Trapeze School New York a few years ago."
  • Since staying healthy isn't just about exercising, Paquin gets plenty of rest and avoids unhealthy habits. She says she takes a lot of naps and that "Kombucha and coffee are my two biggest vices."
If those are here only vices, I can understand how she looks so good!

True Blood: Hadley and Bill with Queen Sophie Anne

That artificial light sure feels nice ...

Hadley in her little pig tails and gingham bikini -she looks like Elly May Clampett from Beverly Hillbillies

True Blood Music Video of the Day: A litte fun with the vamps

Just becasue it's Friday, dammit !

Thursday, August 27, 2009

True Blood Recipes : Big Patty's Pie Shop- Southern Chess Pie

Southern Chess Pie or sometimes called Vinegar Pie
(yes, corn meal and vinegar!)

1/4 c. butter
1/2 c. sugar
1 tbsp. cornmeal
1 tsp. vanilla
1/2 c. milk
1 c. brown sugar
1 tbsp. flour
2 eggs, beaten well
1 tbsp. vinegar

Pie shell, 9 inch and unbaked

Melt butter. Add other ingredients to butter and mix well. Pour into pie shell and bake at 350 degrees in oven for 50 minutes. Let cool completely before slicing, as filling must "set" first.

True Blood S2 Episode 8 Subtitles "Hard -Hearted Hannah"

True Blood Season 2 Ep 8 Subtitles

Cast Hints on 'True Blood' Spoilers

From Buddy TV

We're left with only two episodes before True Blood concludes its second season and I'm sure these last two installments are going to be jam-packed with action and suspense that's enough to keep us intrigued for season 3. The anticipation isn't easy now that the show has reached its climax and all that's left for us fans to do is to wonder: How the hell can we stop a maenad like Maryann?

I don't have the straight answers and the cast of True Blood is surely not giving any details away. But if you're really dying to find out, here are some clues (and spoilers) to ease the wait.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!!!

What's up with Sookie?

While Maryann's never-ending orgy still remains a big question, the main mystery in last week's episode is Sookie's powerful flashy jolt, which she unexpectedly projected on Maryann. Nelsan Ellis (Lafayette) seems to have done his homework as he proposes that "she's part fairy" after reading the books. On the other hand, Rutina Wesley (Tara) says the show won't be solving that puzzle for sure in season 2 but maintains that "[Sookie's power] is a funky little thing."

Who will stop Maryann?

Seeing how powerful Maryann is, I wouldn't be surprised if it would take a "group effort" to take her down. And according to Ellis, that's exactly the plan.

What's going to happen with Sam?

"I don't want to give anything away, but everybody's back from Dallas, and there's a lot of stuff that's accumulated and a lot of danger," Tara Buck, who plays Fangtasia waitress Ginger," revealed. "We've got everybody, we've got Sam [Sam Trammell] running from Maryann [Michelle Forbes]." Buck wouldn't go any further but does reveal that Sam may actually seek refuge with Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) and Pam (Kristin Bauer) at Fangtasia in Shreveport, La.

'True Blood' season finale spoilers!

HBO just released a very spoilery detailed description of True Blood’s Sept. 13 season finale. Here it is in its entirety…

“Beyond Here Lies Nothin”
In the season two finale, the mayhem in Bon Temps reaches a fever pitch as Maryann prepares for her ultimate bestial sacrifice, conscripting Sookie to be Maid of Honor at the bloody nuptials. Meanwhile, Sophie-Anne warns Eric to keep the lid on Bill’s inquisitiveness; Jason leads Andy into the heroic abyss; and Hoyt has a hard time swallowing Maxine’s endless stream of insults. Deliberating on what may be his final move to save Sookie and the town, Sam is forced to put his trust, and his life, in a most unlikely ally.

Just 17 days and counting!

I'll be you father, your brother, your child

these are really nice ..

What Not To Say on a First Date, by Sookie Stackhouse PART II

6) I had a funny uncle (so lets talk therapy bills) but my ex Vampire boyfriend Bill killed him for me. :::smiles prettily:::

7) My grandmother was brutally murdered by the man who wanted to kill me for sleeping with the first guy I ever dated who happened to be a vampire who was sent to Bon Temps to seduce me because the Queen of Louisiana heard about me from my now deceased deceased (twice) estranged cousin Hadley who was also her lover.

8) My best friend was part of a sex club. A few of them died in the woods when a Maened killed them. Oh, and that Maened tortured me too. Wanna see my scars? Boy howdy, she was a hot mess.

9) My boss is a shape shifter. A true shifter. He can be anything he wants. Its really cool! He just revealed himself at the great Were revelation and turned into a dog in front of all our customers! Everyone handled it really well except for Arlene. I think she was so upset she might have popped a few of her fake fingernails off. She quit so its all good. I was tired of telling her her fake red hair looked “natural” anyway. No one is naturally that shade of tramp. Anyway, the time before that, Sam turned into a LION and killed a bunch of folks to defend me. He's very protective... His step dad shot his Mom after the Weres came out so if I were you, I’d remember to have a positive attitude around supes, mmmkay? They’re getting a divorce now. Who? Oh, his step mom and her psycho soon-to-be-ex husband.

10) Remember that waitress with the bad hair? Arlene? My so called former best friend is now a psychotic member of the Fellowship of the Sun! After the Weres came out and Crystal was killed she tried to lure me to her house and have her boyfriend and some FOTS folks kill me and crucify me for being a were and vamp sympathizer. Yeah, I know right? They couldn’t even come up with an original crime to commit! So anyway, she’s in jail. Her boyfriend is wounded. The other guys is dead… How? Well the FBI was in town investigating my mind reading capabilities and happened to be available to assist our local law enforcement. I have them on speed dial. Wait, why are you sweating?